Holy Gilles Latour!
Holy Gilles Latour!



Cornwall, ON – Following a 5 month investigation by the Fraud Unit of the Cornwall Criminal Investigation Division, 47-year- old Gilles Latour of Latour Financial Group inc. has been arrested on charges of fraud over $5000.00, theft by conversion, false pretences and breach of trust.  It is alleged that between May, 2012 and December, 2013 Latour defrauded two individuals and police were contacted to investigate. On August 19th, 2014 police attended his place of work, executed a warrant and took him into custody. Latour was charged accordingly and later released to appear in court on September 30th, 2014. The Cornwall Community Police Service is asking the public to contact D/Cst. Tom MacKay at 933-5000 ext.2789 if they have any information about these crimes.


  1. HOLY GILLES LATOUR!!!!!!??????? If I didn’t read this I would never have believe it. LOL LOL. Well the rich get back what they do to others. Now I bet Bare Ass is worried now. This may just be the tip of the iceberg of things to come. Hold on your seats folks and get out the popcorn and pop or beer. Things are sure getting interesting in Little Sleepy Hollow.

  2. Well well, the clique is starting to fall and one of his partners Bob Kilger is quoted wishing this scum bag all the best, one crook to another right Bobby. How does the lime light feel now Latour, bet this is one story you wish you were not front and center too right. When will his friend Bob Peters be taken down? Everyone knows full well,{MODERATED}also. Eventually when the crap house is full, it must be emptied. Maybe now people will see what many have been saying all along. Team Cornwall is scam, a group of liars, scum bags, cheats, thieves who do nothing but promote their own clique of crap. Hey Sue Stuart, will this be on your brief news headline in the morning? Your great friend Holly Gilles latour was busted, I doubt that it will be right?

  3. Admin….didn’t you have an article up a while back mentioning that someone big had been accused of these charges?

  4. Author

    Interesting. The Freeholder finally pops up the Latour charges; but comments were closed. Is there a reason he gets special treatment? They were quite happy to have comments open when I was charged?

  5. Everybody take a deep breath, has he been convicted of anything> He has been accused and charged but does this make him automatically guilty? The same goes for Jamie, he was accused and charged, did it mean that he is guilty, no it did not. Let’s have some objectivity here, this town dislikes the fact that anyone can do well and automatically assumes that they are crooks. God forbid that you are ever accused of committing a crime.

  6. Team Cornwall has checked their books? …Already?

    One might expect that a forensic accountant would take a bit longer, as no doubt will be the case at the Max Keeping Foundation where Gilles is a board member, and the Ontario Crafts Council where he was Chair of the Fundraising Committee.

  7. @Captain Canuck,

    I respectfully disagree with you about people in this city disliking the fact that anyone can do well.

    All Cornwall residents cannot be lumped into one ball.

    It should always be rewarding to see others do good and who have our best interests at heart and those of the community.

    Those who don’t have missed the boat in more ways than one.
    It then becomes a bad reflection on self and those who reward wrong doing to others and with others.

    People have done well in Cornwall and will continue to do well, they have worked hard to achieve their success and the majority of people are always pleased to see others succeed.

    People who do deceive the public, who have a track record that may show they have in the past /present harmed others in some way neither deserve respect, trust or the applause of city residents.

    People in positions of power who deceive others may think others are unaware but that is not so.

    Silence is not always golden and it is good to see people speaking out about some very serious issues in our community that should have been addressed years ago.

    Thankfully, that is being done by CFN.

    Innocent until proven guilty is it not?

  8. Author

    OWC it should be noted that we pay a huge price for speaking out. The business community at the top levels boycotts us. That includes our elected officials at all levels of gov’t.

    That says something very very scary about the culture of this community. People click and read; but the businesses cow tow to either fear, ignorance, or bullying.

  9. Admin, I also agree with you. We do pay a very huge price for speaking out. I understand about the business community and that is a very sad reflection when that places.

    If one is honest/sincere and wanting to provide people with the truth, then what purpose would those certain people in the business community have to fear? Could it be that they hope for failure of others and the work you are doing?

    If so, they are wrong and in that aspect yes, there is something very scary about the culture of this community.

    That is exactly why the present people in positions of power must go!!!

    If many at council fear when the Mayor gives that look of silence or disapproval, then it must and does overflow into the community at large.

