Can the Habs Get into Zdeno Chara’s Head in Game One? By Jamie Gilcig

800px-Zdeno_Chara_faceCFN – If I were working on a strategy for the Habs for their series I’d focus on Zdeno Chara.  In game one I’d be dumping the puck into his zone and literally beating him to a pulp and tiring him out.  Finish each and every check, slap him, hit him, cheap shot him, bury him.    I’d get him to fight even and sacrifice a fourth liner if Chara would bite.

Putting him off his game would do a lot to destabilize the Bruins.   And when not hitting him make him skate.   Chara is a big man and of a certain age.  He can show fatigue and a fatigued Chara will not help the Bruins as much as an energized one.

Ultimately if the Habs can derail #33 instead of Zdeno doing to Montreal what he did to Brendan Smith in the clip above they just might have a shot….

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Now all this is easier said than done, but it’s possible.   And when not nailing Zdeno they have to pound Krug.   If you can tie up the Bruin’s transition game that will give the Habs a fighting chance.

The key to this strategy will be Carey Price as there will be some opportunities for the Bruins to escape and when they do he has to come up big.

In game one winning is of course the focus, but making sure that Chara’s tank is empty, especially for game two is critical.  Keep the puck off his stick and hit him each and every time he touches it or even skates for it.   Make him pay the price.

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