Todd Lihou TC Media Editor in Cornwall Playing Dirty Tricks at Election Time in Cornwall Ontario

lihouCORNWALL Ontario – That wacky Todd Lihou, pictured left, must’ve missed a few classes at J school or simply is ignoring certain principles of traditional journalism?

CFN is a Gonzo journal so we do have more latitude, but we adhere to certain basic principles; like telling the truth to the best of our knowledge and of course being clear and upfront with the public.

Mr. Lihou has now a few times written news pieces our election and termed my candidacy as a “long shot”.

Now in an opinion piece that’s fair dinkum.   But in a news piece it’s a less than subtle ploy that plants that slag in viewers minds.

That’s not journalism.

Mr. Lihou has already established a personal bias against myself and CFN and clearly is being totally unprofessional in his news coverage.  (Mr. Lihou has been a member of three facebook hate groups directed at CFN/SSN and myself)

Emails to TC media execs were not answered as of press time; but we will update as more information becomes available.

Elections are the exercise of a democratic society.  Media have a responsibility and role to play in any election, but if the public is not informed or actually lied to; and omission of the truth is considered lying; how do they practice their democratic rights?

We owe it to our community to have as clean an election as possible; especially for those from outside our city considering moving here or bringing their business or investments to Cornwall.

Behaviour like Mr. Lihou’s does not belong in any professional traditional media outlet.



  1. But your very own online poll showed you dead last by a fairly significant margin.

    O’Shaughnessy 52%
    Kilger 30%
    Gilcig 18%

    So I don’t see where saying you’re the longshot is misleading.

  2. Marc Houde Jamie may be on the last in polls for mayor but at least if Jamie can get his foot in the door to be known to the public then the next term or the term after he can have success. I am counting on Leslie O’Shaughnessey for mayor because he knows the ropes and how to defeat Bare Ass. Experience in council is a big step to go on to be mayor and Leslie is a good and honest person and I hope that the man gets in. People in Cornwall (a small town mentality) has to get to know Jamie before they can get to trust and know him. We all know Jamie but many do not and Jamie is getting a dirty end of the stick because of the hate groups. Jamie is a much better journalist than the rest and they hate people who come from somewhere else and set up a business that surpasses their own.

  3. Author

    Jules this will be my one and only run for office in Cornwall. You can take that to the bank!

  4. J Jamie being a nuisance candidate is simply cluttering up the field, and lessening Leslie’s chances of of being elected mayor. Withdraw now for Cornwall’s sake!

  5. Author

    Mr. Flaherty putting aside your insult about being a nuisance candidate; if the people of Cornwall have had enough of the Kilger cliques then they will make change no matter who is running. If you want change make it happen.

  6. is it a nuisance to know the truth? is transparency a nuisance? when councilors conspire towards the downfall of another with such zest and fervor, i consider it a waste of valuable time and effort and the exact description of the word nuisance. have they nothing else of greater importance to execute?

  7. Like Mr. Lihou said. You are a long shot. Nobody is taking you seriously.

  8. Poll or no poll, Kilger is toast… bye, bye, to Bob the Knob.

    Bob is a relic of old school voters that relied on the Standard-Freeholder and CJSS for news, and the Arch-Bishop and K of C for a orders.

    Now, thanks to a couple of long suffering journalists, Cornwall voters have had their blinders removed, and they see the systemic corruption.

    These two journalists may not have a lot else in common, but they share at least one thing …the notion that it is the right to know what government tries to do behind our back …and that it is the duty of the press to expose those dirty deeds.

    Jamie Gilcig, of Cornwall Free News, and Greg Kielec formerly of the Cornwall Journal de Cornwall have given the — quick to please and ready to appease — Standard Freeholder, a kick in the butt… it’s only now awakening to how irrelevant it has become.

    And the S-F will have lost not only relevance, but every ounce of credibility it ever had if it continues its tradition of support for our mealy mouth mayor and his phart catching crew.

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