    If a man/person can generate such fear in the council chamber and with his council. then we do have something serious to fear and his name is the Mayor and some who sit in the same room.

    Are we being so controlled in this community by one Mayor and a certain few on council who abide by his every move that these are the results?

    Why would anyone boycott the truth and a business who wants only to offer the best to it’s readers if there wss not something going on behind the scene?

    You mention it could be fear, ignorance OR……bullying, yes that is a deadly combination when good people are trying to succeed.

    That is another reason why this mayor must go and some on council. We need respect for all who work hard and try to do their best and give their best.

    Why should one business be allowed to flourish while another is slam dunked at every turn of the road? Could it be the truth being revealed?

    So, are you and others being punished/boycotted for telling the truth, it appears to be so.

    If so, then we do live unfortunately in a scary culture within this community.

    We see it all the time though. We see it every time there is a council meeting and another “group” gets a pat on the back and city hall blessings while others never make the cut or approval, let alone make the agenda.

    So when some people try to do well they are shut out, shut down and yes……..boycotted, which can occur in more ways than one.

    It appears that for those who choose to speak out in this city, indeed the price is very high!!!!!!

    First they try to silence you, then they work at shutting you down (via whatever means it takes or plots and schemes) then they totally ignore you, or try, but the truth is being revealed more and more each day.

    To boycott a business means to assist in helping a city/community fail not succeed.

    The truth always, always comes out on top!!!!

    How many have we watched tell the truth and look what happened and those who continue to intimidate others into silence feel they have won. They have not won!

    More people will see what is going on and more people will understand the depth and harm of what a boycott can do to a business.

    That is why we need and must have major changes in this community.

  10. Admin, I was a small business owner in the past. As anyone knows who has a business advertising plays an important role, on both sides.

    Advertising is part of the business venture and I spent my advertising dollars (at that time) in more than one paper.

    If I still had my business I would be very pleased to advertise in your paper and know that a wealth of readers were not only being exposed to the truth, stories of local and other interest and a view into the many businesses within our community and other areas.

    Hopefully more people will wake up, see the great offers you have made regarding business advertising and take advantage of a well read paper and all it has to offer it’s many, many readers.

    I encourage others to do likewise and take their business advertising to CFN.

    Its valued role in our community should be an eye opener to many who depend of feedback from quality advertising generating more local business.

    The best interest of everyone will be served by supporting CFN now and in the future.

  11. Author

    OWC you get to be our new sales rep! Our last one just quit after being bullied.

  12. I agree with everything One Who Cares said. The mayor and MOST of the city council needs to be changed. Will it be done. Hopefully Leslie O’Shaughnessy can get the job done. I hope we don’t see vote splitting between Leslie O’Shaughnessy and Jamie with Bob Kilger returned to his throne.

  13. Author

    Hugger frankly once council’s mail was tampered with at the beginning of this term the police should have investigated and charged those responsible. Only council can answer to why they refused to file complaints and protect those involved; chiefly Mayor Kilger and executive leaved and then retired former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick.

  14. Admin…I agree. I’d take it one step furter. If ANY city council has things to be investigated / charged it should be by a non-resident police service. If Cornwall council wants actions of one of its own investigated it should be by another police force, not the CPS. I’m not saying it has to be the OPP, it could be by another city’s police service.

  15. Thank you Admin! If it were possible I would take on the challenge with great pleasure and the hope of having many businesses in our community come on board with CFN as their source for getting the good word out!

    I will though with others I am in contact with, support CFN and if confronted as to why they don’t advertise with your paper, I will also ask then…Why not!!! You are missing out on the perfect opportunity help another business venture succeed and to increase the sales in your own business/venture.

    Regarding the mail issue. Yes, I heard the same and mail I had delivered to council had never been received. That was questioned and left a very bad feeling of distrust.

    So your reporting on this Jamie is accurate!

    The next time I had something sent via hard copy, it went all in one pack (with each separate envelope to each council member written on the pack) via SIGNED and REGISTERED Mail, in fact the receipt sits on my desk. That way I knew it (my mail could not then disappear into thin air!!!

    Someone had to sign, and I had the receipt. The same was carried out to the EOHU, just in case!!!

