Subway Confirms that Bacon & Ham to Stay in US & Canadian Sandwiches! April 30, 2014

fpigCornwall Ontario – Social media was buzzing today in Cornwall Ontario over reports that Subway Restaurants were dropping Ham and Bacon in stores due to pressures to supply Halal meat.

The story, from the UK, was only in regard to certain stores in the UK and Ireland, about 185 in total.

CFN contacted Mr. Kevin Kane at Subway HQ in the US who confirmed via email that the chain would not be changing the mix in the US or Canada, and that we North Americans could still get our favorite ham or bacon sandwich at the chain.

Hello Jamie,


This is part of a program that has been going on since 2007 in the UK and Ireland.


There are Subway stores in the UK and Ireland that serve the traditional Subway menu and there are some, in areas with a high Muslim populations, that cater to a Halal Menu. 

Customers have many choices as to which store they want to visit since there are almost 1,700 Subway restaurants in the UK marketplace. The 185 Halal specific menu stores, stores that carry turkey based items in lieu of pork products, have been around since 2007.

He further stated that there are no plans to do so in the US or Canada.   There are several Subway shops here in Cornwall.


  1. Perhaps if it becomes needed in Canada and / or the U.S. the Halal menu could be be an option in Subway stores. Keeping it in stock shouldn’t be a problem as it could be kept in the fridge until needed.


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  3. This was just a rumour, but if Canadians bring Justin Trudeau and the Liberals to power, you will see a return to Political Correctness so bad, that you will be lucky, if you ever see Bacon and eggs or Ham sandwiches anywhere in Canada.

  4. Author

    There was no rumour. Subway did make the change in selected restaurants in the UK. What you just posted is a rumour.

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