Gilles Latour Investigation More Questions Than Answers – Is He the Next William Wise? by Jamie Gilcig

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Bob Kilger: Gilles Latour is a long-time personal friend and my thoughts are with him and his family at this time.


CORNWALL Ontario – Former Team Cornwall Prez Gilles Latour was arrested in his office after a five month investigation by Corwall Police Services, but very little information is being made available which is raising many questions.

Mayor Bob Kilger near instantly offered the  quote in the Seaway News below the photo above.

Mayor Kilger’s relationship with jailbird Willie Wise, a former city councilor who was Mayor Kilger’s “Boss” while he was coaching minor league hockey in Cornwall was also very “Friendly”.

Mr. Latour, a high school drop out,  was bag man for the last Kilger election and is alleged to have told at least one city business that they’d receive city business if they donated to Kilger’s campaign.    The business further alleged that it in fact did receive business and used that as a reason when they cancelled their ad in CFN citing pressure from the Kilger camp and fear of losing city dollars.


Team Cornwall’s new prez, Peter Gault also had a near instant quote in the same story.


Peter Gault, who succeeded Latour as head of Team Cornwall not long ago, said the group has conducted a review of its books.

“Everything is in order,” he said. “We went back over a number of years.

“I can tell you he is the past chair, and I am the chair now.

“(The police charges) came as a total surprise.”

If the police charges were a total surprise how could several years of forensics be done on accounts in such a short time, especially as Mr. Latour was arrested in the afternoon?

Two websites specializing in consumer complaints  make grave allegations against Mr. Latour as well.   These are from an anonymous source and have not been proven; but raise a few other flags.

He would go on and on about how he is best friends with the Mayor of Corwall (Bob Kilger) and past and present NHL hockey players like Scott Pearson, Police Officers as well as other well known business people. He likes to be seen and associate himself with these people in order to use their names when doing business and strealing from you. Gilles Latour is extremely smooth and puts on a great show. I lost my entire life savings to this lying scumbag as I believed him and his lies. I should have known his return on investment was to good to be true and that his name dropping was way to thick.

When I confronted him about his lies and false promises, he made it very clear to me that he has many friends in high places including the mayor of Cornwall (Mr. Bob Kilger), past NHL hockey players, local business people and Police Officers that would make life very difficult for me in Cornwall if he chose to do so.

Clearly Mayor Kilger has identified himself as a “Friend” of Mr. Latour’s.    He is on the police board and his campaign manager Pat Finucan is its chair.

CFN confirmed today that the Cornwall Police Service was the sole force investigating the allegations against Mr. Latour, and that the investigation is focused solely on the two complaints involving the charges and not any possible other issues.

Surely an outside agency should be participating in this investigation, and outside crown and Justice’s be used?

The biggest question after talking with several city insiders is whether Mr. Latour himself knew about the investigation and was it a factor in his stepping down as President of Team Cornwall?

Mr. Latour and Mr. Gault did not respond to CFN calls before publication.

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  3. Just this very morning I was thinking about Willie Wise and his gang of crooks in Cornwall. Maybe Willie is singing away in his birdcage to the pigs breaking a deal with them to sing on the rest of Cornwall’s so called elite. Throw the bums out in October and better yet now. Why wait when you all know who they are. Don’t forget folks that the polluted arena known to me as the Taj Mahal and Tax Mahal may have to be sold to give back money to those that Willie and the gang of thieves – his co-conspirators stole from the people. There is a great deal more to all of this than what people are aware of. Hold on to your shorts and your seats because a great deal more is going to come out of all of this mess.

  4. I remember doing a magic show for Busitech many years ago. I was just getting started. A young 15 year old doing a few magic tricks for a luncheon/meeting they were having. I was curious what Quality Windows was ( which was the software Busytech developed) and Peter was rude and said “it’s what’s paying you” and left it at that. Ever since that time, I never liked that man. A real pompous ass. I wish I could remember the man’s name who paid me that afternoon, he was really nice and gave me $60 instead of the $40 I had asked. I’m sure he isn’t part of the club anymore, since well.. he actually had a heart.


    Comment policy reminder

    CFN suggests you post comments using your real name. If you wish to post with a pseudonym you can register that user id by emailing with your name, address, phone number and user id you wish to register.

  6. @ Jules. I always keep a firm grip on my shorts. One never knows when or where the undie bandit will shrike next!

  7. LOL LOL. ROLF! Furtz how very true indeed. There are enough thieves and liars around that you never know if they will steal your shorts next. LOL LOL. ROLF! Some people are mighty desperate nowadays.

  8. I am unimpressed by people who tag onto politicians or try to associate themselves with anyone who has any degree of notoriety from previous success. Gilles Latour fits this description to a tee. He seems to be Cornwall’s biggest cling-on. I don’t know much about these allegations and if he is innocent I hope the charges are dropped. If not, I hope the punishment fits the crime.

