Why Rehab Finished Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Career by Jamie Gilcig July 8, 2014

368px-Rob_Ford_MayorCFN – When Toronto Mayor Rob Ford entered rehab admitting and facing his many addictions and life issues he took a step towards saving his life.

He also ended his political career.

Surely a fair trade off, but more of a reflection of the cruel cult of celebrity that fueled his character; but ultimately ended in the mess that has made headlines all over the world.

As long as he refused to admit the truth; his reality, or at least the parts we actually could confirm he was cause celebre; an enfant terrible; a mix of Amy Winehouse and John Belushi, and people enjoy that ride the same way they like to watch….dog fights…and car wrecks.      It’s a carnal feeding of people’s pain and suffering that the mob likes.

Like going to public executions.  People like Ford race ahead like car wrecks that we know will happen.  The longer it takes until it happens means the crowd is simply fed longer.

Rob Ford did what he needed to do for his family and for his health and that’s commendable; but the crowd senses that.  There should be no more antics to follow (unless he relapses, which the odds are he will at some point) and the rocket fuel that was the character of Mayor Rob Ford is gone.

He’s simply an occasionally charming politician that got caught, and that really is why he’s done.

People know that politician’s lie. It’s part of the job actually.  How many “honest” politicians do you know that actually get elected.

What people don’t like is a bad liar.  Bad liars simply don’t get the job done.  They lose their shine like Brian Mulroney when he was finally outed.    Rob Ford was caught and rode out his lies about his drug use, alcohol abuse, and some stuff we may never conclusively find out about.

Rob never really was about substance; except for those substances he recreationally enjoyed while doing Caribbean accented dances and rants.

Once Amy Winehouse actually went to rehab it was never the same for her career; and of course her relapse sadly ended with her demise.

Sometimes we have to choose life.  Hopefully Mayor Ford makes that choice; but his 15 minutes are pretty much up and like any story time rolls on.

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  1. I agree that Ford’s political career is over for now. But I don’t quite get the comparison to Amy Winehouse except that they are/were both alcoholics and drug addicts. Winehouse was a one in a million exceptionally talented singer and songwriter. Had she lived, the world would have been treated to some great music for years to come. Ford, on the other hand, is a no talent immature boorish little man, whose only accomplishment was to be born into a wealthy family.

  2. We’ll see if Ford’s political career is dead. How many times did McGuinty come back? Wasn’t Wynne supposed to be toast? With the number of candidates, in excess of 50, in the race for Toronto mayor and five serious candidates I’d be concerned with a vote split and Ford back as mayor.

  3. Author

    Hugger you’re missing the money shot. If Mayor Ford truly is in recovery he will not be the same person he was before recovery and that’s not who the public voted for or for lack of a better term “know and admire”.

  4. Author

    I’m sure he is and wish him nothing but the best. But if he does come back and stays clean he will not be the “same” Rob Ford that Toronto elected. It will be interesting to see if a “New” Rob Ford is electable?

  5. @ Hugger. Are you serious? Ford’s political career imploded many months ago. Nobody comes back from a train wreck like that. Even Don Cherry can’t save him now.

  6. I don’t like double posting but… Were either McGuinty or Wynne caught on video multiple times hanging out with gangsters smoking crack, threatening to kill someone, spewing racist and homophobic BS, and calling the Toronto police chief a c—s—-r? That’s just scratching the surface. And this ass-hat, with his brother’s encouragement, expects to be reelected as mayor of Canada’s largest city? If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be funny.

  7. Furtz life is mighty strange indeed and Mayor Ford was very good for Toronto and we have to admit that it is the truth. Ford’s downfall was the booze, drugs and mighty bad company and don’t forget his family has a substance abuse problem which makes things that much harder for Mayor Ford to combat. Another strange thing is that in Washington DC they had a mayor Marion Barrie who was on substance abuse and was re-elected as mayor. Nobody knows what the outcome will be but I will say one more thing to this and that is one month of rehab is not enough to get off the booze and drugs and when there is family who are on the stuff like his sister then there is bound to be a relapse. Mayor Ford should heal himself and make good for his health and for his family.

