It’s Official. Leslie O’Shaughnessy to Run for Mayor of Cornwall Ontario – July 3, 2014

leslie jan 2012CORNWALL Ontario – And then there were three.    Former councilor Leslie O’Shaugnessy filed his paperwork at City Hall at approximately 4:15 PM Wednesday to run for Mayor of Cornwall Ontario.

He joins current mayor Robert Bob Kilger and CFN Editor Jamie Gilcig as we get closer to the September closing of candidates for the October 26th Election.

We will be updating this story as soon as Mr. O’Shaugnessy gives out more information.

The local real estate rep also has a long history in politics including his recent volunteering in the Jim McDonell re-election as PC MPP for our riding.

He resigned from council this last term over issues with current mayor Kilger.


  1. This is great news. Bob Kilger and his croonies must be crapping in their pants and becoming a little concerned. Jamie, I think you should give serious consideration to dropping out of the mayoralty race to avoid a vote split and letting Kilger return as mayor. Perhaps you could run for city council.

  2. I agree with hugger1 on this subject.. We do not want a split vote…

  3. Great to hear that Leslie has Jumped in the race.
    Leslie has integrity and honesty and had stepped down from council because of his moral compass and the actions of council.
    I bid you well,Cornwall needs a good leader.

    Jamie I know you can make a difference as well,
    in fact you already have and thank you .
    You have through your articles taught me much not necessarily of the political follies ,but the system itself.

  4. THANK GOD! I will send my prayers and best of luck to Leslie. I agree with Hugger Jamie if you can withdraw from the race so as not to split the vote. Jamie you are a great journalist but Leslie has more on his side to be able to defeat Bare Ass in the coming race than what you are. You are a very polite person but it needs people with guts and stamina and weapons that he can use that you do not have. THANK GOD! This made my day.

  5. I am cautiously optimistic that there are now two individuals that will step up to the plate and call a spade a spade and truly with honesty integrity and transparency have the best interests of the Cornwall taxpayer at heart.

    If the ward system was reinstalled to have accountability and representation of our councilors I might want to throw my hat into the ring to garner a seat on what finally could be a functional city council. Great news!

  6. Yes…..I love it…….Cornwall needs him and I think he would be a wonderful leader….Get rid of Kilger and his cronies…….traitors to the cause of the city…..! Yes….this has certainly made my day better ..Good luck to him……bye bye…..Boob…..Whoops i mean Bob…..Soon you’ll be gone………you and half of counsel……..!Kiss my Gritts!…..

  7. Mr. Oldham you would make a good contribution as a councellor. You all learn from the bottom (councellor) on how city administration operates and from there people who are well qualified and have the know how can become mayor. Honest to God this really made my day hearing about Leslie running for mayor. I well agree with Marc Carrière about the “BOOB” and KISS MY GRITS indeed. Fire away Leslie. We are behind you and yes I am in Ottawa rooting for you.

  8. I agree with previously-made comments as to you stepping down Jamie. You could be invaluable to Leslie O’Shaughnessy with your knowledge of all the crap Kilger was into. I wish you both the very best of luck in unseating Kilger!

  9. I somewhat disagree with Jamie stepping down if he thinks he has something to bring to the table. It will be a shame to step down now if in fact he has ideas as to how best run the city. Whoever has the best ideas, and I can expect to have the ‘putz’ to get them done, will get my support. Haven’t seen any ideas yet or statements from candidates for mayor as of yet though.

  10. Brian Leslie has more things against Bare Ass than what Jamie has and believe me Leslie can win. Jamie has been hurt badly by Bare Ass and is new in Cornwall and a lot of people do not know Jamie yet. It is going to take some time for people to come around to Jamie. Jamie can be of great help to Leslie. If it came time where Jamie and Leslie were in the race against Bare Ass and the vote had to be split you would not want that at all because it would give votes to Bare Ass and he could win. In order to throw Bare Ass out to the glue factory where he belongs the only way is to have Leslie in the Race. I too want to see Jamie as mayor but that would take time because of the damage that was done to Jamie and the Barney Fife PD would not investigate it. The entire town of Cornwall is in “CORRUPTION MODE” just now until Bare Ass is kicked out like a horse kicks a person through the barn door well in this case we have to kick Bare Ass out directly to the glue factory and Leslie is the one with the armaments to do just that. Jamie can be of great help just now of being a counsellor and can learn a lot about municipal politics and that is what Jamie needs. Jamie can be of an enormous benefit and I have every confidence in him to do just that. I am 100% and more behind Jamie and Leslie for everything they do.

