Cornwall Ontario Glen Grant Allegedly Shoves Council Candidate Roland Besner at Seniors Campaign Event – Oct 8, 2014

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Grant at WFC meeting.

CORNWALL Ontario – Councilor Glen Grant, running for re-election lost it at event speaking to seniors after the huge pay increases for council and the mayor.  Those raises were supported by Councilor Grant.

Council candidate Greg Kielec who actually covered some of the scandals while working as a journalist at Le Journal de Cornwall;

So I was accused by Councillor Glen Glen Grant of not knowing what I was talking about last night when bringing up the large number of costly scandals during the past term of council….He is either got to own it or disown it. There is no having it both ways. If he and other councillors want to campaign on their record of the past four years than that record should be fair game.

I think this culture of secrecy, denial and intimidation from city council must be brought to its inglorious end on Oct. 27.

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At one point Councilor Grant physically shoved candidate Roland Besner.  Mr. Besner said he didn’t plan on filing a complaint with Cornwall Police at this time as he’s still shocked by Mr. Grant’s actions and was shocked to see Grant’s anger up close.

Grant also demanded that candidate Mark A MacDonald stop photographing the event.

On facebook candidate Keilec also posted:

I was there. It was ugly. People are starting to attack the old guard’s sense of entitlement and they are becoming seriously unglued. One incumbent coCouncillorlearly exhibited anger management problems last night and owes people an apology. Silence of other incumbents is deafening in the face of this unwarranted aggression.

I spoke with Mr. Besner this morning and he shared that Grant became angry over other candidates talking about the raise for council and other issues.

He pushed me and I could see the anger in his eyes.   I told him to try that again, but he backed down.

Mark A MacDonald to CFN;

“You can see that Glen was clearly frustrated that one of the members of the audience asked him, Harold Lalonde, a Grand Knight of Columbus  said to him “I got a raise of 1.9% on my pension and with the cost of everything going up so much how can they justify such a raise?”

Mr. Grant was said to have complained the long hours he worked as  justification for council’s raise.


Mayoralty candidate Leslie O’Shaughnessy was said to have stated that it’s too bad that there’s not an election every year.


Councilor Denis Carr stated that he was not going to run; but when his wife found out about the size of the raise she had him put his name in again.


Councilor Grant has not responded to a request for comment as of Press time.

The incident ocurred after the meeting adjourned.

Mayor Kilger, mayoralty candidate Jamie Gilcig, and Council candidates Brock Frost, Alyssa Blais, Davey Bedard, adn Mary Ann Hug were not in atattendancet 540 Adolphus, one of the city’s senior residences.

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  1. Glen Grant justifies the huge raise by saying they deserve it due to the number of hours they put in. Sorry Glen, that isn’t justification for the raise. Greed is the excuse.

    And Denis Carr throws his wife under the bus to justify thbe raise. Classy, Denis, classy.

  2. A mighty greedy bunch of pigs slopping at the community hog wash tray. Glen Grant you better resign and Mr. Besner you don’t leave that alone – you go against Glen Grant for what he did and I don’t give a rat’s ass about your reason. If Glen does this to you he will do it to others and if he has anger which I have seen in his face all throughout looking at that council table, etc. I could see it in his face. If one cannot control their emotions then they shouldn’t be there because you have to deal with the public every day and have a nice way or else don’t run for office. Denis Carr is the other twit and I wouldn’t vote for either one of them. None are any good except for André Rivette, Gerry Samson and Maurice Duppelle and I don’t know about the new people running but I do know about a few like that Alyssa Blais and others who sniff up Bare Ass’s behind. No tanks I wouldn’t vote for such a bunch. I vote for who has absolutely no sniffing up around Bare Ass and company.

  3. @ Denis Carr! So your wife pushed you into running Denis guess that proves it’s all about the MONEY eh!

  4. Editor,
    Well well, Glen Grant’s true character came boiling over, at a seniors residence yesterday ! Judging by his recent behaviour, it would appear that he has issues with anger management ? If, I were Mr. BESNER, the Police would of been called immediately & layed Mr. Grant with an assault charge. YOU don’t allow bullies this type of liberties in a civilized environment. This is not “DODGE CITY” ? lol. He (Grant) by his actions, should resign forthwith !

  5. The SF had a story from city hall and it sure seemed to imply that glen grant was acting like he ran city hall telling gerry samson an issue was settled or in other words “stop talking gerry I am the boss of you”

  6. Jules, Jules, Jules…..we agree again. Will wonders ever cease?

  7. Hugger I am a tough cookie and I don’t take any abuse from anybody. I am not afraid of anyone and I stand up for my rights. I do not believe in taking advantage of other people and when good things were done for me I repaid people back in a good way. When people did the wrongs to me I paid them back with their own medicine. I had to toughen since life was hard on me as a child. I learned to defend myself many times. I never like Glen Grant at all and never could stomach him one iota. I only like the three on council that I named. I like Mr. Samler as well and I never say or do the opposite. When I say something I mean it.

  8. The time is coming for clique councilors to be shown the door. I’m just hoping that they don’t get “severance pay” like other defeated candidates or councilors who decide not to run for re-election

  9. Melman…I saw that article. It seemed as you say he was trying to tell Gerry Samson to zip it and that he (Grant) was the boss. The time is coming.