  9. Author

    Fred I think Mr. Latour is more than a hanger on. He was the mayor Kilger’s bagman in the last election. He even chastised our election poll and told me the exact winners list in order two nights before the election.

    The fact that an outside agency hasn’t been brought in to the investigation and that the scope of it hasn’t gone outside of the two complaints he was charged for doesn’t make sense.

  10. By whose authority could an outside investigation be ordered? It might be in the best interests of the city, as well, no? And/or couldn’t investors who were defrauded demand such an investigation through their lawyers?

  11. thebeezneez….I’m not sure who could order an investigation. But I think the licensing bodies that he belongs to may eventually be looking into this for any unethical activities that possibly took place.

  12. Books can be tampered with and the one who said that they went through Holy Gilles Latour’s books – gee that was a mighty fast job. This may take a government auditor and not one from Cornwall. Don’t even have Barney Fife PD involved either – this has to have outside cops come in because from all what I know you cannot trust what is going on locally. What is local is a laugh. You need cops from Toronto or somewhere like that – this is a mighty serious matter. We also don’t know how many might be involved in this besides Holy Gilles Latour. When Willie Wise did his major scam (a Berney Madoff who made off with the loot)others were involved in setting all this up along with him. I would never hire anybody at all for financial service and I sure learned a lot looking at what happened in Cornwall and it put Cornwall on the map. Now not just Willie Wise and pedophilia, etc. but now Holy Gilles Latour and whatever scam you call about Cornwall something? The whole thing is one big joke.

  13. It wasn’t Gilles Latour’s books that were audited, it was Team Cornwall’s books. Seems kind of quick. Unless they were tipped off before Gilles was charged.

  14. Hugger whoever’s books were audited there is a great deal that is mighty fishy and I don’t buy it at all. Latour was head of Team Cornwall so whatever books they were someone is trying to hide something. This is a job for government auditors to go through.

  15. Don’t you think if money was missing from Team Cornwall’s books they want it back and reported?

    And if their books were out of whack they’d want to know the truth and whole story?

    I think they were tipped off to the investigation and had their books audited outside.

  16. Hugger something is mighty fishy going on in Cornwall and it could be true that they knew (Team Cornwall) about what was going on with Holy Cow Latour before the public knew about it. Somebody is trying to hide something somewhere. You never know that whoever is in Charge of this organization just now might be a part of it for all we know. So many things are hidden in Cornwall and swept under the carpet and the Barney Fife PD doesn’t do its job. Just read about Ferguson Missouri and you get the picture that cops get away with it all and even in Toronto and elsewhere. There is no justice only JUST US.

  17. This is absolutely ridiculous this man has not been convicted but charged because of 2 comments!? How is it that the cops are allowed to release such personal information on charges NOT convictions and ruin people’s lives. Our legal system is completely corrupt and I cannot believe how many citizens waste their energy and time judging others when they should be focusing on themselves !!!!!!

  18. @Jessica…Our legal system has its challenges, no doubt.Our system has become much too lenient and tolerant and does little to address repeat behaviour. However the police and crown attorneys endeavor to bring criminals to justice. In the courts is where things generally fall apart.

    The investigation Jessica was a 5 month long process. The time taken to build the case is representative of the desire to see justice and therefore society served. The charges are supported by a body of evidence. Gilles Latour’s guilt or innocence will be determined in a court of law by generally lenient judges and clever lawyers.

    If Gilles Latour’s lawyer(s) are clever enough they will argue and justify his actions and refute the validity of the charges against him on whatever grounds they can dream up.

    I cannot say with conviction that I have faith that our court system supports the police and attorneys that endeavor to hold up their end by attempting to bring potential (innocent until proven guilty)criminals to justice.

    We will all have to watch and see and let the process play out.

  19. Jessica…yes Gilles Latour has just been charged, not convicted. But nowadays information on people charged is released to the media / public. None of Gilles Latours personal info was released to the media or public.

  20. Jessica our entire legal system is completely and utterly corrupt and I said it before that I do not like or respect what they call law in this country. People all have to be wise about how they invest and WITH WHOM YOU INVEST and DO NOT TRUST ANYBODY AND YOUR POCKET IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. What happened in Cyprus can happen here in Canada and there are papers signed that if the banks were to fail and they will that the money that you put into your savings, as well as any RRSP’s or anything of that sort can be confiscated. During the 1930’s Great Depression gold coins were confiscated and when you go to purchase gold coins you are registered that you have purchased that and the government can seize that as well from you. If you think that you are doing a great favor in investments you are the one who is taking a huge risk at having everything taken away from you whether by a mighty crooked investor or by the government so take your pick. I would not trust Holy Gilles Latour under any circumstance and anybody who is the clique and part of Bare Ass and Willie (the wise owl) Wise is insane.

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