Cornwall Ontario Glen Grant Allegedly Shoves Council Candidate Roland Besner at Seniors Campaign Event – Oct 8, 2014

Cornwall Ontario Glen Grant Allegedly Shoves Council Candidate Roland Besner at Seniors Campaign Event – Oct 8, 2014
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Grant at WFC meeting.

CORNWALL Ontario – Councilor Glen Grant, running for re-election lost it at event speaking to seniors after the huge pay increases for council and the mayor.  Those raises were supported by Councilor Grant.

Council candidate Greg Kielec who actually covered some of the scandals while working as a journalist at Le Journal de Cornwall;

So I was accused by Councillor Glen Glen Grant of not knowing what I was talking about last night when bringing up the large number of costly scandals during the past term of council….He is either got to own it or disown it. There is no having it both ways. If he and other councillors want to campaign on their record of the past four years than that record should be fair game.

I think this culture of secrecy, denial and intimidation from city council must be brought to its inglorious end on Oct. 27.

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At one point Councilor Grant physically shoved candidate Roland Besner.  Mr. Besner said he didn’t plan on filing a complaint with Cornwall Police at this time as he’s still shocked by Mr. Grant’s actions and was shocked to see Grant’s anger up close.

Grant also demanded that candidate Mark A MacDonald stop photographing the event.

On facebook candidate Keilec also posted:

I was there. It was ugly. People are starting to attack the old guard’s sense of entitlement and they are becoming seriously unglued. One incumbent coCouncillorlearly exhibited anger management problems last night and owes people an apology. Silence of other incumbents is deafening in the face of this unwarranted aggression.

I spoke with Mr. Besner this morning and he shared that Grant became angry over other candidates talking about the raise for council and other issues.

He pushed me and I could see the anger in his eyes.   I told him to try that again, but he backed down.

Mark A MacDonald to CFN;

“You can see that Glen was clearly frustrated that one of the members of the audience asked him, Harold Lalonde, a Grand Knight of Columbus  said to him “I got a raise of 1.9% on my pension and with the cost of everything going up so much how can they justify such a raise?”

Mr. Grant was said to have complained the long hours he worked as  justification for council’s raise.


Mayoralty candidate Leslie O’Shaughnessy was said to have stated that it’s too bad that there’s not an election every year.


Councilor Denis Carr stated that he was not going to run; but when his wife found out about the size of the raise she had him put his name in again.


Councilor Grant has not responded to a request for comment as of Press time.

The incident ocurred after the meeting adjourned.

Mayor Kilger, mayoralty candidate Jamie Gilcig, and Council candidates Brock Frost, Alyssa Blais, Davey Bedard, adn Mary Ann Hug were not in atattendancet 540 Adolphus, one of the city’s senior residences.

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