Two Alarm Fire Strikes the Main in Montreal – Four Fire Trucks Respond to 3780 St. Laurent MAY 7, 2014

fred fire la maisonMONTREAL – Huge fire on the Main in Montreal mid day.   Multiple fire trucks attended 3780 St. Laurent (near Roy) above Maison Thai.

fire la maison

Fire broke out at about 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon in a three story commercial and residential building at 3780 St. Laurent Street, causing a major traffic nightmare near one of the busiest arteries of the city. No one was injured, and police were on the scene with firefighters and ambulance technicians.
fred fire smokeFrederic Serre, a former Cornwall resident, smelled smoke from his back yard, and when he looked west in the sky, a dark plume of smoke emerged.
fire main 2
He grabbed his camera and immediately made his way to the scene, which saw hundreds of residents pouring into the street.
One woman, who lives on the third floor of the building, said she had just enough time to grab her two cats and placed them inside a carrying case.
“I just got out in time,” she said, as she watched firefighters working. “I left my phone and purse and everything inside. But I am glad I got my cats and immediately got out when I smelled smoke. It was dark and thick.”
fire cat
fred serreFrederic Serre, a freelancer photographer and police reporter, lives two blocks away from the blaze and snapped exclusive photos for CFN, managing to get behind police lines to capture the dramatic scenes.

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