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romas pizzaCORNWALL Ontario – What makes a great pizza?  Is it the crust?  The cheese?   The toppings?  The sauce?    All?

Who Makes the Best Pizza in Cornwall Ontario?

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While there’s a trend for factory style pizza and low cost cardboard like pizza Cornwall is blessed with some “Montreal style” old school pizza.

The Cornwall Special is your traditional all dressed, pepperoni, mushrooms, and green pepper, with BACON and onions.    Some places here in Cornwall have pies as deep as two inches on occasion with toppings and cheese stacked high!

Who makes the best pizza in Cornwall?    You can vote in our poll and post your comment.    Your comments and emails ( will be put in a ballot with a chance to win Free Pizza for a Year!

Enter today and the contest ends October 31, 2014!   

There will be random pizza prizes as well based on Facebook posts and comments too!

So what makes a great pie and what areyour favorite toppings?


  1. Definitely Riverside! I live 30 minutes away and drive to Cornwall just to pick up Riverside pizza! Love it!!!

  2. I travel across Canada for work and have tried Pizza after Pizza but not one beats Riverside Pizza in Cornwall ON.

    I also found North End to be a close 2nd in town, and also one of the best I’ve tasted. Given the luxury of great Pizza that Cornwall offers, I challenge people to find another city the size of Cornwall or larger that can compete with these two places!

    Trust me I’ve tried! There are many great Wood Oven Pizza places that are good but not the same. Niagara Falls – Antica Wood Oven is the best of that kind of pizza…

  3. Definately Riverside Pizza. Our family had a another favourite on your list for a number of years, however we often ended up with raw undercooked parts in the crust. Yes we spoke with the owners, and it continued to happen, although they had tasty toppings, raw dough was a deal breaker. We are always happy with the pizza we get from Riverside.

  4. I wasn’t going to participate in this conversation but I honestly miss Riverside Pizza. I used to think Gabriel’s Pizza in Gloucester was the best but when I moved to the Cornwall area Riverside convinced me otherwise. Royal Pizza here in Edmonton is the best I’ve had out west but not in the same league. And it’s 3 times the price!

  5. Riverside all around no matter what type of pizza
    luc is the best pizza cook and mary is the best waitress

  6. what makes a great pizza? When the cheese stretches out while you’re taking your first bite, when the aroma makes your mouth water….when the juice runs down your arm and you use up 5 napkins during your meal and when you can use the crust to wipe up your plate…….now THAT is a great pizza!!

  7. Im a lover of pizza in general if i could eat it all day,every…you bet i would. I looove north end because i grew up with having to eat it and olypic because when my father ventured down once a year 17yrs thats all he would eat

  8. i love luisa pizza they always make it perfect and u are really full even after a small pizza for the day. their menus are tax included and that rocks

  9. To seriously whet my appetite just mention ‘Riverside Pizza’. But it’s the morning after the previous night’s partial consumption that really qualifies my preference. Nothing like a Riverside pizza the morning after. It’s the ingredients my friends. Fresh and good quality ingredients have staying power and the synergy of aromas melding together overnight is the true test of greatness. Combine that with a love of what you do and its an unbeatable combination. Go Riverside go!

  10. Pizza is something that I have a hard time to digest and I made one lately and it affected me so leave me out of the pizza. None of us can digest cheese in my household and the ones in the pizzeria are all greese. We had a friend who ran a pizza place here in Ottawa and he gave up the business and is living in Florida and he and his wife run a cleaning business. There are too many pizza places here in Ottawa and they are no longer making a good living out of it because of the competition.

  11. The secret is finding a pizza place that doesn’t have greasy pizza. We’ve been lucky we’ve found a few places without greasy pizza.

    And remember pizza has most of the basic food groups.

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