Dave Windsor of Cornwall Ontario LTE CAG & CITY Spin Over Taxes – OCT 18, 2014

LTE UCity and Community Action Group Jargon Spin and Fumble

They all suckered by the ‘excuses’ of city vs. county dwelling due hyperbole of taxes.

CAG may well have used City Logo when they should not have, BUT, is the city using this argument as smoke and mirrors as frankly at this point in the election, frankly, it is immaterial, PERIOD.

THE ARGUMENTS ON BOTH SIDES of the equation speak little of what citizens on both sides (in and out of Cornwall) feel about the differences in services. We can all spin like spin doctors to the end of time on this one.

The fact is one uses property tax money as the ‘excuse’ for not living in Cornwall, while others nit pic about the pros and cons of services. These are NO WIN contentions. Too many variables and grey areas in these arguments and often stupid and meaningless purposes made of them to justify themselves.

In my view the first purpose on the whole is NOT about taxes (though some fool themselves into believing this) but in the long run it is about quality of life, life style and personal conveniences being with close friends and family to a relative few for peace of mind in the country.

The tax argument then is meaningless in comparison to personal comforts in personal locations. If someone wants to ,make it their argument, so be it but in the end we all pay the same due to transportation costs/gas/time/vehicular maintenance, etc.

Further to these points, it is what it is. YES we can bitch and complain within town; YES we can skin ourselves by slivering off pieces of admin./no save for futures, hold back on recreation costs, cut out the middleman where ever we can or even just say a \bob Ford ‘NO’ to everyone wanting a piece of the small pie because they feel an entitlement for their charity, their cause. YOU WELL KNOW THIS STORY. We could just blame all necessary professionals such as fire, police, paramedic etc. but those are seldom won.

Neither is a ‘pay up’ or leave town an answer either. Every election this ball is kicked out, spun around and kick up and down the sides of every candidate, new and old and all it satisfies is ego heads who want to score points for vote……not a damn thing more.
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  1. Excellent letter and points Dave. Important to get out and vote.

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