    So yes Jamie, the light is truly moving in your direction.
    Every day more truth is being revealed. Keep up the good work, people are reading, people are watching and yes, people most of all want change!!!!

    For anyone contacting City Hall, make certain they mail via registered mail/signed and keep your receipt! Then check up with every council member to make certain each and every one then did receive the content of your hard copy (whatever it may consist of) and if you took time to send it, then it must have been important/urgent, regardless of what the Mayor OR Council thought!!!

    Shame that such a thing should take place at our City Hall.

    Shame!! Shame!!! Disgraceful!!!

  16. The spotlight is being shone on the cockroaches in Cornwall and see them all run in different directions that they don’t know what to do. Jamie this is what they get for what they did to you. Anybody who has done bad things to me got it back and a great deal worse than what they dished out to me and I swear that is the whole truth. Now I see what they did to you is coming back to haunt them. If you only knew how terrible a penalty that people paid for what they did to me you would cringe. All these rich no good for nothings will get back in ten times more than what they did to you and to others. Willie Wise isn’t the only crook in Cornwall since Cornwall is loaded with them. Hold on to your shorts folks and Jamie and to your seats this is far from over. You will find out one cockroach after the other coming out with the spotlight on them all for what they all did. This is only man’s law but God is the one who really holds hell over them all.

  17. His first court appearance is Sept. 30. So his trial won’t start until after the municipal election. If he’s convicted watch how fast people distance themselves from him.

  18. As it was predicted, so it has been done. Least surprising news story of the year. I hope the families he represents get some of their money back.
    History keeps repeating in Cornwall. Next up…The River King.

  19. @Admin: What would have been so much of a threat in mail that went to city hall to make it disappear? How? Who did that? Why did they do it?

    Many of these questions remain unanswered, at least to the public.

    You are correct, it was then up to council or someone to take immediate action when something like this took place.
    It is something that should have been investigated as per comments @Hugger 1. I absolutely agree.

    When this issue arose, at a later date I had met with two/three council members and asked had they received my previous mail that had been sent/delivered to them at City Hall.
    They replied no as if unaware. I was unable to provide an exact date due to the massive volume of mail that I had sent out during that time, but the same content had been delivered locally to some others.

    Thus, after my meeting I then decided that any future mail would go out via Express Post with signature added, which gave me the assurance it would be received. That last contact with Council/Mayor re: hard copy sent to them, was received.

    Why would Council deny the fact that the mail (whatever it contained ) regarding their pre: council meeting agenda information or any other information remain somewhat of a mystery?

    Will we ever know what happened? Will we ever know who either shredded/dumped or did away with any type of mail at that time? If so, then who made that call to dispose of such mail? Who then took care of the task at hand that day/or days? Someone had to dispose of it didn’t they, or did it just disappear into thin air?

    Someone should have been held at accountable and responsible for information that went “missing”.

    Only time will tell and hopefully once we have a new Mayor and many new trustworthy Council members, we can then expect accountability, transparency and decency when it comes to matters in our community, our health and our well being.

    Till then, who knows what will come next or what yet is to be revealed?

  20. One Who Cares…..Council members shouldn’t deny that they received correspondence. But I don’t think that’s the case. I think (& this idea has been floated before) the council’s mail was being pre-screened. By whom? There are numerous suggestions. I think that practice has probably stopped.

    We’ll never know what truly happened.

    I agree someone should be held accountable? BUT will it happen? I highly doubt it.

  21. Hugger 1, I agree with you. Perhaps I should not have used the word deny, but they stated they were unaware that they had received the mail pack that had been previously sent to them.

    Since there was one pack per council member that meant many packs then had disappeared into thin air.

    If their mail had been pre-screened, they still should have received what had been delivered to them in their personal name wouldn’t you think?

    I agree, perhaps we will never know what happened during that time period of why it happened in the first place, but I am certain we agree, it never should have happened in the first place.

    Mail with a person’s name should become theirs when addressed to them.

    Hopefully some day, maybe, all the pieces of the puzzle will be revealed and if not we are left with our own thoughts regarding another serious issue that never should have taken place at City Hall.

    There are so, so many questions about so many things that have taken place.

    I did not mean to mislead anyone by using the word deny.
    I was pleased that two council members did show up for the meeting, unfortunately a third council member walked out and away before the meeting even began.

