271 Days Later – My Police Charges Still Not Dropped – Political Smear 101 by Jamie Gilcig NOV 7, 2014

ON AGCORNWALL Ontario –  I was asked what was the hardest part of this last year?  Was it the police charges?  Was it that after Bell provided a production order that categorically stated that I never made the calls (nearly six months ago!)  that the police and crown put forth in their disclosure that not one, but two crowns have refused to drop them virtually keeping me under near house arrest?

Has it been the lies spread about me in social media and traditional media?   Is it that when you proclaim your innocence you look more guilty?

Is it seeing an election campaign utterly corrupted to the point that you realize that you are powerless to change anything?

Is it seeing friends and love ones hurt and threatened while the police and justice system lay down?

Is it wondering if it’s even safe to live in this area any longer?

Is it seeing some of your weaker willed friends crumble under the weight of peer and public pressure to the point that you lose that friendship with them crying about how they can’t be friends with both sides even when they admit the other is wrong?

I think what bothers me the most personally is the simple fact that many people simply can’t handle the truth.  I live in a community that doesn’t accept the truth and wants it covered up nice and neat.  Yes, selected few will talk about it; usually over liquor fueled beverages in spaces with low lighting and shadows; but they don’t want to read about it in the paper.

I think what bothers me most is that so many know the truth about issues but lay down rather than risk the wrath of the “Bad Guys”.

Mostly though what bothers me is watching the very people this community needs get driven away for no other reason that they give up on trying to build a life here.  It’s something to ponder.  Essentially, in this culture of bullying and lies if you don’t fall in tow it could and mostly will impact your life, your income, and your ability to even give back to your community.

That bothers me.  Does it bother you?

I have recently witnessed three elections that were utterly fueled by lies and corruption; by bullying and hard ball  tactics.   In one it didn’t work; but in two those tactics worked with voter turn outs low in all three.

If the meek shall inherit the Earth this certainly is an odd route to that outcome.

As for me and my legal conundrums I don’t know what to think.   I don’t feel in my opinion I’ve had due process.  February will be one year (It’s been 271 days so far)  with still no trial. I  personally don’t think there ever will be a one because frankly there is no case.

Imagine if you will a person calls the police and says that someone is making nasty calls to them.    Imagine the police not only investigating; but warning the bewildered person to not make those calls again within a few short hours.   Imagine the bewildered person warned contacting the policy chief via email who sends back an email asking for your email?

Bewildering.  But let’s continue with our musing.   Imagine the next day being arrested for making more threatening phone calls to the same party.    Imagine being brought into jail for the first time of your life, booked, finger printed, and smeared in the media without your phone or phone records looked at to verify that you made any of those calls?

Imagine a police chief waiting to find out if he’s getting a new contract when the police board is made up of the Mayor, his campaign manager, a city councilor, and another political crony when you are running against that mayor for election?

Imagine a crown refusing to access your phone records which of course you know will prove your innocence.   Imagine even more incredulously that after that crown is replaced the new crown still refuses to drop the case even with the proof of a production order from Bell telephone (nearly six months ago!) that you never made the calls.

Imagine the person that made the claim that you called, now running around social media trying to get you to respond to vile lies and mistruths which are of course being spread just before an election; someone that has been ordered  by a Judge  to pay you the money that they were sued for and which essentially is why they called the police.

Imagine seeing comments all over by people saying you assaulted someone as though convicted because the problem with stories being floated around is that they get distorted.

And in the end when you are ultimately declared innocent the headlines, if there are any even, will never be as big as when you were wrongly charged.

Is this the community we want to live in?  Raise our children in?   Are these the lessons we want them to learn from?  Are people such monsters that they fear the simple truth that much?

I get asked if it’s just Cornwall and this area?   There are of course good and bad people all over; but a part of me hopes that it is just this area; because it would be even more sad if this sort of thing was acceptable all over.

Justice is supposed to be blind for a reason.   This series of events is exactly why.   As February approaches it should be interesting to see what happens.

In the meanwhile the Office of the Attorney General has sent out messages to people that have contacted them after being upset with this very odd situation.   They were told that my case was reviewed and I had been contacted.   I have not.   I phoned the AG office that was on one of those letters and the person answering told me that I was contacted and that the person who signed the letter was in conference calls.  As of 5 PM she did not return my call.

