It’s Time for Cornwall Police Chief Dan Parkinson To Come Up with Tow Solution After Fire by Jamie Gilcig

DparkinsonCORNWALL Ontario – Chief of Police Dan Parkinson will have to answer to what’s going on in the tow truck trade in Cornwall Ontario.   We have seen nearly a dozen incidents of vandalism and fire over the last 36 months.   New by laws seem to be only fueling tension in the trade, as well as our coverage of issues related to the contract given by police to one firm.

Like many industries Towing is very competitive.  The high cost of insurance and equipment fueled by political interference with the free market seem to be causing a tipping point in Cornwall.

The CPS need to find some solutions as each incident is costing the public, probably higher insurance costs, and of course higher towing charges as the hookers themselves will face higher costs that they will have to pass on to the public.

Burnt tow truck close

(Burned City Tow truck from last year)

Surely it’s time to find out who is behind what is going on and bring some sanity back before someone gets hurt?

What do you think Cornwall?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. Most of vandalism and fires have been to City Tow property. City Tow is owned by De Saulniers Construction Ltd. So, are we sure the target is City Tow and not De Saulniers Construction Ltd?

  2. Author

    Hugger there’s a ton of speculation. That’s all we have. I’ve heard it pretty much all from A-Z.

  3. What had me concerned when I heard about the latest fire was how close it was to a Cornwall Electric sub-station. If the fire had spread to the electricity sub-station there would have been far greater problems.

  4. Hugger1, While yes City Tow has been the centre of attention for the last bout of fires lets not forget Metro losing three trucks to fire, One in a driveway to a home where young children were sleeping, Yes Billy lost Two trucks in his driveway also where young children were sleeping… This is not in anyway an attack on De Saulniers Construction Ltd but an attack on towers.. Lets not forget the Vandalism to Cornwall Towing’s yard or even before this City Tows yard.

    Who ever is doing it knows the business but isn’t smart enough to know even though it is not happening to them it will effect the insurance rates to all of the companies.

  5. Not pointing any finger but I see a few tow companies listed with some type of vandalism, what about CamTow, anything happen with them?

  6. I don’t think it’s a tower doing this. I think it’s someone with a beef with the twoing industry.

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