    It appears to be difficult for many to hear the truth, walking away was proof of that.

    They know who they are.

    Hugger, one day maybe we can begin Council with a clean slate and the past bad happenings and memories will remain just that.

    Thank you for your concern and input Hugger! Always welcomed

  22. I agree personal mail should not be opened. However, MP’s in the House of Commons (or as my sister used to call it the House of Comics) have their mail pre-screened all the time. I think, perhaps, someone was being too zealous in their job pre-screening city council mail.

  23. Hugger !, yes, I am aware about government mail. Having been in contact for l0 years with various levels of government I know that mail is pre-screened and many times a reply comes from a staff member re: contact.

    The mail sent to the city council members was the same to each one and regardless if screening took place or not each council member should have received their mail.

    Something certainly interrupted that specific (and perhaps other) flow of mail that should have gone to every council member and the mayor.

    I doubt, like the many things that took place over the years at City Hall that we will ever know the truth of what happened.

    I have files with government return mail and I know for fact that mail had been received and read and a reply sent in return to my specific request.

    So what excuse would our local council have to not reply then………..unless as stated, they never laid eyes on their mail at the time in the first place.

    A small detail to some but not when your life and health depend upon it and for others also.

  24. When the mail fraud happened no investigation was ever done and don’t forget that the Barney Fife PD fall head over heals with Bare Ass so don’t expect much from this. The same goes for Holy Gilles Latour being rich and has connections this cockroach may get off scot free just like all of them do. If that were you or I we would be blackballed and tarnished for life. One thing is that the entire community knows about Holy Gilles Latour and that alone will put a black mark on his business. The entire gang from Bare Ass and his council expect for a mighty few exceptions including the administration of the town should all be thrown out lock, stock and barrel and hire new people. There is way too much fraud going on and I have known that for many long years. I gave up on Cornwall for very good reasons and so did many others – we all saw and heard things going on from way back and we did the right thing to leave. For those of you who stick to Cornwall then you have to take the initiative and throw the bums out on their keesters or else you can literally kiss Cornwall goodbye.

  25. Author

    Actually Jules I escorted the Letter Writer to the police station to file a complaint. After the person was led alone for a discussion with a high ranking officer there was no further talk of filing a complaint.

    The person did not share what occurred in their conversation with police; but it certainly changed their mind with regards to taking it further.

  26. One Who Cares….by pre-screened I mean weeded out. There may have been orders from some of the higher ups to weed out mail regarding certain topics. It could have been done to stop council members from looking into certain topics or potential issues the higher ups didn’t want looked into by council.

    Admin…that doesn’t surprise me. The letter writer was probably warned about possible consequences (whether true or not could be subject to debate) if they continued pursuing things dealing with the mayor and / or council.

  27. Hugger 1, I do agree. In fact your are probably right on target with one. There also could have been concern due to the fact that we do have elections coming up and it would not have been a topic or issue the (Mayor /council and a few others) wanted to deal with.

    For some as you are aware the only thing that counts is the vote and the assurance that they receive that vote.

    Meaning, other serious issues that could impact their vote would be of no importance to them, their position came first and not the Cornwall public!!

    That is what we deal with under this present administration at City Hall.

    This is exactly why we need new/honest leadership and many new council members sitting in that room.

    You know what happens when we get close to the truth, some just run the other direction as fast as they can to avoid any repercussions.

    As long as they don’t get caught, they feel safe, but that is only an illusion!

    Sooner or later the truth catches up with them. One by one by one!!

  28. The person or people who cover up for the Mayor in any way know who they are.

    They will always have to live with the consequences of what they did and the people they may have hurt/or harmed in some way by obeying such dictatorship.

    It is a frightening prospect to think we live in a community where people continue to be silenced/bullied and perhaps worse due their telling the truth.

    Such a pretty little community with such a tarnished reputation.

    This does nothing to build up our community, it only takes it further down a dark path.

    If we can’t trust those in positions of power who make conscious decisions about our life/community and health, then what have we got left?

    One by one the truth will come out about those who have tried to pull the wool over the eyes of good people in our community.

  29. Like I said before this is only the beginning of finding out the dirty things going on by certain people that you put in as trust. You will all hear more as time goes on. Jamie keep your paper going because it is the only paper that tells people the truth. The other “toilet papers of record” hide the truth from the public and nothing but lies.

