romas pizzaCORNWALL Ontario – What makes a great pizza?  Is it the crust?  The cheese?   The toppings?  The sauce?    All?

Who Makes the Best Pizza in Cornwall Ontario?

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While there’s a trend for factory style pizza and low cost cardboard like pizza Cornwall is blessed with some “Montreal style” old school pizza.

The Cornwall Special is your traditional all dressed, pepperoni, mushrooms, and green pepper, with BACON and onions.    Some places here in Cornwall have pies as deep as two inches on occasion with toppings and cheese stacked high!

Who makes the best pizza in Cornwall?    You can vote in our poll and post your comment.    Your comments and emails ( will be put in a ballot with a chance to win Free Pizza for a Year!

Enter today and the contest ends October 31, 2014!   

There will be random pizza prizes as well based on Facebook posts and comments too!

So what makes a great pie and what areyour favorite toppings?


  1. Riverside All The Way! Love Love Love their Pizza! No one has come close to being as good as them! 🙂

  2. RIVERSIDE the best of all im from NC and my wife took me to riverside and it was the best pizza ever mmmm

  3. Riverside is the best. It’s always loaded up good (they don’t skimp on ingredients) and always hot when it’s gets to your door. Experimented with a few other pizza places & nope, they don’t even come close! Riverside is the only place I get my pizza from! 😉

  4. North End used to be our favourite! Unfortunately, they changed their recipe and now we’re hooked on Riverside. MMMMmmmmm…

  5. We love riverside pizza its delicious but runner up with a little bit of a quicker delivery time is ROMAS they have GREAT deals/specials always super friendly when you call and pretty quick delivery….and the pizza is pretty thick just like riverside!

  6. Definitely Riverside! It’s usually a tradition to order from there every time I see my dad. We don’t get to see each other often, but when we do, we order a movie, get some Riverside, and lounge around. It tastes like home 🙂

  7. Ilove Louis have bought many of pizza’s over the years and just love there thin crusted one’s,Taken them all the way to Niagara Falls.Soooo good.

  8. I just love Louis pizza have eat them from there for many years,Love the thin crust. Have taken them all the way to Niagara Falls for the family up there

  9. North end but honestly I enjoy all the others as well. North end is my first love as ive been ordering from there for many many many years.

  10. Riverside all the way!!! I live in Iqaluit Nunavut so it’s the first place I go to when I’m home for a visit. You don’t get pizza like that anywhere 🙂

  11. Love their Pizza! Riverside that is…. we order from many places where I work… and just last Friday was Riverside and by far the best in town.

  12. North End Pizzeria all the way! I don’t live in Cornwall anymore but I visit a few times a year as my family still does love there. It’s staple to order from there every visit back. My mouth waters with the very thought 🙂 😀

  13. Sorry it,s Riverside all the way, I,ve been buying Riverside pizza for over 35 yrs its the best pizza in town.

  14. Just moved here not long ago from Hamilton.. tried a few different places for pizza .. this one is the best!!!

  15. In Ottawa it would be the Newport Restaurant home of the Elvis Sighting Society (Charity) but here in Cornwall I give it to North End Pizza and the friendly courteous staff.

  16. I’ve tried other pizza restaurants but always go back to Riverside. It will always be the best and it’s made with love and that’s why there still here after all these years. I’m hungry for a medium special. Yummy.

  17. Louis!!!!!!!love me some yummy Louis pizza.

  18. Riverside all the way!!!! No one even comes close. Mile high pepperoni, cheese, and big pieces of veggies. Couldn’t ask for better.

  19. Louis is the best whether its all dress or louis special you have to try it with meat sauce you’ll never go back to pizza sauce trust me…

  20. No matter how great the rest of the pizza is, the finishing touch is the sauce. while I love Riverside, my favourite is the Louis’ Special with extra sauce.

  21. Each pizza joint has it’s own flavour and category of creation on its own. It’s so hard to compare! My top three are north end, riverside & Louis.

  22. Olympic pizza ,Every friday ….house special hold the onions .No one ingredient, but the combination crust sauce pepperoni and cheese.Olympic got it RIGHT !!!!!!

  23. They are all unique in their own ways.
    Great sauce, toppings and crust. An All dressed/Special or Hawaiian is my pizza of choice.
    If I had to rank them this year it would be; Louis’, North end and Riverside.

  24. I grew up in Cornwall and now live in Long Sault. We will often drive into Cornwall just to pick up a Louis pizza. Great crust, sauce, and loads of pepperoni, cooked in a super hot oven, makes for the perfect combination. Louis is the best!!!!

  25. My kiddies love Philos Pizza!!! Great crust not greasy, so they say;)

  26. Riverside is definitely the best!

  27. It was always a toss-up between Riverside’s and Louis’ but happy to say Riverside is the winner by far………Yummy, now I know what’s for dinner tonight.

  28. Definately Riverside all the way!!!

  29. Well, just to let everyone know I don’t like pizza too much only because it’s usually too thin and disgusting. But when I found out about Riverside Pizza, I was thinking holy man now this is Pizza heaven. Thick,Fresh and Juicy Pizza. You get what you ask for. Superb and Delicious. Love It!!

  30. North End without a doubt…it has and always will be my guilty treat!

  31. Riverside is what you call PIZZA!!
    I have been eating they’re pizza since just a little girl!! It’s mouth watering!! The crust, the sauce and the cheese says it all!!

  32. Riverside by far…..I’ve been eating Riverside since I was 7 and am now 49 and will keep eating it until the day I pass on…It is by far the best pizza in Cornwall….Me and my 78 year old mother go there for our pizza every second week to eat…We eat the Riverside special and let me tell you,you can’t pick out the best part of what makes the pizza great,because from the bottom of the crust to the top of the cheese everything just melts in your mouth….It is that awesome…..Here’s to Riverside and many more years of eating there…MUAH! 😛 🙂 😀

  33. North End Pizza is the best. Their pizza is rich in flavors and has endless topping combinations. It’s my comfort food and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  34. Riverside all the way!!! Everything I’ve had on the menu has me wanting more!!!!!
    Bacon pizza, baked rigatoni, fries with gravy!! GRAVY!!! dip your crust in it!!
    We order there every week!!! kids LOVE IT!

  35. Riverside meat lovers! Can’t go wrong with any of the others though.

  36. All Cornwall pizza restaurants are great. Nothing beat King Goerge back in the day but Riverside is soooo popular….Its the thin sliced pepperoni..mmm Riverside pizza.

  37. Please have someone open a location in the GTA! I’ve been in Mississauga since 1990 and no other pizza comes close. That being said, my favourite Cornwall pizza is Cornwall BBQ, then Riverside, then Louis.

  38. @ Manny. Pretty well everybody west of Montreal and maybe Cornwall is seriously deprived of decent pizza.

  39. RIVERSIDE makes the best pizza handsdown!!!!! Every other restaurant should take note of the recipes. MMMMMMMMMM

  40. NORTH END PIZZA!!!!!!!!
    Me and my daughter would love pizza for a year!
    Love love love the mounds of pepperoni. Only place in Cornwall who goes the old fashion way and uses a bun instead of a boring old plastic stool in the middle of the pizza.
    Never ever had a complaint about their pizza, and their poutines are fanfreakingtastic as well!!!

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