South Glengarry Council Candidate Colin Munro Joins Facebook Hate Group – Sept. 15, 2014

Colin Munro FACEBOOK boycott SSN hate group Sept 15 2014CFN – Social media and politics are a strange mix; sort of like Tequila and Gold cards.    In today’s age though sometimes what you type can show a lot more than a prudent young politician might want to be displaying.

Young Colin Munro of South Glengarry has kicked off his run for council by joining a facebook hate group yonder over in South Stormont.

Asked if he was aware via facebook chat he typed:

Colin Munro FACEBOOK boycott SSN hate group Sept 15 2014 1

Mr. Munro then took a shot at me over my police charges which phone records in a production order from Bell Telephone have shown I never made.

Colin Munro FACEBOOK boycott SSN hate group Sept 15 2014 2

Colin refused to confirm if he had ever actually read The South Stormont News which he is apparently now boycotting.

Mr. Munro came up to me at the Provincial All Candidates debate and introduced himself in a kinda of threatening manner as well.

Mr. Munro also attacked me on twitter before being blocked.

This sadly happens a lot in Eastern Ontario.   The ugliness and ignorance of certain folks gets bred down and with it comes attitudes like Mr. Munro’s.    It’s kind of scary.

What do you think CFN viewers and those of you in South Glengarry?    Do you think someone with these attitudes should be elected to public office to serve?  You can post your comments below.

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  2. You have nothing better to do eh? Hahahah you’re so pathetic it’s actually funny. Keep going your making him famous

  3. i think you need to lose a little weight that river kings jersey barely even fits your fat miserable ass

  4. Author

    And that ends the experiment of showing how Mr. Munro and his followers behave as both of these charming comments have the same ISP number.

  5. Two thoughts. First, I can’t believe you’re wasting your time on this Jamie and second, I can’t believe this kid will win a seat on anything but the bus. Quit drawing attention to the “hate club” it’s not worth it.

  6. Author

    Greg in many ways you’re 100 correct; but I think we have to expose racism, bullies, and others that harm our society and mean harm for others so that people can see them for who they are; especially as the media biz seems to be failing in so many other ways….

  7. Jamie all these hate groups belong together and they are far apart from the rest of us. I learned since childhood that you cannot make people like you. Some people will like you and sometimes they pretend to like you and run you down behind your back and sometimes in front of you. The best is to ignore them all because you know yourself and you know what they are. Gradually they talk about one another and fight with each other like little kids. It is a complete waste of time and I hate Facebook and all that other stuff – it makes absolutely no sense at all and a complete waste of time and energy.

  8. Author

    Jules when Colin did his nasty on twitter I simply blocked him. As you can see my his manner in the video there’s something funky in Denmark going on there, and now he’s simply upping his hate by participating in a boycott group as a candidate. Around here that might get him the most votes in his election 🙂

  9. I think if you really wanted to hurt this guy, you should have written a piece about how awesome he is.

  10. Jamie the kinds of people who speak bad about you on the net or in person are looking for attention from others. If these people did not get any attention then they would not do these things. They remind me of the child in class who does everything for attention in their jokes, etc. and the teacher having to put them out of class for their disruptive behavior. If people did not give them the attention then they would just go away. I was on Facebook for not more than a month or so and thought it was about our hobbies and found out different and off I came for good. People do not realize that they are being spied on to find out things by the authorities. What a stupid bunch. It is best to ignore them because they are ignorant.

  11. I cannot thank you enough for the free advertising. This beats any ad purchase, any day! And I also appreciate you indirectly suggesting I’m a racist in your comment; I believe it was you that made reference to burning crosses though? In the Facebook conversation that you started with me, in an almost confrontational way? Oh, and that cross burning reference made by yourself was also conveniently left out of your “story”. For the record, I have read the South Stormont News and stand by every comment in our conversation. Have a great afternoon!

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