SD&G Liberals Scraping Bottom for John Earle Nomination as Election Drums Beat Louder by Jamie Gilcig

john earle fingerCFN – Has SD&G Provincial Nomination seeker John Earle ever had an adult job that wasn’t patronage tinged?   Does this make him the perfect candidate to run for Wynne Government against incumbent MPP Jim McDonell?

Mr. Earle, is recently re-married to new wife Alyssa Blais who herself is no stranger to patronage appointments.  She’s executive director of the Agape Centre here in Cornwall and announced loudly and proudly in a media splash that she was running for council; yet has declined to file her paper work yet.

Mr. Earle left the employ of Sigma Point Technologies; a firm with alleged ties to the Kaneb & Benson families and has spent time…..sucking up contracts from Seaway Tourism and now gathering letters of support from people like former MPP Jim Brownell.

We emailed Mr. Earle to ask him whether he had ever received any monies or worked for the Agape while Ms Blais has been running the show, but he has yet to respond.    He’s running against Del Jones.    The Liberals have been floundering since a split in party ranks over the nomination of Mark A MacDonald.

The expected choice to win the nomination after MPP Brownell retired; Cornwall Police Board Chief Pat Finucan, was defeated on the first ballot after buses of new immigrants to Canada came in and placed their votes.  (it was alleged that all might have paid their own membership fees)

The riding nomination comes at a time when the Gas Plant scandal is exploding and may be the fall of the Wynne Government leading to the polls.

What do you think dear viewers of CFN?  Who would you vote for in a Spring Election in SD&G?

I could have sworn that Mr. Earle was a Conservative…..politics certainly makes for strange bedfellows….

Who would you vote for in a Spring Ontario Election in SD&G?

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  1. This batch of candidates for the provincial Liberals may be throw away candidates. The Ontario Grits are in trouble so why not put up a bunch of marginal candidates this time and focus on the next election.

  2. The liberals/fiberals are what we would call “Gone with the Wind” and they are only a bunch of “windbags” and have bankrupted Ontario something awful. I would never put myself down as a liberal or anything. The whole bunch is corrupted, liars and thieves and anything evil that I can come up with.

  3. Holy smoke I agree with Jules. Unless the taxpayers of Ontario pull a “forget me not” (which has happened before) the Liberals in Ontario should almost be wiped off the political map here.

  4. I haven’t heard the name John Earle since Copperhead Road was on the charts. Looks like a little {MODERATED}AG-APE to me.

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