  11. Brian…..Leslie O’Shaughnessy has the best chance to defeat Bob Kilger. If Jamie remains in the race the vote split between Jamie and Leslie O’Shaughnessy may be enough to get Kilger reelected.

  12. Brian I too like Jamie very much but Leslie has a much better chance of beating Bare Ass and Jamie knows that down deep. Jamie can help Leslie beat Bare Ass and send him off to the glue factory where he belongs. Splitting the votes would damage everything that we set out to accomplish. That is what happened when Harpoon Harpo got elected. I voted for NDP and God Almighty the votes were split and Harpoon Harpo got in. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought that would happen. I literally went to the poles to vote NDP to get Harpo out and the same with that Fiberal professor who lives in the US – I wanted absolutely nothing to do with him at all. This is what we are trying to explain to you. Jamie would be an asset on council and can learn about municipal politics.

  13. All 3 have a following. With disparaging issues in this last term in particular, do we look for new leadership or do as we’ve always done to get what we’ve always got, more of the same. There is no question that some of current council have shown positive leadership. For sure the voters will decide whether to continue with the ‘popularity’ mode of voting or of one involving actually listening to platforms for the next term. We all have personal one’s we give support to but now as much as ever it is important for the citizens to become much more involved. Remember though, that no matter who you support, when you mouth off in print or at a meeting you not only are a representative of yourself but your applicant and the city of Cornwall. If you are not intelligent enough to keep your mouth peace positive even when being critical, then kindly just shut it.

  14. Author

    Sorry Dave. Cornwall has lived far too long with style over substance. Wear a nice suit and do nothing. Wear a nice suit and deals in the dark. Speak kindly while supporting corruption. I think it’s time for people like you to really think hard about the real issues facing us and decide if you want more of the same or positive change and that just may not come all purty and polished 🙂

  15. Mr. Windsor if you knew the reality of what is going on in Cornwall you would be in terrible shock and you would want change. There is an old saying about wolves dressed up in sheep’s clothing and politicians come to you dressed in a nice suit but are as crooked as hell. What you see in Jamie is Jamie and nothing different. I don’t agree with a lot of what Jamie says and he doesn’t agree with a lot of what I say but at least you see Jamie for who he is and no pretending because he is the real thing. The same with Leslie O’Shaughnessey you all knew this man for many years for what he is and I have a lot of respect for the man for leaving council because of the mighty crooked things going on and if that were me I would have done the very same thing as what Leslie did. You should all be very proud about what Leslie did. The people of Cornwall have had their heads shoved down by the mayors and the clique from past to the present day and nobody deserves that kind of treatment. How do you think Mr. Windsor when I lived my life in Cornwall and found out all about it 40 and more years ago and couldn’t wait to leave and it was a hard thing for me to do but I did it. Today you are all aware of what is going on and it is time to get rid of that horrible system or else nobody will go and make a business in Cornwall at all. Take a good look at all the businesses that have left and not for nothing.

  16. I agree with Jules to a certain point. But if you say you moved away 40 years ago and you don’t read the local papers or listen to the radio stations you have lost touch with what is going on. Using only one media source does not keep you updated on what’s happening.

  17. Hugger the only paper in Cornwall that I will look at is Jamie’s CFN and if it didn’t exist I would not go on any other paper and I give my word on that one and my word is very good. I stand by what I say and mean it. The only time I listen to radio here at home is in the car when we go out and we have every known gadget around here and I only go on the net. The news itself is all crap unless something of urgency arises or a crime near my area of town which does happen at times.

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