Quebec to Rebut Marois Style Hate Politics in Election Today by Jamie Gilcig

Quebec to Rebut Marois Style Hate Politics in Election Today by Jamie Gilcig

Pauline_Marois1CFN – Quebec goes to the polls today and it’s looking like Pauline Marois will be retired by the Province.     Many  are asking what the PQ truly represents anymore?   They can’t be a party of the Left when they bring in Pierre Karl Peladeau of Quebecor, can they?   They can’t be a Party of the Right even though older Soverignists, and many in Quebec tend to be by nature more Conservative; and certainly pot clanging students are not on the Right.

They aren’t about the Environment, nor the economy.  They can’t be about good government and lack of corruption as no government really ever lives up to that gem.   No, as PKP’s entrance to the PQ showed they are a one trick pony.

Essentially when the only other option in Quebec, the Liberals, really screw up , the PQ find a way into power; but deep down Quebecer’s don’t want to leave Canada.

However every time this weird conundrum occurs all of Canada suffers.  By not having a proper alternative to the Liberals in Quebec the entire country pays the price of the instability that the PQ impact as confidence in the Canadian dollar and Quebec economy falter when the PQ are in power.

While the government will change today, most likely the politics will not.   That’s something only Quebecer’s can truly do.   Outside of Montreal and Quebec City itself Quebec has become a homogenized world that embraces many of the values of the despised Quebec charter.  Frankly that’s always been and pretty much always will be; like most parts of Eastern Ontario where you don’t see a lot of diversity either.

As an ex-Quebecer I get asked if I’d ever return; move back to Montreal, and frankly the odds of that happening are pretty slim.  Forty years of Xenophobic language laws have eroded what was Montreal.    The only glimmer is that the movement to have Montreal become a City State are slowing growing as more people want to move forward from Language politics.  Ultimately that’s the only true solution for what was once a great city.

In the meanwhile, buh bye Pauline.   Thanks for nothing but causing hate and divisiveness in a great Province.   As you’ve seen it’s far easier to rip things down than build them up.

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