Did You Video Your Sewer Line Before Purchasing Your Building? Walsh Pressure Cleaning in Cornwall Ontario $149+HST SPECIAL!

walsh pressure cleaning drain pipe

The average price of a home today keeps edging up in Cornwall Ontario yet one of the few places homeowners ever inspect before making the most important purchase most ever make is their sewage and drain pipes.

Repairs can be brutal running in the thousands and most home inspectors do not  do a full camera inspection to see what’s going on when you flush or run your water.

That’s where Wyatt Walsh of Walsh Pressure Cleaning comes in.

Locally owned and serviced 24/7  for over 25 years; you’re total peace of mind is only $149+HST away for a limited time!

Wyatt will bring his drainage camera and check what’s going on with your pipe.

Blockages, leaks, you literally never know what you’ll find until his camera does it’s job.

Why pay double elsewhere?

Call Wyatt today at

613 933 8989

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Tell him you read his ad in CFN and he’ll pay the tax!

For all your residential, commercial & industrial needs.

Pressure cleaning including of Fleets

Sewer flushing

Cleaning & De-icing

Shop Local, Advertise Local!


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