Do the Habs Have A Killer Instinct This Year? Game 3 in Montreal vs The Lighting – NHL Playoffs 2013/14 by Jamie Gilcig

09habsCFN – Do this year’s Habs have “IT”?  It being the killer instinct to take them deep into the play offs.    So far things are rolling into place with Montreal up 2 games to none in their first round series vs Tampa Bay.

They won both of those games in Tampa.

They won them in great ways too.  In game one they overcame Carey Price not having a good game as he gave up four goals including two to Steve Stamkos.   In game two he settled down and Rene Bourque remembered he was at one time a not so bad NHL player.  All Carey really has to do is steal one game per series and not blow one game per series and the Habs should be fine.

Tonight is game three in Montreal.    Tampa will be fighting for their lives.   This is the test for Montreal.  This is the game that will dictate most likely how deep a run this team makes.   If Montreal wins this game and can either sweep or take the Lightning in 5 without suffering any key injuries it’s looking good.

This is also PK Subban’s game to shine and I expect him to have one of the best games of his career.   It’s show time!

Michel Therrien gets to call the line match ups playing at home.  It should be interesting to see if he changes up the deck or sticks to the lines that have been working so far including the Eller, Gionta, and Bourque line.

So far there haven’t been too many surprises this play off season other than Montreal being up 2-0 and St.Louis also being up 2-0 over Chicago.

Minnesota clearly are AWOL as they’re down 2-0 to Colorado who seem to really want it more than the team that Thomas Vanek is rumored to want to play for next year.    Anaheim is also up 2-0 in their series.

Winning is what people remember.   Winning makes mistakes not seem so bad.   Winning is what gets you the big contract; the fans, the platform.    One one team ultimately will win this year; like all other years; but true champions of sport will fight for every inch and keep winning for as long as they can.

We shall see how far the character of this team takes them and tonight will be a huge indicator of how long Canadian hockey fans will have a team to root for!

Philly will be in NY tonight, Detroit in Boston, and LA & SJ renew their nasty and wild series!

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  1. Certainly hope so. They’re not my team, but they are the only Canadian team in the playoffs.

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