Dwindling Numbers Celebrate Team Cornwall AGM – Gilles Latour is Happy, are you? By Jamie Gilcig

Dwindling Numbers Celebrate Team Cornwall AGM – Gilles Latour is Happy, are you? By Jamie Gilcig

jg tcCORNWALL Ontario – Team Cornwall held its annual AGM.  Team Cornwall President Gilles Latour, who doesn’t reside in Cornwall; but in nearby Long Sault in South Stormont led the way in ….what I’m not sure.

Other media headlines stating “Dozen’s Attend Team Cornwall AGM”  are surely not something to be proud of.   Gone are the days of filling the big room at the Galaxy theatre or Aulstville theatre as seen from a video we shot below of a promo video shot by Liberal Provincial candidate John Earle that drew a bunch of ahems as the sound was missing from a large chunk of it (the education segment starting at the 6:25 point.)

From another very well paid media outlet in Cornwall:

Well over 100 community members and guests attended Team Cornwall’s annual general meeting, on Wednesday, at the Ramada Inn and Conference Centre.

“I can’t tell you enough about the great people we have here supporting and speaking positively about our great city,” said Team Cornwall chair Gilles Latour, summing up the luncheon meeting. “We’ve got some money in the bank, some great ambassadors, so life is good.”

Team Liberal Lovefest  Cornwall is something now that pretty much only a dwindling number of the clique belong to.  If you are not under the thumb of the machinery that runs the town most people don’t really want anything to do with the group which pretty much gives out hockey cards and brings in retired athletes.

The group boasted 444 members in a city of 46,000 and many of those members are not living in Cornwall (or paid members)

Team Cornwall also refused to participate in our 100 Letter event which the city also crapped on with Mayor Kilger in open council stating that by having the event on the City’s facebook page would be a security issue.  The event was to have people write in a letter to the editor about why they thought Cornwall was amazing and awesome with the top 100 entries winning prizes from local merchants.

Disclosure:  I myself resigned from the group until they cleaned house which they haven’t to date.

The Community Action Group shared data on Cornwall at a recent all candidates event.  Cornwall has stopped participating in the BMA Study.   In the last results from 2011 our city frankly….stunk.

We finished with the lowest per capita income by far.   With people like Mr. Latour and most of the Sunshine listers sucking off the tax payer’s teat the incomes of South Stormont and South Glengarry were nearly 50% higher than Cornwall.   When you have a small pool of numbers it doesn’t take a lot of movement to shift results.   Hotelliers Scott Lecky and Paul Lefebvre recently left Cornwall to build lovely homes outside of the city.

Essentially the reason to leave Cornwall comes down to taxes.  While I can understand why some give up and move to more pleasant and better fiscally run surroundings the hypocrisy comes into play when high level city management live outside of our boundaries while refusing to address the taxation issue that has sky rocketed under the Kilger regime.

Some other numbers from the 2011 BMA study:

Assessment per Capita – Cornwall is the lowest

Building Permit per Capita – Cornwall is the lowest

Fire Costs per $100K assessment – Cornwall was second highest in the 20,000- 49,900 group.

Police Costs were highest in the same group.

Transit – second highest, highest for special needs/disabled.

Parks – 4th highest

With a 5.25%  municipal tax burden Cornwall ranked higher than 50 of the other municipalities in the group.

Instead of focusing or tackling some of these issues the City of Cornwall stopped spending the $1,500 per year and participation in the study.  In some circles that’s called “Ostritching” .  It’s a petty and uneducated reaction to an issue, but then both Mr. Latour & Mayor Kilger refuse to state whether either actually graduated high school or received a GED?

Cornwall has a lot going for it; we really do, but we won’t be able to truly evolve and capitalize on it until we look hard in the mirror and take steps to move forward and that will mean cleaning out the corruption and clique.

Love fests are great things; but dishonest love fests not as much.   But pointing to great events not happening in Cornwall while we don’t have the same event is frankly…sad.   Pointing out to construction projects from 1,2, or 3 years ago as though it was last year’s accomplishments are sad.

We’re not Nero plying his fiddle while Rome burns, but we certainly are not changing our ways as noted in the latest Chem Tank scandal where the City is refusing to divulge what happened with the Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. disclosure of the lease to Economic Development in JUNE 2013 only to act surprised once construction had started in December.

I think not.  What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

Can any city our size move forward when we pump so much money outside of our city and expect good results from those shouldering the costs?

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