This reinforces my feeling that these charges lead all the way to Halls of 720 Bay and that a full investigation of what’s occurred truly needs to happen.

We need accountability from the Wynne Government and its tentacles that have reached to Eastern Ontario.   It’s time.

Please keep contacting the Attorney General’s office and please sign our petition.

We all need answers.

Telephone toll free: 1-800-518-7901
Telephone Toronto: 416-326-2220

Mailing address:Ministry of the Attorney General

McMurtry-Scott Building
720 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 2S9

Fax: 416-326-4007

E-mail at

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Photo: Ontario Attorney General Madeleine Meilleur

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  1. This is not a Cornwall and Area thing. It happens both on the mirco ( town and cities) and macro ( provinces and countries)…welcome to planet Earth Jamie and the unconscious humans who live on it. One day, not anytime soon… all will be revealed ( oh, and not in that stupid Jesus is coming kind-of-way)

  2. “Imagine”

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today…

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one

    John Lennon

  3. Jason….you got that right. Remember the Golden Rule….those who have the gold make the rules. Is it right? Nope, but it is what it is.

  4. John Lennon had it right and that is the reason why he was murdered and you all know who did it and no reason to spell it out. Jamie you are very familiar with Jian Ghomeshi and it is the first time that I ever heard about him. Jian was taken down just like others in the political field. Pollitics is the dirtiest thing to ever get into. You are the kind of man who wants to do good and it is those who want to do good who get hurt. There was a man who ran for US president in the US back in 1990 or so and he is a self made billionaire and he spoke about “the giant sucking sound” of the jobs leaving the US for third world countries. I won’t say much here since it is dangerous and you won’t publish the story but he was threatened as well as his family (by his opponent) and when someone is dirty they do terrible things to the good. All politics is is to change the bird cage liner for another. This world is a hell to live in with all the wors and horrible things done to people. No my good man you are not the only one and like Jason said it is done everywhere. My husband reads many papers from back home and one of the papers is no longer on the net nor being published because the owner of the paper was threatened. Jamie it is best not to ever have anything to do with politics. In politics you have to have something dirty that they can hang on you otherwise if you are a good person you cannot go into this dirty, underhanded business. Keep the good man that you are and forget about politics. This world is evil the way it is today.

  5. Jules maybe Bill O’Reilly can write a book about who murdered John Lennon

  6. Melman I only listened briefly to Bill O’Reilly about two times and couldn’t stomach the man. I already know who did it and who was involved. It is way too dangerous to talk about and I heard it all before. I never listen to Bill O’Reilley or any of these quacks. Lennon was getting too close for the truth and that is all I will tell all of you.

  7. I agree with what Marc Pilotte said before that you do better doing good things in the community than it is to get into politics because you do not accomplish much in politics since there are things that you have to follow that you will not agree with. I refuse to follow the wrong way of life and will not cheat or swindle anyone so that leaves me out of politics. I volunteered for five consecutive years in Cornwall and I felt that I accomplished something within me.

  8. So who’s this lady pictured in this article? You should put her name under her photo.

  9. Author

    It’s our AG

  10. On your report Jamie you asked if Cornwall is the kind of community that we would like to live in and my answer is no absolutely not. There are many very good people in Cornwall and that is without a doubt but it is the bad people who make life miserable for the good people. Cornwall’s reputation is “Black” and it has to do with the “so called elite” of the town who made it this way. Good people leave the town and never to come back ever again. You just can’t live under such a system. When the Barney Fife PD didn’t investigate your phones that showed right away that something was mighty wrong and who was behind it. Mme Madeleine Meilleur (AG) should have done the investigations and put a stop to the corruption in Cornwall but she didn’t which spells a witch hunt in my eyes. When we go to Cornwall we are there not longer than two hours or so and we are back to Ottawa like a cat with burrs on its tail. We want nothing to do with that town at all.

  11. Author

    Jules the AG or Minister doesn’t conduct investigations. I get your sentiment, but when you mash facts like that people think you’re loopy.

  12. Jamie somebody has to do an investigation and get you off the hook. I may sound loopy more wacky/loopy LOL LOL. This cannot go on anymore – this is literally crazy stuff and people cannot be pinned for something that they never did. Your phone records proved it. In order to have your life back again this has to stop.