  30. At the beginning of every council meeting there is an invocation by many different spiritual members from our community.

    For anyone who has listened, the words fill us with goodness, hope/faith and prayer for the guidance of those who represent us at that City Council meeting.

    How could the mayor listen, nod his head then go on with each meeting and do the things he has done to others?

    How could he treat some of those on council in the manner he does if he had truly heard or even understand the words that came so sincerely by those who read and delivered the wonderful invocation?

    How could he thank these caring souls, yet go on to further be dishonest and further harm or distort the truth of others in this community?

    Instead of planting a vegetable in some photo opportunity in the paper, the mayor should have been concentrating instead of planting the seeds of truth and fairness that would blossom in time to make this a better community, not a one sided community where some get and many others never come close.

    For people to assume they know something or make false statements is indeed wrong, but when good and caring people know the truth and have been part of a story, others should listen and pay attention.

    Jamie has shed light on the truth and the reality of it all appears to be finally hitting home as more and more is revealed about what has gone on with and during this present administration.

    It is long overdue and if people do not wisely make this choice now to vote in new leadership only they will suffer in the future with more of same.

    We owe a great deal of thanks to CFN and to Admin, for helping others feel free enough to come out of the dark and speak out about what they have been through and for many what they know as facts, not just stories told down the line.

    It is imperative that facts remain facts and truth, the truth. Jamie has offered facts and truth, the rest is up to the public now.

    For those of us who appreciate your concern to tell and share the truth with everyone, we thank you!!

    I have admired Jamie’s ability to stay the course under some of the worst circumstances that would have caused others to buckle and call it quits. Jamie never did.

    He held steadfast to the course of his respected journalism and desire to be known for freely, and at a high cost at times, always tell and share the truth of a story/stories.

    We have benefited as a community from this truth and the facts presented time and time again by CFN.

    Every reader has the ability to not read should issues/stories or truth offend them in any way, but for those behind the scenes, who have in any way suffered from any dishonesty or denial from the present administration of from anyone on council or any other person, we know absolutely that Jamie does not have a hidden agenda.

    Having met you before Jamie and having discussed some of these issues with you then, I encouraged you to continue telling the truth about this city. So you did and congratulations for staying the course and giving us your best!!!!

    We can’t say the same for others or what others choose to hide or keep out of the news.

    It is not about intent to harm others, it is about telling the truth as you know the truth to be.

    Thank you.

  31. @Hugger1…you seem to make the presumption that Gilles Latour will plead his innocence hence the need for a trial. It occurs to this reader that charges following a 5 month long investigation might just have merit unless the officers and crown prosecutor(s) are less than competent.

  32. One Who Cares….I agree 100% with what you said in your latest comments. But we must remember who we are dealing with here. It’s hard for a leopard to change its spots, especially one who has been doing it for so long.

    David Oldham….I agree. But upon reading Mr. Latour’s email to his clients I think he will be pleading not guilty. It seems that people at the top think they can pull the wool over ordinary people’s eyes and we will just look away.

  33. One Who Cares you share the same sentiment as I do about Jamie and yes he stayed and he could have gone somewhere else with his journalism skills and he tells the people the truth and not some fairy tale that they want to hear – he tells them what is the truth. I could not handle all the hell that Jamie has gone through at all – I left a long time ago and would not return to such a hell hole. You have a previous mayor who left Cornwall as well for Ottawa and we listen to him on the car radio the Jewel Radio. People of my day and before and after have left Cornwall because there was nothing and no future. All that was mostly left were people with no education, no self esteem and no self respect and along comes Bare Ass and his clique and they sure did a number on the people because they knew that they can mold and manipulate them and steal from them and walk all over them and all the people would say is thank you screw me some more. That is the mentality of Cornwall. I am mad as hell and mad is hardly the word. Those are the people who have done terrible harm to a good man like Jamie and a good man like Officer Perry Dunlop along with many others. Many of the Barney Fife PD left (mostly young officers) because they could not stand the BS going on.

