CCPS MISSING YOUTH ALERT click for details – Aug 27, 2014

CPS missing aug 27MISSING YOUTH


            Cornwall, ON- The Cornwall Community Police Service is looking to locate PIERRE-PAUL LAROCQUE, age 15. The youth resides in the City of Cornwall and was last seen on August 26th, 2014 in Hawksbury, ON.



Caucasian male, 5’8”, 158lbs, brown short hair, blue eyes, he was last seen wearing blue jeans, a stripped T-shirt. It is believed he may be on a bicycle.



If you locate PIERRE-PAUL LAROCQUE, please contact the Cornwall Community Police Service as soon as possible by dialing 613-933-5000 or the Ontario Provincial Police.

There is no foul play suspected by police at this time.



  1. Thank you CFN for this up to date alert regarding this missing youth. Although I do not know him, I could only imagine the anguish his family and friends must feel at this time.

    It is of such importance to have the public made aware at times such as these about missing youth, for this young lad could be any son, brother or friend and hopefully he will return safely to those who do care about him.

    Again, CFN responds swiftly to matters that are important in our community.

  2. Author

    Kudos also to the Cornwall Community Police Service that has always recognized CFN and almost always have been 100% cooperative in helping us help the community and itself.

  3. There is so much of this missing youth nowadays. I hope that they find him soon.

  4. Admin,

    Yes kudos indeed to the Cornwall Community Police Service for recognizing CFN and for the work they do in our community.

    Having experienced first hand those services when our family suffered a crisis/death of a family member in another Province, it was members of the CCPS who were the first at our home to notify us, followed by other excellent support services.

    As a family we will never forget the time given, the kindness, sincere concern and even follow up after the tragedy. In no way were we left to cope with the shocking news alone. The CCPS never left our side for hours.

    Only when we have received such kindness and support in times of tragedy or a missing person are we fully aware of what it means to have such goodness in our community.

    To this day we remain forever grateful for the work done by the CCPS.

  5. Admin,

    I am pleased that you did mention our Cornwall Community Police Service, it was two years to the day and almost hour that we received such excellent care from their department and extended services regarding the passing of our family member.

    Those who read this from our CCPS can find the date/time recorded on their records if they wish.

    Goodness is never forgotten.

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