We the undersigned ask all levels of Government, & agencies Treat CFN fairly when it comes to spending our tax dollars on advertisements and public notices.

CFN Panic Button 2013-05-13CORNWALL Ontario – This is going to be a very very scary exercise.    After two years of boycott from City Hall that has spread to other areas of government we are going to ask the public to support us by signing the petition below.

When you create a petition there’s always the chance that nobody will sign it and you’ll look….bad.

CFN has endured two basic boycotts.  The first one triggered by our MP and his supporters and then the second from City Hall which leads to Queens Park.

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CFN has never had a single Federal ad or public notification nor a single Ontario ad or notice.

Same for agencies like CAS, the Cornwall Hospital, Police Force, St. Lawrence Parks, Upper Canada Village, and other agencies.

While we did have ads from the City until December 31, 2011 they were always wrestled to minor dollars due to Bob Peters and friends in spite of us performing better than our local competition.  We should never live in a place where a business will call up and say that Bob Peters told them to buy an ad so they’ll buy one.

In 2011 we were number one.  In 2012 we were still number one from old archived ads even though the city was boycotting us.

In 2013 the city alone spent nearly $300K in advertising.  Actually in our market different levels of government and related agencies spent the most ad dollars over any other segment.  These are public dollars, yours and mine.

While there are always considerations for relationships there should be a goal of spending our money wisely and getting the best value.    CFN has been number one in this market for over two years now.  I’m willing to open our numbers and compare with any other local media outlet.

Yet not a single ad from most levels.

We therefore are asking the public to speak and speak loudly.  Please sign our petition and please share this and encourage others to do so.   It might not have a direct impact.  It might not get many signatures even; but we need to make the statement and break the boycott so that any business in Ontario can be treated on merit and not by cronyism and corruption; especially on this day when our Ontario Government is spouting  about being there for small business.  If only for how CFN has been treated by the McGuinty and Wynne governments alone they should be branded hypocrites on that count.

And no media outlet should ever be punished for telling the truth.


Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. The Standard Freeholder is owned by a separatist from Quebec, unless something has changed recently. That the city of Cornwall administration would give any tax dollars to a separatist shows not only the ignorance that exists at city hall, but more importantly the lack of backbone. No leadership, just in the game for selfish satisfaction.

  2. Author

    David what boggles me is that they are using their “code” or “policy” as a pretext to boycott us, but if you check the comments in the Freeholder there is far nastier stuff published than anything CFN ever has allowed. Likewise the Freeholder has had at least three lawsuits launched against it for content since the boycott; CFN zero.

    CFN is locally owned and has shown the ability to attract more eyeballs than other media. We have had the Mayor slag us off to the Lions club and councilors stand in groups like Seaway Tourism and bush their boycott.

    We have been told on camera not to come to the MP’s office which means we don’t have access to service. Our MPP insists that there is a difference between online advertising and print which there really isn’t. Advertising is advertising and has morphed between different platforms with online advertising now being larger than print. Mr. McDonell coming from a background with Bell should know more about technology than what he’s stating.

    It’s bizarre, dark and sinister, and most likely conspiratorial by nature.

  3. Whoever owns the toilet paper of record – SF – I want no part of it and I mean that. I do not read SF since I discovered Jamie’s CFN and I would never ever go back and one thing about me is that I keep my word. I can imagine the garbage that goes through SF and it is something that I do not wish to look at. There is no news on there only stupidity at its fullest extent. I do not look at Ottawa’s papers either and that is the truth. Jamie you have the best paper around and they are mighty jealous of you and that is why they are all going under. Very few people buy the toilet paper of record or any other paper. Soon print matter will be gone for good. Most people are on line today.

  4. This country is being taken over my a small majority of French Speakers. It is the only country in the world that restricts the use of the worlds number one language English.Quebec also restricts the teaching of Canada’s history in their schools. All political parties are allowing this minority French extremists to take over our country. Only bilinguals are allowed in govt. offices. This country is no longer the country I loved.So sad.It is like commission. Dot Davies

  5. Hey Dot, are those marauding gangs of Francophones still terrorizing Kelowna?

  6. Dot you would be surprised to know who is really at the back of the separatists and it goes well beyond our French Canadians. I remember very well what happened in the 60’s era and they were people from outside of Canada who was pushing this along and they were people from North Africa as well as France and other countries. This is a much bigger problem than what most Canadians know about. When the sepratists murdered lawyer Pierre Laporte and the British fellow (can’t remember his name) they escaped over to France and Algeria where there is no extradition. I too don’t feel like this is Canada anymore at all.

  7. So… back to the hypocrisy of City of Cornwall advertising in a separatist led news outlet.

    Is there no end to their two-faced foolishness?

    The entire Diane Shay debacle is about to again give Cornwall a black eye, and enrich shyster lawyers at our expense… all of this in spite of Leslie O’Shaughnasty’s intent to end the corruption at City Hall.

  8. Author

    Lassie it’s the same old, same old sadly. Perhaps even worse. I can’t imagine Bob Kilger allowing one of his councilors to read a magazine during a presentation on camera to his council.

  9. The Standard-Freeholder is no longer owned by Quebecor, founded by Pierre Peladeau, through Sun Media. It is now owned by Postmedia.

  10. Dot, (Is that like the opposite of Daesh?)
    1. The number one language in the world is not English
    2. A French minority is not taking over.
    3. One does not have to be bilingual to work in the federal civil service.
    4. Harper is gone, and we may all have Canada back one day.

    Jules, God Bless You.
    1.James Cross wasn’t murdered.
    2.The separatists didn’t escape.
    3. Nobody feels like this is Canada anymore… on Christmas Eve the temperature is going to be 16 Celsius!!

    Nevertheless it is good to hear your opinions and points of view. It’s refreshing to see the perspective that other people have…

    Even guys like Donald Trump in the United States are useful, because at long last, Americans — outraged by that bigoted moron — have begun to see themselves as the rest of the world sees them.

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