Rose Breasted Grosbeak Flies from Pennsylvania to Cornwall Ontario NOV 14, 2014

cal hanson NOV 14 2014CFN – Calvin Hanson of Cornwall photographed this banded female Rose-breasted Grosbeak which came to his feeder November 5th to 9th.

He identified all nine numbers on the band and reported them to the Bird Banding Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland and they confirmed the bird is in their database and they revealed she was hatched in 2012 and banded September 19, 2012 at a location three miles south of Rector, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA.

The Bird Banding Laboratory awarded Calvin a Certificate of Appreciation for a successful banded bird sighting.


  1. What a beautiful bird and we see so many on our morning walks in the park here in Ottawa. My husband and I love nature and can’t get enough. I just packed away some walnuts and raisins that I had hanging around here for some time and will give it to the birds and squirrels next week.

  2. This morning I went out to the park with my husband and put out a lot of nuts and raisins that I had for the birds and squirrels and put them under an evergreen tree for them. It is snowing out and I think that they would appreciate what I brought them. I love nature very much. We see a lot of different species of birds here in Ottawa and a beautiful place to walk.

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