helpwanted-250x172The area’s most read media is looking for experienced sales reps!

Can you handle selling ads?

The rejection; the abuse, the constant lies told to your face, and especially the treatment from fellow sales reps themselves?

Can you not freak out when you walk into a business that clearly needs your help but has its head up its nether regions?

Can you help clients who can’t tell you what makes their business special?

Can you smile while listening to some very strange comments from some very strange local businesses in Cornwall?

Do you truly enjoy the success of selling and supporting smart clients who are more concerned about building their businesses and community than playing petty small town politics that lead to empty storefronts and loss of our youth?

Can you help some local business in Cornwall help raise our rating in the CFIB’s Community in Boom yearly rankings?

And are you prepared to show clients how we have a larger reach and offer more value than any of our other regional competitors while saving them cold hard cash??

Then send us your CV today and join the CFN team!

Retired, part time, full time.

Cornwall, Ottawa, Brockville, Morrisburg, Kingston, Alexandria ย and the region are where our viewers are.

They also are in Toronto, Montreal and some of the major markets of our country!

We grew our viewership 207% last year. ย  Would you like to do that to your income?


If you are looking for a lucrative challenge email today!


  1. I’ll say this Jamie you do write unique pieces.

  2. Author

    Hugger sometimes I think that people should pay me to write things about them in a less than nicey nice manner. After 8,000 stories it’s amazing the patterns that become apparent in what people “CHOOSE” to click on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Author

    and share ๐Ÿ™‚

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