Why Would TC MEDIA The Seaway News Allow Slur On South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis?

facebook currier & hartCFN – Richard Currier and Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart seem to have an agenda.    The pair seem to keep popping up together and mayhem seems to follow them.

Today the Seaway News printed a story nailing South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis.

In the piece, which spells his name “Brian”, information from an alleged confidential document from Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze is disclosed.

Mr. Stewart first slurred Mayor McGillis over the event  in a letter to the editor published by the Standard Freeholder.

The letter was discredited after Mr. Stewart was interviewed by CFN.


According to the report as per the Seaway News story Mr. Swayze called out Mr. Stewart for initiating the incident which was very different than the Letter published by the Freeholder (which has never been retracted or apologized for to date)

In addition to spelling the Mayor’s name wrong and not speaking to him prior to publishing the story it quotes several sections alleged to be of the report written by Mr. Swayze, but it doesn’t have quotes around the quote “The incident blew up into a yelling match between the two, which included some cursing.”

Neither Mr. Stewart, Mayor McGillis, or other witnesses interviewed by CFN ever suggested “Yelling” or a “Yelling Match”.

hart & currier may 2014CFN also confirmed that it was Mr. Currier that delivered  Mr. Stewart to the OPP to file a complaint against CFN after our interview which was not accepted by the police.    Mr. Stewart admitted to not actually writing the letter in our interview as well although he did not state who wrote it for him.   We do know that Ms Hart and Mr. Currier sat down with Mr. Stewart  immediately after the incident, and it’s been speculated that they instigated Mr. Stewart to write the complaint.

And how does an 80 year old fork lift repairmen even know what an integrity commissioner is or how to contact him?    How many people would spend $125 to file a complaint over an alleged issue like this?  Did Mr. Stewart pay the $125 or did Mr. Currier and his wife as they did for the court fees of another party recently accused of defamation?   Also, in our interview Mr. Stewart stated he’s not computer literate.  Was it Mr. Currier or his wife that digitized the letter from Mr. Swayze that now has been distributed electronically?

Mr. Currier also has initiated a petition to have the township end its advertising with the South Stormont News, a new newspaper in print and online owned by the majority owner of CFN.   The new newspaper is a corporation based in South Stormont; not a Quebec owned media conglomerate.

The Deputy Mayor has also attempted to file a restraining order against Jamie Gilcig, editor of CFN, for coverage on her.

Does this video look like she’s fearful?

In her disclosure to police she cites emails sent to her requesting comment after she herself released confidential information to the public and also filed false statements about South Stormont News asking for loans or start up grants which was not only false, but led to her being fined four weeks salary by Integrity Commissioner Swayze.

The big question today is why would the Seaway News publish this story and misspell Mayor McGillis’ name?   Why would they do so without contacting him first.   The Seaway News in fact just published a letter to the editor by Mr. Currier slagging the South Stormont News and threatening election bells for the Mayor and Council.   Mr. Currier didn’t mention in his letter that he himself is running for council.   Surely that’s relevant?    And why would the Seaway News even print such a letter which was a clear attack against The South Stormont News?

Maybe, just maybe, the township might save $1,100.00 by not printing the bulletin in the Seaway News?  Surely Mr. Currier, if he’s really that concerned with saving money for taxpayers would be happier to see larger savings?

Rick Shaver and Todd Lihou were asked for comment Wednesday June 18th, but have not responded to questions prior to publication of this story.


  1. So…in what now looks like a comedy-laced altercation, some people may now conclude that the Integrity Commissioner has been led down the garden path.

    But by whom?

    The story begins with a former Domtar forklift-fixer (Mr. S) admitting on tape to CFN that he was never bothered by any particular words the South Stormont Mayor may have used in a two-minute altercation, but by the fact the mayor interrupted him while talking to a buddy at the Legion Hall.

    This “interruption” lead to a formal complaint being filed with the commissioner to complain about the Mayor. So why did the commissioner focus his report on “unprovoked profanity” used by the mayor? Could it be that the retired forklift-fixer did not brief the commissioner himself?

    News consumers may never know.

    What may be on their minds is: How did the altercation actually play out? And it would appear to have happened something like this:

    Former forklift-fixer fires the first round across the room in the direction of the mayor, yelling: “I don’t like you!”

    Mayor walks toward former forklift-fixer and maybe says: “What the fuddle-duddle are you saying that for?”

    Then there’s some blah, blah, blah.

    Finally, former forklift-fixer says to the Mayor (who used to drive a forklift while also employed by Domtar): “Oh…Just go practice driving your forklift.”

  2. The only thing that I know is both Tammy as well as this Currier fellow are two peas in the same pod = trouble makers. This Currier fellow would be the one to burn a cross on people’s lawns. Both these two along with Currier’s wife should be let go from South Stormont. Send them to the deep south in the US like Mississippi. Mississippi Burning like the movie.

  3. Elections in South Stormont and Cornwall are going to be interesting come October. Lots of dirty laundry being thrown about.

  4. Author

    Hugger since CFN showed up more local stories are getting covered.

  5. Yes since CFN came around there are plenty of stories that are being covered whereas before everything was covered up. I am looking forward with a passion to see what the elections of Cornwall are going to be like. I have my best wishes for Jamie as a mayor and for his business to take off like a rocket ship. All the very best to you Jamie and I mean that fully. I just have to see the dirty tricks of Bare Ass because that is the only thing that he and his bandits know anything about.

  6. I agree with Jules. But I fear a lot more dirty laundry will be hung out to dry before the election happens.

  7. I am going to follow Cornwall’s elections like a hawk. I am not interested in who gets into Ottawa since I couldn’t care less because it is always the same people something like Cornwall except a great deal bigger. Cornwall is with whom I am interested in and want to see Jamie prosper. Yes plenty of dirty laundry will be exhibited like what Hugger said.

  8. I think changes will happen at Cornwall city council. BUT will it be enough to change the city? I think not.

  9. I wish the petty politics would stop in South Stormont. Some politicians there seem to be playing a very dangerous game of one upmanship. Hopefully the true voters / taxpayers are paying attention.

  10. Hugger I have been saying the same things over and over again like a broken record and I have said that the people themselves have to change for the better and that is to stand up for themselves and not take the dirty, filthy BS coming from the clique to push them down even further. This kind of treatment has been going on for a mighty long time now. The clique have to be run out of town literally. There is a great deal of healing to be done and no healing can be done as long as those no good for nothing pieces of garbage are there. Cornwall needs to start from new and not have that linger on without healing. I said before that Jamie is a wonderful person and a breath of fresh air but he cannot do things alone and it takes the entire town to make sure that changes are made and that people can heal. Without any of this then nothing ever changes.

  11. Easier said than done Jules. It’s not easy to send powerful people packing. There is always repercussions.

  12. Sadly the people of Cornwall do not stand up to politicians even though they are well aware of corruption & excess spending of their tax dollars.They keep doing the same thing over & over but always expecting different results.Jamie as mayor would be the best thing to happen to Cornwall

  13. Mary Bray…that is not a “Cornwall exclusive.” People usually do not stand up to politicians. Having it happen in Cornwall is nothing new.

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