  10. Hey Hugger,

    Just wanted to remind you & the voters in the City, of the new group that was formed about 3 years ago, after the pay-outs, scandals, resignations, closed meetings etc, etc., almost became an everyday occurrence or business as usual ! This new action group is called “THE BIG FLUSH” ! Our group advocates the “FLUSHING” of all the present Council & voting in all new people. VOTE whom you wish, just none of the existing gang ! We CANNOT do any worse folks ? I hionestly feel bad for Dupelle & Rivette, as I believe they really care ! Maybe, I’ll break one of our groups rules ? lol So, when you think of a movement (bathroom humour) think about the “BIG FLUSH MOVEMENT” when you vote, we cannot tolerate another 4 years……

  11. Eline MacDonald, recently said “our last council has been a very productive one because of cooperation. I feel it’s achieved an incredible amount under the capable leadership of Mayor Bob Kilger – let’s keep the momentum going.” Is she freakin’ serious?? Cooperation? Yeap, okay. The current Cornwall city council has to be one of the most dysfunctional ones ever.

  12. Clyde Barrows….there are a few on the current council I will be voting for, three I think. I’ve identified 7 I’d like to see on the next council. So, I’ll be voting for 7 people, not 10. And please do NOT try to tell me whom to vote for.

  13. CB I believe in and support the Big Flush Movement, I even have a pic of one of our caring candidates holding up a big flush sign outside city hall to support the whistle blowers which I gladly look at quite often. Enough is enough it’s time for change. The bullying, scandals and corruption has to stop. We all need to see this happen after Oct 27th Isn’t it time to take back our city from the asshats sitting at council and work as a community to put a stop to the madness? We deserve better and as you say we can’t do any worse.

  14. Author

    Hugger you’re ahead of me. I can only count 3 or 4 from this list.

  15. Did any one see the Seaway News this evening (Thursday, October 9/14)? Miss Bernadette was feauteured as a spokesperson for the Children’s Aide Society. How can she represent a zero tollerance for child abuse when she sets such a poor example by fully supporting and putting up with our Mayor and most of the city’s counsellors? Mr. Grant’s behaviour is another example of how some members of the City think they are above the law! I support the Big Flush movement, I’ve said it all along, throw all the Bums Out!!

  16. Glen Grant portrays himself as disgruntled and unfit for the position of councilor. Why would anyone vote for this angry little man?

    Denis Carr indicates that his wife makes his decisions and that he is in for the money. Funny how the truth comes out.

    I just read Bernadette Clements plug for councilor in the Seaway News. Reads more like someone running for class president than municipal government. The most disturbing is her reference regarding good judgement which left me shaking my head over the decision made to plead not guilty in the Diane Shay fiasco. The only individual to show good judgement then was O’Shaughnessy who chose to distance himself from a pack of followers. Denial of reality doesn’t get my vote.

    As far as the rest of the the current council is concerned how can the electorate reward silence. Who other than Leslie O’Shaughnessy had the courage and commitment to risk saying it like it is rather than bury his head in the sand with the rest of the group?

    People that lack the backbone and the conviction to do what is necessary and right to protect the very individuals that they were intrusted to protect should be shown the door.

    Vote for progress, change and the future of Cornwall by not returning any of these voiceless poor decision makers that have proven only to have represented their own selfish agendas. Their continued silence on important issues only reinforces that they are not capable of representation. What are they afraid of?

    There were a couple of councilors that I thought were capable of making a difference. Sadly however they failed to step up to the plate when the opportunity presented itself.

  17. What would be so wrong as to demand that individuals wishing to represent the electorate live in our community? Or does it somehow make greater sense to have individuals from the surrounding area represent our best interests rather than those amongst us? If a candidate does not support our community by living here (full time) than why on earth would we support them?

  18. Author

    David Ideally those that are on our sunshine list would live in our city and contribute to the tax base that they are taking from. I don’t have a problem with supporting that. Can you enforce it? No; but you certainly can create positive conditions for people to make that choice. It’s pretty simple.

  19. The part that I was disappointed in André was that he didn’t walk out with Leslie O’Shaughnessey and that is the only thing that I didn’t like about André other than that the man works hard for Cornwall. Gerry Samson is not a good orator but he does care a great deal about Cornwall and sticks up for the little people. Maurice Dupelle works hard as well and he is a young man and puts himself into it. Among the new ones I would put in Mark A. MacDonald and maybe one or two more. I would not put 10 in for such a tiny town. I would not flush out the entire bunch and only keep André, Gerry and Maurice among the original bunch and the rest have to be dumped. Nothing surprises me of queen Bernadette whatsoever – she already proved what kind she is a long time ago.

  20. As I said in another thread’s comments offering a small tax credit would probably not make a difference to city employees. Some prefer to live in the city, some prefer to live where they have more land / space. It all depends where they find the home they want.

  21. David …So nice said….thank you for making those points……the big flush is what we need as a city….and Jules ….you never cease to amaze me ….cause you seem like such a just person …I would be honoured to have people as truthful and kind to be running in cornwall……You speak the truth about the whole situation and have so correctly identified the responsible culprits…..I feel ashamed that you had to leave to find peace in life…..Cornwall needs help …….it did in 1946…..never stoped growing its pedophiles and secrets……yet…..all of the people who worked to make cornwall have a future….like all our french families…..they were the majority they are the silent majority……Gee….thanks for the big monument…..jules …keep up the good advice …cause alot of people are reading you know….and all this is making what change even more in that town….

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