Holy Gilles Latour! Resigns From the Board of the Max Keeping Foundation Over Fraud Arrest

Holy Gilles Latour!   Resigns From the Board of the Max Keeping Foundation Over Fraud Arrest

kilger & Latour ACORNWALL Ontario – Gilles Latour is having a rough time.   The former chair of Team Cornwall recently  was asked to  “resigned”  from the Max Keeping foundation.   Mr. Latour was an integral part of the creation of the Cornwall chapter (whatever that is) of the foundation.

CFN contacted the MKF and received the following answers to some questions from Keelan Green.

Hi Max Keeping Foundation,


We are doing a story on your former board member Gilles Latour of Latour Wealth Management.


Can you please answer a few questions?


1) From what dates was Mr. Latour on your Board of Directors?

   – July 2012 to September 2014


2)  Did Mr. Latour’s $20K donation ever actually get deposited to the MKF?

     – Our Treasurer is out of town on business today and does not have access to his files while travelling, so I am not able to respond to this question today.


3)  Did Mr. Latour have access or control over any of the Cornwall chapters monies?

     – No


4)  On what date did Mr. Latour leave your board?

   – September 17, 2014


5)  Why did Mr. Latour leave your board?

    – Resigned in order to focus on addressing his legal issues.


6) Has there been any internal or external investigation regarding Mr. Latour’s role or activities with the MKF?

    – No

Mr. Latour has not been convicted of the fraud charges of over $200,000 and it is believed his investigation is ongoing.   Mr. Latour also is alleged to be threatening a supplier he owes monies too that was in the process of taking him to small claims court.  Imagine; someone stiffing you on their bill and then trying to give you grief over it?

It is not clear if the funds donated for the Cornwall chapter have been fully used on the kids.  The foundation does things like help kids get hockey equipment.  Mr. Latour pledged $20K when the local chapter opened.

Christine Lefebvre, Division Manager Department of Planning, Parks & Recreation,  responded to a query about the local chapter as per the city of Cornwall’s website.

..with respect to your enquiry about the Max Keeping Foundation, the City of Cornwall is not directly involved in the handling or awarding of applications for assistance. Interested families can apply directly through the MaxKeeping Foundation website (www.maxkeepingfoundation.org), and if they do receive funding, the payment is dealt with directly between the family and the sports association involved.

If and when we receive an enquiry about the Max Keeping Foundation, we instruct families to apply directly through the website.

The information on our website was published when the Foundation first established a presence in the Cornwall area and logistics of the program were still being worked out. The information has not been updated in some time and we have taken steps to correct this oversight.

If you have any additional questions on how the Max Keeping Foundation operates, it would be best to contact them directly at (613) 221-9991.


Mr. Latour did not respond to CFN for comment as of press time, nor answer questions about his role as bag man for the 2010 Kilger campaign for mayor.

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