Holy Gilles Latour! Over $200K in Fraud & Collection Allegations for Wealth Management Team Cornwall Former Prez by Jamie Gilcig

jim brownell june 23 2011
Former Liberal MPP for the riding Jim Brownell

CORNWALL Ontario – Former President of Team Cornwall Gilles Latour (Latour Wealth Management) made his first appearance at

Latour good friend Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger
Latour good friend Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger

the courthouse on his Fraud arrest.

CFN has learned that the count so far is over $200,000 in fraud allegations and counting according to the buzz around Cornwall.

Mr. Latour was Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger’s bag man for the last municipal election.

As well reports have come in of allegations of firms having to issue suit to Mr. Latour over non payment for services; with at least one party stating that they were taking him to court for an amount under $5,000.


When I started following up on his debt he told us he thought it was paid and he’d look into it.  Next correspondence he advised that he fired the staff member who was responsible for paying the bills because he found out SHE was stealing from HIM and it was a LOT of money (I had heard of stories like this, how awful!!).  He was going to have to take his books to his accountant to get it all sorted out.  Next followup … he was shocked it wasn’t paid, fired another staff member for not paying this (at this point I knew something was very wrong, nobody does that … in hindsight he was probably spinning out of control and forgot who he told what to).  

He advised us he had to find a new accountant as well … he would pay us once he got it all sorted out.  Knowing at this point something was “off”, I passed the file over to my husband expressing my concerns.  I wanted him to now followup with Gilles as he is the one who has the relationship with him.  After many “no return calls” my husband threatened legal action …

THEN we heard from him.  He said he was at the hospital with his mother because she had a breakdown over his brother’s death (I checked it out and the death was real).  Also he just found out his wife has cancer AND he’s still trying to sort out what happened with his books … but we’ll get paid!!  We sent our sympathies … waited a week and followed up again (seems cold but we no longer trusted him).  We advised him that while we sympathized with what he was going through both in his personal and business life, he still needed to take care of business, this was just too far gone with not a single payment.  We wanted him to give us his VISA number to get the debt paid while he “sorts things out on his end”.  

If it magically turned out we made a mistake and ended up owing him money (but we didn’t) we’d pay him back.  Delay, delay, delay, Aug 25 he emailed us that we was going through for a RE-FI and that his cell phone was m.i.a.  He just picked up a new phone with an older restore, he’s keep us posted.  We asked when the re-financing would be final and when could we expect payment?  No reply.  On or around September 1st my husband got a phone call from the police saying that they had arrested someone and found my husband’s phone number on his cell phone.

Police are still accepting information and Mr. Latour’s next court date is October 28th in Cornwall.

None of the allegations have been proven as fact as of yet.   Mr. Latour has refused comment to CFN.

If you wish to have information you can contact CFN via info@cornwallfreenews.com or call our hotline at 855 444 1133.

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