Alleged Fraudster Gilles Latour First Court Date Today in Cornwall Ontario – Sept 30, 2014

latour fbCORNWALL Ontario – Former Team Cornwall President and Kilger bagman Gilles Latour of Latour Wealth Management is scheduled to have a court appearance in relation to his arrest on charges resulting after a five month investigation.

It’s expected that he will enter an innocent plea.

There also have been allegations and potential claims against Mr. Latour for non payment of services.

Mr. Latour has not responded to CFN’s request for an interview or to answer some of the public’s questions.

If you have info regarding this case you can contact us at or via our hotline at 855 444 1133.

After being charged Mayor Kilger responded to area media:

 Gilles Latour is a long-time personal friend and my thoughts are with him and his family at this time.”

Mr. Latour & Mayor Kilger are refusing to answer to Mr. Latour’s payment for advertising for the 2010 Kilger campaign via his own cheque instead of a campaign cheque.  His donation on Mayor Kilger’s expenses is less than half of the invoice.


Following a 5 month investigation by the Fraud Unit of the Cornwall Criminal Investigation Division, 47-year- old Gilles Latour of Latour Financial Group inc. has been arrested on charges of fraud over $5000.00, theft by conversion, false pretences and breach of trust.  It is alleged that between May, 2012 and December, 2013 Latour defrauded two individuals and police were contacted to investigate. On August 19th, 2014 police attended his place of work, executed a warrant and took him into custody. Latour was charged accordingly and later released to appear in court on September 30th, 2014. The Cornwall Community Police Service is asking the public to contact D/Cst. Tom MacKay at 933-5000 ext.2789 if they have any information about these crimes.

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  2. Kilger’s outpouring of sympathy for Gilles and his family spoke loudly about his concerns for the possible victims of the crimes that Gilles has been charged with (after a 5 month long investigation).

    This very action and allegiance displays to me the very reason for Kilger’s apparent concern (lack of)for the taxpayer of Cornwall. It speaks volumes about his treatment of whistleblowers and councilors that do not tow the line. Not to forget certain media!

    Another great image portrayal of Cornwall where the sheep get thrown to the wolves.

  3. Mr. Oldham you said it best. If that were anyone of us little people we would be thrown in prison for many long years and the key thrown away and buried somewhere. Bare Ass has to go and be thrown on the heap of garbage at the dump along with his mobsters. If Bare Ass is ever elected again then Cornwall is literally finished for life.

  4. Wealth management? The only wealth that he manages is his own. Another Berney Madoff who made off with the loot. Oh they sure do all plead innocent don’t they. Hands caught in the cookie jar and they scream for help. Oh yes the entire corrupted bunch stands up for them alright.

  5. There is still many of Kilker’s lackies on this list of Alderman want to be.

  6. I use the name Bare Ass since it suits him to a T. Watch the rat run and cannot face up to all the corruption that he has caused. See how they run, see how they run.

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