  13. Unfortunately I think Jamie is going to have to wait until this runs its course and the DA / police decide that the charges should be dropped or it goes to trial and he’s found not guilty, or the charges will be dropped just before the trial is to start.

  14. Author

    Hugger the most frustrating thing is that the investigation into the bad guys doesn’t stand until my charges are done which means a cold investigation started most likely a year later. That’s wrong and an abuse of justice.

  15. I agree 100%. But like I said earlier it’s the golden rule. Whomever has the gold, makes the rules. It’s not right, but it’s the way it is a lot of times.

  16. Author

    Btw, congrats Hugger on passing your 900th approved comment.

  17. Thanks. Maybe someday if you publish the unapproved ones you have some of mine will make that infamous list.

  18. I don’t care who has to get you off the hook whether it is the DA or the Barney Fife PD or whoever. None of this makes any sense at all. If you think that we are in a democracy think again my dear man. When Hugger told you about those with the gold rule he wasn’t kidding you at all. I want you to listen to George Carlin on youtube.com about “The American Dream” and that includes everything from education, jobs, home, etc. and listen mighty carefully to what he is saying. He is telling it in a joke way but it is all true and if anybody has been following all this and more the way I have knows that there is no justice only “JUST US” and your Jules might sound wacky or loopy as you pointed out and I don’t care what others think of me because I know myself. If there was any justice at all Jamie innocent people would not be serving behind bars for crimes that they have not committed and many executions were done on innocent people. Cornwall is a place that I would never ever return to live on God’s honor I swear that it is the truth. I would rather die literally than to live there.

  19. Author

    Btw Jules you too, like Hugger, passed the 900 comment mark with 927 approved. Unlike hugger you probably have 927 that weren’t approved as well 🙂

  20. Well Dang! I’ll have to get busy and catch up to Jules and Hugger! LOL ROLF ROLF etc.

  21. Author

    Furtz you’re slacking. You’re only at 540 comments. 🙂

  22. And every one of those 540 comments was full of wisdom and good humour! No? Okay, maybe not. ROLF ROLF….

  23. Jamie I almost asked you today where is our Furtz and even Hugger. I must be lonesome when these two characters don’t show up. LOL LOL. I am having a ball here and honestly I do miss these two when not posting.

  24. Jules…I visit CFN on a daily basis. If there’s something I feel like commenting on I will. If there’s nothing worth commenting on or replying to I won’t. Then there are days when when I’m away from the PC all day.

  25. Hugger I guess that you are leaving Jamie alone and leaving it all up to me to drive him crazy. Every time Jamie sees my name he puts his head in his hands and says: “Lord why me, what horrible things have I done to deserve Jules” LOL LOL ROLF! Well I am talkative and my family has a hard time to keep me quiet so Jamie isn’t the only one with a big headache. LOL LOL. Love Jamie he is a good man indeed.

  26. Author

    not sure about good Jules, but certainly patient and kind 🙂

  27. To put up with this motley crew you must either be patient and kind or ready to be shipped off to a hospital.

  28. Honestly Jamie I don’t know how you do it. If that were me in your place I would literally flip. With all what you put up with that is something that I couldn’t do in my old age. I send you my very best and hope that things get better. All the best.

  29. If most of my posts were published I would be the ultimate winner hands down. LOL LOL. ROLF! Nobody can keep up with me the big mouth it is impossible. Today I was talking to my husband and I drove him nuts with just a few minutes so think my dear man what I do to you Jamie. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  30. If Jamie were to publish Jules non-authorized comments he could probably publish a book.

  31. Hugger right on and you want to believe it and maybe more than one book. Maybe Jamie has something in mind and I told him to go right ahead and use it all. LOL LOL. ROLF! Honestly he can use it all and have lots of laughter. Well at least he has a lot to go on and won’t lack in material. Jamie take plenty of pictures of Cornwall including the dump in the centre of town Big Ben. Oh Jamie by the way go on your google search engine and type in Big Ben Cornwall Ontario and I am sure that you will get some material from that as well. Take pictures as well for your book. I just give you a ton of headaches, laughter and curse words.

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