  8. We’ll see. Ralph Klein was a train wreck and he went on to become premier of Alberta.

  9. Obviously Ford still has a few fans. LOL LOL ROLF etc.
    Hugger, Ralph Klein had a brain. Big difference.

  10. Author

    That’s the problem with Partisan politics. If the Cons had just about anyone else besides Hudak they might have had my vote this election. Local politicians just don’t get that their behavior is viewed by many as well. You have to lead. People may not vote for you or agree, but you have to stand for something and behave professionally; which doesn’t always mean “nice”. Nice sometimes is the opposite of professional.

  11. Politics makes strange bedfellows. I like Rob Ford because he does what he says he will. Sure, he’s had problems, but what politician hasn’t?

  12. Agreed Jamie. I really don’t think the Cons wanted to win this election.

  13. Author

    Furtz if that was their goal they deserve a medal for execution 😉

  14. Their reward will be four more years of flinging poo from the sidelines.

  15. Rob Ford is just a bully like his gorilla brother…..i remember him bashing into some woman who was in his way on national t.v…..these bros. are a joke …!…liars, bashers and bullies have no place representing the people of canada…..in any city…….Talk about messed up gorillas….homophobes, racist, junkies….alcoholic mush brains………..your want these asses to rule?….send them to Cornwall they’re behaviour would be greatly matched by many…….

  16. @ Christopher North. Rob Ford is a poor little rich boy in a man’s body. Thankfully he and his brother and sister will be out of the news before winter hits. I hear Sister Cathy is selling tooth brushes for cheap on Kijiji.

  17. I’ve noticed many of Robs supporters have fallen silent , I guess the party is over Rob , but you sure were entertaining.

  18. Party may be over. But be afraid, be very afraid of the vote split.

  19. Ford is a distant third behind Tory in the polls with Chow in the lead. And every time he opens his gob, he slips further back. He’s toast in every sense of the word, thank Gawd. The police investigation is still active and ongoing.

  20. Former Washington DC mayor Marion Barry (a man) commented in the Huffington Post that Rob Ford made a fool out of himself and was an embarrassment for the people of Toronto. He said that people say and do things under the influence that they would never say or do otherwise and that is coming from a former drug addict as well. I feel sorry for Rob Ford’s family for what they have to endure at home and in the spotlight. Rob Ford is good for TO in keeping the expenses down but he has destroyed whatever credibility that he had. Drugs and booze destroys families.

  21. Jules. Rob Ford is an ass-hat who is addicted to drugs and booze. Take away the drugs and booze, and what you have left is just an ass-hat.

  22. Furtz I do agree with you and there are rich politicians here in Ottawa who scrape the sky with their noses up in the air and we all know of one in Cornwall just now making a real mess of things. Ford was funny and on the other extent made a real fool out of himself and embarrassed the people of Toronto. I feel sorry for what his wife and kids have to endure.

  23. I too feel sorry for his wife and especially his two young kids. Him, not even a little bit. If he had an ounce of decency in him, which he doesn’t, he quit the political BS and concentrate 100% on cleaning up his life and repairing the damage he’s done to his family.

  24. Marion Barry was arrested for crack use in a sting operation I believe in 1990. He was elected again as mayor and served until 1999. He was/is a city of Washington councilor. The point being that people from all walks of life can become alcohol or drug dependent. Judge not.

  25. David, Ford is in an entirely different league from Barry. This goes way beyond being alcohol and drug dependent.

  26. I disagree. Marion Barry is exactly the same as Rob Ford, no better, no worse. And that ain’t saying much.

  27. Did Barry regularly appear in public babbling incoherently and spewing racist, sexist and homophobic BS? Did he publicly call the police chief of his city a c—s—–?
    I could go on.

  28. No, he did much better. Marion Barry at a party celebrating his primary victory for his D.C. council seat on April 3, 2012 said, “We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in, opening up businesses, those dirty shops. They ought to go, I’ll just say that right now, you know. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.” Barry apologized for his comments, saying in a written statement, “It is to these less than stellar Asian-American businessmen in Ward 8 that my remarks were directed, not the whole of Asian businessmen in Ward 8 or the Asian-American population.”
    While apologizing to Asian Americans, Barry slurred the Poles by calling them Polacks. He was also convicted of tax evasion. And he was also convicted of conflict of Interest: Personal benefit from contract to girlfriend.

  29. Ford will always have some fans and defenders, I guess.

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