Dear Bob Kilger – I Challenge You to a Fair Debate – The Voters Deserve Answers by Jamie Gilcig

Dear Bob Kilger – I Challenge You to a Fair Debate – The Voters Deserve Answers by Jamie Gilcig

kilger aug 11 2014 angleCORNWALL Ontario –  Bob it’s time to stop hiding.

Like here

and here

and here where I served you with our lawsuit about you having me removed from council because you didn’t like my t shirt.

and here.

It’s time to stop turning your back. The people of Cornwall deserve a fair debate. They deserve to hear the issues.  Frankly I’m tired of hearing people complain about a lack of debates.  You sir are the liason from City Hall to the Chamber and the Chamber is forcing candidates to sign a document that neuters any real form of debate.

I’m not sure what it’s become, but it’s not a true debate any longer.

Do you want to see Bob Kilger & the Mayoralty Candidates in an open and fair debate ?

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Therefore sir I challenge you; either with Mr. Leslie O’Shaughnessy or just you and I, mano a mano, to a debate.    Frankly there are far too many issues not being covered; health care, infrastructure; youth retention; senior services and care; tourism; branding; sub standard housing; and a bleeding of our top earners moving outside of our great city to the counties to avoid paying the high taxes that you sir are inflicting on our city to pay for your scandals and cover ups.

It’s time for you to truly stand behind your record and debate it so that voters can make an honest decision on October 27th, 2014.

I will make myself available any day or evening after the 7th at any location in our great city with an agreed upon moderator.

It’s time to cut to the meat and have a debate Bob.

Are you  a man or a mouse? or 855 444 1133 night or day.

Again Bob, the people of Cornwall deserve a fair debate.     They deserve answers.   Will you or won’t you have one?

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Jamie I voted yes but this is something that I would have to see. I don’t think that Bare Ass knows how to debate fairly and you are the person that he loathes the most and maybe would prefer to die of a heart attack than to face you head on. Bare Ass knows down deep of the horrible things that he has done and still does but in his warped mind he thinks that he is in the right and that everyone else is wrong. Bare Ass is full of narcism and knows no other kind of life and… Read more »

Bob Regnier

Perhaps someone could share some info with me that I seemed to have missed along the line. 1st, let me make it clear that I will NOT be voting for Mr. Kilger or any of the councillors who voted for the pay increase. Having said that, could you provide me with the links or the info regarding some of the comments made by you and your readers re the cheating, lies, corruption and so on by members of this present council. I understand the abuse of whistle blowers but I would really like to know something about what else is… Read more »