Chem Tank Cabane To Be Moved After Campaign Stunt by Mark A MacDonald

Chem Tank Cabane To Be Moved After Campaign Stunt by Mark A MacDonald

mark a macdonald nov 2013CORNWALL Ontario – Mark A MacDonald likes to throw around the term Occupy or Occupy Cornwall.   Who can blame him.  We all like to have some bad ass street cred; but frankly this gerrymandering about the Chem tanks is creating support for the bad guys.

If you believe the spin the entire City of Cornwall is outraged by Chem Tanks on the Waterfront; from Chuck Charlebois, to Todd Bennett and of course Mr. MacDonald.

I myself am not happy with them; mostly because of the cloak and dagger shadow game of deceptions being played on the public who at the end of the day will be stuck with the Chem tanks and the bill which will not be a small one.

The root of this issue is the very very simple point; clarified in Mayor Bob Kilger’s release in December stating that the City KNEW ABOUT THE LEASE in June 2013!

It’s not the Federal Government; nor Transport Canada; nor Kevin Pollard and his company that won’t talk to the press.

No reports to council and no reports to the public were made until the project was nearly finished and in the ground in December.

Everything from that point has been an utter charade and lie after lie.

Does it really matter if we see the lease?  Will that change anything?  Nope.   Does it really matter if MP Guy Lauzon knew or didn’t know anything?  Not really.     What really matters is the explanation of why we, the taxpayers, were not informed of this 180 turn on our vision of the future of our waterfront?

The answers needed was who of the three gentlemen that work in our Economic Development office spoke with Mr. Pollard or his people and why didn’t they report the lease or if they did, to whom they did and who else covered it up; because ladies and gents that’s what we’re dealing with; a very old fashioned cover up.

I asked the major players protesting  this mess if they’d agree to form a group and hire a lawyer to fact check,0 and if possible place an injunction.   The answer repeatedly was no even though it wouldn’t have been that much for such a legal opinion.    At this point can we trust the ready made statements and answers that have led to the tanks placement?

I think not.   But the reality is that the public really isn’t that concerned.   Certainly not enough to take any real action.  It might be the other media not asking the tough questions.  It might be council giving the Mayor and Management a free pass.  It might be because the people of Cornwall are simply struggling so hard to make a living they don’t have the time and energy to deal with this drama.

In the meanwhile Mr. MacDonald brought down a shack to hold a press conference in which  Freeholder Ace Greg Peerenboom has reported will be moved away right after the presser.   So much for Occupying which is another plop for Mr. MacDonald who has now seen the Cornwall General Hospital sold out from under his group, Citizens Coalition of Cornwall, and may in fact see the Air Force Wing dumped from their prime waterfront location.

Grand Standing is a bit like a good Negative Ad.  The weight of the blow is based on the degree of truth in it.    This wagon near the gate; not even blocking access was limp and politically motivated.   It’s turned more people off than on and frankly its sad for all of us.

Action takes a plan; a well thought out strategy, and then execution of that plan.  And even then you don’t always win; but you always have the best chance of winning.  This time Mr. MacDonald and Cornwall lost.  And the vacuum of true community leadership has led to having thousands of litres of Calcium Chloride next to the Legion Ball park across from Cornwall’s biggest condo development.

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