    You talk about a prayer before counsel and wonder how Bare Ass can do what he did – well take a good look at what the priests did, the doctors, the lawyers, the social workers and I can go on and on. There was a list of priests mentioned by the man who had Project Truth put up and I recognized quite a number of them. One taught religion at a high school (I won’t name the school) and I walked right out saying that I was Protestant to get out of there because my sense is strong and had him figured out. One priest married my husband and I and was one mentioned and I can go on and on and on. Where there is no conscience at all and all they care about is money in their pockets then they don’t give a rat’s ass for the rest. You all have no idea how I feel and how many feel who had to leave Cornwall for a life. Cornwall strangles the hell out of people. Who wants to live in a life like that – who. Only the most stupid people would accept to be treated in that way.

  34. I think you have unwittingly uncovered another story. Why is detective Virtue not working this case? Is he not The fraud guy in Cornwall? A story this big and he’s not working it?

  35. Jules, you cannot judge the actions of some and say that all people are the same. They are not.

    Bad things happen to good people and many good people still live in this city.

    We have people in this community who do care about others, who are educated, who do have self respect and who do hope for better times ahead, as many do.

    Not everyone is cut from the same cloth, so to judge all by the deeds/actions of those who have been dishonest continues to be unfair to other very good people who have resided here their entire life.

    People have worked hard in this community. People cared enough about this community to raise their families and yes many still wanted to call Cornwall home in spite of bad things that happened in the past.

    Cornwall is not the only community where bad things have happened. People forgive and move on but that does not mean they forget or would allow such things to happen again.

    I am certain others would agree, don’t see only the bad in this community because good is present.

    Cornwall is a community that could soar to new heights with proper leadership.

    Yes, I did discuss prayer at council. Hopefully prayer will continue to be a part of every council meeting and hopefully those newly elected will stop, really hear the words of sound spiritual advice and take into consideration that the decisions they make will be for the better of everyone in our community, not just some.

    We can find fault in every community but the hope for Cornwall will be in seeing leadership that will build it up and not tear it down.

    Cornwall is worth saving and the good people of Cornwall know that and this is why they are speaking out for change and a better way of life by supporting change, a new Mayor and new council members.

    Hugger 1, I agree with you. The leopard will not change it’s spots and become something it is not.

    It has been the actions of some of those very leopards who themselves have shown to the Cornwall public they in fact won’t change and that again is the very reason why we must hope for change, healthy attitudes around the council table, honesty, transparency, decency and respect for our entire community.

    That can be achieved with new leadership. The rest is up to Cornwall when it comes time to vote.

    I and others are thankful to the good people who work daily in our community to be there for us in so many ways.

    To the good doctors, nurses, caregivers, first responders, clergy and so many others who make our community whole, we do appreciate the work and dedication you place into the community.

    We do thank you for being there for us in difficult times and through many difficult health journeys that so many encounter in our community.

    Cornwall has endured bad times, but never should we forget what others have done/do to make ours still a wonderful place in which to live.

    Jules, I hope you find healing regarding the anger you feel about Cornwall.

  36. One Who Cares thank you for writing. Yes I am angry and that is so mighty true indeed. About good people in Cornwall yes there are plenty and the problem is that those good people are not standing up to Bare Ass and his dirty clique. Everything is swept under the carpet and they are all hoping that it will go away. Bare Ass and council are just reciting words and don’t know the meaning about prayer. When they recite example the “Our Father” that prayer goes for every Christian denomination whether Catholic or Protestant and every word in that prayer has a meaning. Bare Ass pretends to be Catholic but in reality has no religion and his religion is only money. Honestly I have respect for the good people of Cornwall and I prefer them over Ottawa’s people. Both the people of Cornwall and the people of Ottawa have gone backwards in so many ways. I go for walks in the park with my husband and we shop in the stores and we see that they are no longer the same. Yesterday we went to Sears at the watch counter and my husband wanted his watch tested that he purchased in Cornwall since the timing is off – he will need a new one. He told the sales lady how nice the lady is at Sears in the watch department in Cornwall and he is the one who feels proud of Cornwall. Yes there are good people in Cornwall and that is the truth. The problem is that they don’t stand up for themselves and take the abuse from Bare Ass and that horrible clique and I hate those cockroaches like you wouldn’t believe. I hope that the judge throws the book at Latour and I hope that others are caught. These cockroaches get off every time and they wave their money under the judge’s nose. That is what I hate and I am mighty angry and not at the good people of Cornwall but at those dirtbags and the people who are asleep and not awake to the horrible things that are being thrown at them. That is my anger. I miss Cornwall and so does my daughter and my husband. In Ottawa you have to go very far to get to where you want and you need a car or a bus but in Cornwall you can get around on foot when you need to. I want to go to the library here and I hesitate because it takes me more than 40 minutes to walk there from where I live. I am getting old.

