CFN & SSN Issue ALS Ad Challenge to TC Media (SEAWAY NEWS) & Sun Media (Standard Freeholder) Aug 26, 2014

jg2CORNWALL Ontario –  I hate fake.  I hate fake flowers. I hate fake stuff.  Mostly I really am not a fan of fake people and fake spin; especially when it’s petty.

Yesterday some very silly persons appearing to lack personal integrity tried to showboat with an ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

It was petty and frankly embarrassing for our city.  After all if you don’t pony the dosh then all you are after pouring ice on your head is all wet.

So I phoned up ALS in Toronto and made a donation of a Sky Scraper banner for one full year on CFN and SSN.    Rate card value $13,200.

The Ice Bucket challenge has been an amazingly successful fund raising device for ALS.  Kudos to them; but people sometimes have to put their money where their mouths are so I am challenging those very special people from TC Media & Sun Media to match my donation.

Save the Ice for those who are lacking water right now; like in drought stricken California.  Or have fun with it and help get the word out.  Whatever works.

So Hugo Rodrigues and Todd Lihou ask your corporate honchos at head office if they will kick in some free love for ALS Canada and match our 300×700 banner for ONE FULL YEAR.   We also will have a special ad deal for local business that want to promote themselves, and donate to the cause at the same time, but that’s for another space.

Based our our traffic that should equal approximately 4.8 Million impressions btw.



  1. Jamie, how about a piece on how much of the ALS money is designated to research? I heard a figure of 7.1%. If that’s true, it’s a shame. This ice bucket thing is more about showboating, you’re correct. It’s all part of the “selfie” and shameless self promotion Kardashian Krap that passes for normal these days. That being said, I thought Patrick Stewart’s (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) take on the challenge was top rate. Someone at least knows what ice is for haha.

  2. Like all moneys donated to all causes the vast majority of the money goes to administration. The little left over goes to research and that is mighty ashamed but it is the truth. This is to keep people employed in the system. If you think that they cannot find a cure for cancers and other diseases you are mistaken. Yes everyone is different and that is mighty true but they do know how to cure a lot of things but it is for the very rich elite and not for the rest of us “slaves – the herd” and that is exactly what they think of us.

  3. Thank you CFN for stepping up and donating and challenging other media to do the same.

    Cancer treatment and research is a billion dollar problem/industry many times over. Check the global tracking of the incidence of cancer and you will see how it increases as you move away from the equator (but that is another story). The number of people directly or indirectly employed related to cancer research and treatment is staggering to say the least. A substantial number of economists share the opinion that an across the board solution to cancer would result in the collapse of many economies and have a global impact far more serious than the hiccup in 2008.

    When donating to any charity the advice given to me (at age 12) was to first ask what percentage went to covering administrative costs and second were those that canvassed for money paid. Since my threshold has been no more than 50% I have elected to find ways to put my charitable giving directly into the hands of the individuals who require assistance (a hand up, not a hand out). This has been a rewarding and purposeful experience and I would recommend it to anyone. 100% of the money goes directly to address the need, not the usual 10 to 35 percent which seems to be the norm.

  4. Author

    Some great points David. Btw, it’s been over 24 hours with neither Hugo Rodrigues or Todd Lihou accepting the challenge. I guess they really did just try to glam off of the Charity.

  5. It might then be fair to say that the point of the exercise was to focus attention on themselves not the charity and certainly not another media source such as CFN

  6. Author

    That was the point of my first story about this. It is petty and shameful for them to have done that and definitely not community building.

  7. It would be interesting to know if they raised any money at all. Along with these challenges, there should be one of those big cardboard cheques.

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