Kilger Caught Cheating, again – Labour Getting Hinky for Elaine MacDonald – Elections Getting Uglier than Todd Lihou’s Feet! – Oct 22, 2014

Kilger Caught Cheating, again – Labour Getting Hinky for Elaine MacDonald – Elections Getting Uglier than Todd Lihou’s Feet!  – Oct 22, 2014

lihou sandalsCORNWALL Ontario – Yes the municipal election in Cornwall is getting dirtier than Todd Lihou’s sandal clad stink feet.

The Freeholder’s Greg Peerenboom nailed Mayor Kilger for using city resources.

This would not be the first time that Mayor Kilger is using the excuse that he’s a near illiterate high school drop out that can’t use a computer because turning things on just isn’t that easy for our mayor.

kilger nods off

“I take full responsibility and it won’t happen again starting now,” Kilger said, after he verified his transgression with city clerk Helen Finn, the chief returning officer for the Oct. 27 municipal election. “Your right, I’m not supposed to use any municipal resources for the purpose of the campaign.”

Last election the mayor had Bob Peter’s of Economic Development work on his campaign during office hours.   Mr. Peter’s was brought back from having to work for Peter Gault’s computer company when the Mayor was elected to his first term as mayor.  He had been forced to resign under a cloud of smoke and rumors left the city employ under Paul Fitzpatrick with the cause alleged to be related to expenses billed to the city for an overseas trip.   The file containing those records mysteriously has disappeared from Cornwall archives; never mind the alleged infamous City Credit card slip.

The Mayor also still hasn’t explained how his advertising to this newspaper in the last election was paid for by Gilles Latour and not his campaign with Mr. Latour only showing half the amount as a campaign donation.  Both the Mayor & Mr. Latour have refused to comment.

It gets dirtier than that believe it or not.  Elaine MacDonald, who besides being one of our most corrupt and conflicted councilors is head of the Labour Council.   The Council conveniently not only endorsed her coven of witches mayor Kilger and her proteges Alyssa Blais & Carilyne Hebert, but fellow school teacher Heather Megill along with Andre Rivette, Syd yes I’ve been embalmed Gardiner, and new comer Guy St. Jean; but also essentially endorsed at least two candidates that hadn’t filled out their questionnaire and one that didn’t show up at their event.

Louise Lanctot when asked to publish the questionnaires stated that they are shredded after they are judged.

The Labour Council arranged for their slate to chat with the bright minds of our future at St. Lawrence College.

Can you say Gerry rigging an election?

STC STudent Letter Oct 21 2014

Really?  There are few words to describe the utter sleaziness and corruption tainted to that hot mess.

Were these people raised by hyenas and jackals?  Did they not watch Sesame Street?  Did they not learn right from wrong or have any moral compass growing up?

And finally for tonight we have the Community Action Pledge.   The CAG asked candidates to sign their pledge to fight taxes.   That was easy enough and many did including myself as the only mayoralty candidate.

Heck even a few incumbents signed it along with most of those fighting to replace them.

All the pledge was is to do all that is possible to roll back taxes.  That’s it.  Why on earth wouldn’t any candidate not sign that; especially if we don’t have to keep paying out millions to cover up scandals from the mayor and his cronies?

Sadly even this gesture, and frankly it’s a limp gesture as CAG isn’t really serious about this issue in this scribblers opinion.  Sadly CAG boycotts CFN.  You might even see ads in newspapers for this list  that cost more to advertise in and have smaller viewer/readerships that CFN and aren’t even locally owned media outlets.  That certainly isn’t about being a good fiscal practitioner.

Yes, the Gong show has started and the bell hasn’t even rang yet on Monday night.

We’re still investigating if Leslie O’Shaughnessy has entered the Witness Protection Program as he seems to have gone poof!  No comments in other media; not answering phones or making statements about some of the hijinks that have been going on.

He was last seen at the Chamber debate after recovering from a cold. (no milk carton pic …yet)

Of course it could be worse.  It could be in South Stormont where that wacky guy Jim Bancroft is actually stumping to kill the ad contract with The South Stormont News.

This from a man who stiffed his own community while mayor and ended up being sued by the township for not making sure that insurance claims were filed in a timely manner with an eventual settlement of only $66K for taxpayers which didn’t come close to covering costs for voters.

Listen to his words.  Is that scary or what?   Of course he’s not Tammy Hart who not only is campaigning to kill the ad deal, but to “remove the paper from this township” earning her our fascist of the month award for October!

And of course Glen Grant still hasn’t apologized for assaulting senior Roland Besner.

Maybe Pat Finnerty was right?


Doesn’t that make you just want to move here or open a business?

Elections are Monday October 27th!   And not a day too soon!

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