Letter to the Editor on Electricity In Ontario by William Hopkinson of Cornwall

Letter to the Editor on Electricity In Ontario by William Hopkinson of Cornwall
LTE UHydro One has to be stopped.   With the recent announcement that the Ontario Hydro debt retirement charge will be taken off hydro bills in 2016 they seem to be buttering up the Ontario voter and taxpayer.  That debt was actually paid off in 2010.  Thankfully, in Cornwall we are not subject to the Ontario Hydro debt retirement charge.   But what the Ontario government gives with one hand they take away with the other.  What they failed to mention was with that charge no longer on the hydro bills they are also eliminating the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit also known as the 10% they were paying thanks to years of mismanagement at Ontario Hydro / Hydro One.  And sure they’ll be introducing the new Ontario Electricity Support Program.  But once again what they don’t mention is that most residents won’t be eligible for this as it’ll be for families making less than $40,000 annually.  Most families making less than $40,000 do not own homes, but rent.  And their hydro charges are some of the time included in the rent.  Thus they will not be eligible for this new “benefit.”  Ontario electricity is very expensive.

With the help of Windontario.ca here are some facts.

The cost of wind power will add $110,000,000,000.00 to our electrical bills.  To grasp $110 billion:
$100 billion can buy 5,000,000 Honda Civics.  We’re paying 11-13.5 cents per kwh for wind power.  The average price for wind power in the U.S. is 7 cents.  Ontario is the only province/state that charges HST, delivery, and regulatory fees on electricity.  Wind companies routinely sue municipalities/persons who get in their way.  The government supplies lawyers to back a wind company; but has never backed a municipality, group or person.  Ontario has too much power and we either, pay the USA & Quebec to get rid of the excess or charge 2.5 per kwh. In 2013 alone, the loss was $1 billion which will cost your household an additional $250.  Quebec turns around and sells our hydro at 5 cents per kwh to bordering States.

Hopefully the NDP gets smart and brings Kathleen Wynne (McGuinity Jr.) down.

William Hopkinson – Cornwall ON

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