Elliot Rodger Another Sad Chapter in US Gun Culture by Jamie Gilcig

Elliot Rodger Another Sad Chapter in US Gun Culture by Jamie Gilcig

CFN – Elliot Rodger somehow slipped through the net.  It’s not like he was invisible.  He was investigated by police after concern from his family and those in the outside world.

He put pleas into his you tube clips.  He posted in online forums where he was chastised.

Yet somehow, as disturbed as he was, he was able to get an awful lot of ammo and fire power and ended the lives of at least six and wounded many more.

Does any of this make sense?   Is this really a 2nd Amendment issue?   Surely there is a solution after seeing one tragedy after another?

This was not some criminal act of a gangster.  It was not motivated by money or drugs.   It wasn’t even motivated by sex ultimately.   It was committed by a very disturbed young man who came from an allegedly good family that cared and probably did most of the right things.    At 22 he had wealth and privilege.    He was not a visible minority or have his pants down low. He wasn’t wearing a trench coat.  He didn’t stick out in any manner unless you heard him speak.

Why was he a virgin at his age?  He wasn’t the worst looking guy on the planet?  And with his wealth if he was craving companionship there is the oldest profession….

Yet something triggered a series of behaviors the led to the deaths of so many so needlessly.

His final diatribe.

The Cruelty of Humanity and Women?

His voice seems disconnected as though he’s talking about another person instead of just himself.

Child hood

I will be a God, exacting my retribution on all those who deserve it, and you do deserve it just for the crime of living better life than me. All you popular kids you have never accepted me and now you will pay for it.

Girls, all I have ever wanted was to love you and to be loved by you. I wanted a girlfriend, I’ve wanted sex, love, adoration, but you think I am unworthy of it. That’s a crime that can never be forgiven. If I can’t have you, girls, I will destroy you.

Was there a way to have prevented Elliot Rodger?  Probably.  Should he have had access to firearms?  Probably not.


elliot rodger manifesto 1His writing has a stilting cadence, a bit Dickensian, with that feel of talking about another person.   This is yet another incident in the US that America has to wrestle with.  The current gun and firearm laws clearly do not work.    Shooting deaths compared to most other Western Countries are just unacceptably higher in the US.
Surely there are solutions that can at least help?    For the families of his victims and his own family, and those impacted there is no hope; only grief.
Another sad chapter in American Gun Culture and history….

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