Cornwall Police Issue Public School Bus Warning after CFN News Story – May 6, 2014


CORNWALL Ontario –   The Cornwall Police Service issued this public warning after our story yesterday showing a resident capturing a City vehicle and others passing by a school bus with its flashing lights on.   LINK


Cornwall, ON- The Cornwall Community Police Service are reminding motorist to be on the lookout for School Buses in our community. Motorists who do not stop for school buses, is a problem that we have every year, and this threatens the safety of our children.

There has been an increase in school bus violations recently. Police are reminding motorists to pay attention and be patient. When you see a school bus, watch for the flashing lights, come to a full stop. Whether you are meeting or overtaking the school bus and whether you are on a 2 lane roadway or more, STOP when you see the FLASHING LIGHTS.

We are taking a “zero tolerance level” on the enforcement of this type of violations.  School bus operators are carrying violation forms, that they complete and turned over to police for investigation. This form contains details of the alleged offence such as, licence number of the offending vehicle, location, date & time of the offence, description of the driver.  


  1. Wherever you drive even on tiny streets or main streets slow down and stop when you see the flashing lights of a school bus and don’t pull out until the coast is completely clear. Anybody who breaks the law should have their licences revoked. Anybody who cannot see well should not be driving or anybody with an illness of any kind like diabetes, heart, etc. should not be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Here in Ottawa it is insane in the driving and if you do not have all your eyes and wits about you then something horrible will happen. Believe me the vast majority of people should be taken off the road especially here in Ottawa.

  2. Whats with this warning business if they got caught on camera
    did or did not the City Police issue tickets to those persons
    who were caught and if not why not?

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