OSPCA Looking for Violent Teens After Attack on Turtle In Cornwall Ontario – Oct 17, 2014

CFN – The Ontario SPCA is seeking the public’s assistance in locating the individuals responsible for injuring a large turtle in Cornwall, Ontario. On October 10, 2014, at approximately 10 am, four young men between the ages of 16-18 were observed walking on Lennox Lane at the corner of Edgar Street in Cornwall, Ontario, near the public swimming pool carrying a box. Witnesses observed the men take a large turtle from the box and throw it over the chain link fence and on the concrete surrounding the swimming pool.


One of the young men then proceeded to climb the fence and threw the 20 pound turtle into the drained concrete swimming pool which only contained water in the deep end.


That afternoon, with the help of the City of Cornwall Municipal Works department, the turtle was taken to the Ontario SPCA Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Branch and was examined. It was found that the top part of the turtle’s shell is cracked from the head to the tail as well as the underside of the shell.


“The Ontario SPCA is urging anyone who may have information regarding who committed this act of animal cruelty to come forward and contact the Society,” said Steve Toy, Senior Inspector. “Please call 310-SPCA or email cruelty@ospca.on.ca if you have any information which could be useful to this case.”


The turtle is receiving veterinary care and has been moved to a wildlife rehabilitation center.


The Ontario SPCA reminds pet owners that if you have concerns for the welfare of your animal there are other alternatives than allowing an animal to go without adequate care. Contact your local Ontario SPCA, or affiliated society, to discuss available services.


  1. I’d like to spend about ten minutes, in a private setting, with whoever did this.

  2. Author

    If I caught someone hurting an animal not sure there’d be any need for another ten minutes for anyone. Straight to jail. You can’t fix broken.

  3. I don’t believe it…Cornwall is such a wonderful place to live, like another Eden…..our children wouldn’t do this cowardly thing to a poor defenceless turtle

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