Justin Trudeau Under the Magnifying Glass As 2015 Approaches by Jamie Gilcig – NOV 10, 2014

MAG GLCFN – Stephen Harper always complained about the media being so far on the left and favoring the Liberals; but during his years in office there has been a natural sway; chiefly because of the Benjamins.

Media is of course controlled by money.  Write or say the wrong thing and you the next thing you know you’re laying off staff and being devastated.

Justin Trudeau is running the media gauntlet right now as the election approaches.  Every single word he says and every position he takes will be HUGE HEADLINES in places like Sun News.

It’s quite the path to walk; akin to the Gauntlet that certain native tribes would have victims endure on their way to the slaughter.

The purpose of course is to create doubt in viewers and readers and help sway public opinion.  As opposed to a direct attack ads these sorts of pieces are meant to be “death by a 1000 blows” as they chip away at a candidates credibility.

Many times this form of attack works.  It should be interesting to see how many trips our PM makes this year as he tries to stay out of the limelight himself.    Right now the Duffy scandal  is still floating like a stink cloud; war mongering and other issues like the Robo Calls will dimmer down as other news stories roll over older ones; but it should be interesting to see how the attacks at every comment Mr. Trudeau makes rolls out.

It’s like banging on pots and pans trying to create noise to distract from the forward movement that Mr. Trudeau has made.   The Liberals have gone from the 3rd place party that was nearly obliterated after years of infighting to being the current front runner.

Mr. Trudeau in fact garners more headlines than Mr. Harper regularly.   As 2015 heats up the tenor of those headlines will make or break both leaders.

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  1. Harpoon Harper disappears from Canada when there is a scandal / potential scandal. Do we really want this type of politician to lead Canada? NO!!

  2. Watch Harper break his own fixed election date rule and dissolve Parliament probably in March. Also watch for a crisis to develop a month or so before the vote… Probably “credible evidence” of an imminent terrorist attack or something like that. And don’t be surprised if the RCMP announces that they are investigating both Trudeau and Mulcair for running child prostitution rings.

  3. I had no idea that Trudeau and Mulcair might be running child prostitution rings. Neither of them has a business degree.

  4. It is actually scary that this country will be represented by a person born with a silver spoon in his mouth who has never really been anything but a failed drama teacher.

    Be that as it may – you think Wynne and her band of crooks are bad?

    Wait until the price of everything goes up as Trudope institutes a carbon tax and then starts sending Canadian tax dollars to foreign countries as we buy carbon tax credits from them.

    Yup – lots of cash will leave this country thanks to his policies – most of which are entirely unknown to the entitled Canadian who votes on looks rather than substance.

    It is quite true that the voter gets the government s/he deserves.

    Pretty hair and a “find the root cause of terror” do not make a leader.

    My prediction?

    Canadians will elect this person who is running on daddy’s name and he will get two terms.

    He will become as hated as the US of A president in his second tour as PM.

    I simply say it again – Voters get the government they deserve.

  5. Seriously Bravo, that “failed drama teacher” line is pretty tired. He actually taught English among other things at various schools in BC. And how did he fail? I’m no fan of Justin Trudeau, but he will likely be our next PM because he isn’t Harper.

  6. I hate agreeing with Furtz at times. But in this case he has it right. Trudeau will win because he isn’t Harper.

  7. GOD HELP US ALL! If Justine Trudope gets in it will be a disaster in the making and everyone will be hollering for Harpoon Harpo to come back and straighten out the mess. Pierre Trudeau made a mess of purchasing people’s farms in Québec and building an airport that now lies idle and that was only one of his boondoggles. Pierre put government offices in Gatineau, etc. and Québec calls for separation and guess what we would lose all of that if that happened. Pierre was highly intelligent and lots of experience but Pothead has nothing but dope and stupidity. I am not going to vote for any of them at all since none are worth it. I will wait until a decent person comes forward to be PM to deserve my vote.

  8. Why do you hate agreeing with me Hugger?

  9. If you’re not going to vote why does this concern you? By not voting it becomes part of the problem.

  10. Agreeing with Furtz is like agreeing with Jules. It just seems unnatural.

  11. Them’s fightin’ words Hugger! Is it the fact that I am always right and full of wisdom that puts you on the defensive? 🙂

  12. Furtz and Hugger it is the entire reverse about voting and I even heard that from my favorite comedian George Carlin. If you have 3 jackasses and you go and vote for one thinking that they are the lesser of the 3 evils you are going to vote for one and have a guilty conscience after for putting that lame brain jackass in that is ripping you off at every turn. That is exactly how I feel and I have no guilt whatsoever putting one of them in. No tanks.

  13. So, Jules, avoiding the whole voting thing trying to make it better is how you justify not voting? By avoiding the whole thing you are just making it worse.

  14. Furtz…always right and full of wisdom? I somehow doubt that.

  15. Trudeau is facilitating the potential ruin of Canada by engaging in prayers in mosques that are recruiting terrorists, delivering speeches to Muslim groups with terrorist ties, having candidates speak at violent anti-Israel rally’s, sympathizing with terrorists, opposing the stripping of Canadian citizenship from dual citizens for fighting with terrorists, believing we should approach terrorists with only a humanitarian approach, refusing to answer questions about terrorism and voting against fighting terrorism opting instead, to pander for the Muslim vote.

  16. Mary, if you aren’t writing political smear ads for Harper, you should be. BTW, politicians of all stripes have been attending mosques and reaching out to religious and cultural minorities of all sorts. It’s what they do. Just for giggles, Google Harper attends mosque.

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