10 Run for Council in South Stormont – All Candidates Video Debate for October 7, 2014

south stormont EDCFN – And it’s official!   In South Stormont there are 10 people competing for 3 council seats with only incumbent Richard Waldroff running again.

Running for Council are:

Chris Cameron

Reginald Coffey

Rick Currier

Earle Depass

Donna Primeau

Mark Pendergast

Mike Proulx

David Smith

Jason Swerdfeger

Richard Waldroff

Cindy Woods and Ray Beauregard will try to unseat current Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart, and former mayor Jim Bancroft will try and topple two term incumbent Bryan McGillis for top seat on South Stormont’s council.

The South Stormont News will be organizing an All Candidates Video Debate for Tuesday October 7th with date to be announced shortly in The South Stormont News.

Elections are on October 27, 2014.


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  1. South Stormont has some potential for future development. Their recently designated industrial area located between the CN Rail line and Hwy 401, to the east of Moulinette Road, has a major power transmission line passing through it. If Hydro One charges industries that locate in that industrial on their close proximity to the power dam, then such industries will pay very competitive rates. Otherwise industries that locate at Long Sault and pay the same power rates as industries in Brockville or Ottawa, then South Stormont industries will be cross-subsidizing power industrial/commercial rates in Brockville and Ottawa.

    Some attractive agricultural land is located west of Moulinette Road, between Hwy 401 and the CN Rail line. Some basic seismic testing could pinpoint the location of a deep underground gravel pit that could be saturated with water and used for seasonal thermal energy storage that in turn, could provide low-cost interior heating for a commercial hothouse or greenhouse during winter. With Cornwall having the potential to attract a food distribution centre, a hothouse or greenhouse in South Stormont may be worthy of consideration.

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