cornwallfreenews-liftoff-setnykphotoCORNWALL Ontario – I’m proud to announce that CFN is returning as a sponsor to the Kinsmen Cornwall Lift Off ! The keystone event for our great city for 2014!

We last were sponsors in 2010 when Lift Off set its all time attendance record!

Jason Jesmer, event Co Chair sent in the following statement:

We are hoping the changes we have initiated for this year’s festival will enable more people to enjoy all elements of the event.

CFN Baloon

Lift Off has live music, beer tent, gorgeous waterfront setting, but mostly it has hot air baloons!

lift off 20



Stay tuned to our coverage of who will be opening for Lift Off this year in Lamoureaux Park in Cornwall Ontario!


  1. The waterfront is for the people to enjoy and not to build any condos or anything at all. Appreciate the beauty of the river and enjoy yourselves to picnic and enjoy the beautiful weather to come. When we were out walking in the park here in Ottawa we could see the tiny flower buds of the wild apple trees starting to come out. We have a lot to be thankful for and people do not know that.

  2. I didn’t notice that hell had frozen over. Nice pic of the muppet on other story.

  3. I must say, I’m delighted to see both CFN & Liftoff working together. Liftoff is such a great event & with CFN’s exposure , I’m hopeful that attendance will increase ! It would be nice however, if certain groups played nice ? Cornwall needs a independent news voice.(IMO)

  4. Yay can’t wait. It’s always so much fun. 🙂

  5. Will you be releasing the artists appearing?

  6. Author

    I will, but not until they are officially announced. While we’re pleased to be a part of Lift Off this year, it’s all about Corus Radio. We’re letting them enjoy the thunder 🙂

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