  37. You are welcome Jules and I sincerely wish you the best of luck.

    You are correct, in a larger city it is more difficult to get around to various places and for many it is a hardship.

    I am certain you miss Cornwall, the good memories you have from the days gone past. Good people never die in our hearts and you can always hold close those things that meant a lot to you then.

    Cornwall offers that uniqueness in size making things much easier for many to get out/access and to enjoy those places.

    Hopefully as Cornwall heads in a new and brighter direction for one and all, you can then feel better about things that have taken place over this past while.

    When harm is done to you, of course you won’t forget it, but healing may come and maybe one day you and your family can return, at least for a visit, to enjoy our new City with better/wiser leaders and enjoy some of the places you used to visit when living here.

    I do wish you the best!

  38. Thank you One Who Cares and we go down every 3 to 6 months to Cornwall and my husband and daughter wish to live in Cornwall since things are so easy compared to Ottawa. I am getting so lazy in my age to go so far a distance and when I get home I just want to lay down for a while to recouperate. The restaurants and stores in Cornwall have very good people who serve the public and much better than what we get here in Ottawa. The thing about Ottawa is that you get a lot more choice but the service and cleanliness is horrible here. Cornwall is very clean by comparison. I sure do hope that things in Cornwall turn around for the better and not stay the way they are. The good people pay a horrible price for the bad. Jamie is a wonderful person who is trying his best to awaken the people to the truth and it is up to the people to change. Jamie can only do so much and my being upset at this end isn’t doing too much good when people won’t take what I say as being true and only upsetting myself in the long run. I hope that there is a big change in mayor, counsel and the entire administration and police force since it is long overdo. In general Cornwall is a nice place to live without stress and hastles. We all need to see good changes happen.

  39. One Who Cares said:
    Jules, you cannot judge the actions of some and say that all people are the same. They are not.

    Bad things happen to good people and many good people still live in this city.

    I agree 100%. But some people refuse to let the past go. I’m not saying we have to forget what happened in Cornwall previously. But we have to try and move forward and forge a new future for Cornwall.

  40. Hugger I agree with you that there are a lot of good people in Cornwall and that is true. What is happening is that people don’t stand up to the evil and get rid of them once and for good. The good get stomped on by the clique and Bare Ass and look at what happened lately with Latour scaming the people out of their money. The Barney Fife PD is at it again to protect the dirtbages in Cornwall. Honestly Hugger what kind of a law does this project when the rich get off doing their dirty deeds and if it were one of us little people we would be in prison. This shows you that there is no justice and only JUST US like I said so many times before. I am so mighty sick of it and wonder what country am I living in. Is this the Middle East, Mexico, Central or South America or where where there is so much corruption.

  41. Stop it JUles. It disturbs me when I agree with you. Personally I think the Latour case should have been handed to an outside police service because of his connections to Kilger.

  42. I agree with you Hugger and I think that Latour’s case should be handed over to an outside police force. Bare Ass is not the kind of person that I ever want to see as mayor ever again. I hope that Leslie O’Shaughnessey gets in as mayor. Jamie is a mighty good man and does an excellent job with his paper and tells the truth but Leslie has political experience and knowledge on how to expose Bare Ass which is essential for Bare Ass’s defeat.

  43. I went to high school with this guy ,was a big show off and treated woman like crap. Always remembered him that way and never understood how he could be a financial adviser. My gut was right.. {MODERATED} and needs to get oout of this business. It’s not for him.. How come there was no mention on the news about this.? Sue for 104.5 most likely begged them not to say anything about her ‘so called good friend’

  44. Hugger I agree fully with you again. Latour’s case should be handed over to another city to handle the case. I don’t believe that Ottawa should handle it since Bare Ass is connected to Ottawa with the city and the feds. It has to be another municipality somewhere away from this area of the province.

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    Gilles Latour is a {MODERATED}living a high class life on{MODERATED} money for a long time . He finally got caught. {MODERATED}{MODERATED}Latour Financial Place .. I DID !!

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