CFN SUBSCRIPTION APPEAL – Help us hit our target Cornwall! NOV 19, 2014

cfn panic 180x150CORNWALL Ontario – This has been a rough year for CFN.  The third year of the Kilger boycott has kept us from hiring staff, and even doing investigations of certain stories purely because of a lack of resources and time.

We know Cornwall reads CFN because our numbers have gone up this year locally to nearly 50% some months.

Now it’s time for you, our amazing viewers to decide how much you want CFN to grow or maybe even survive and subscribe and help support your favorite media.

Donation Levels
Thanks for supporting CFN!

From as little as $5 per month or $25 per year you can make a difference in your community.    Looking back over the last six years think of the changes we’ve seen in Cornwall and the area because of stories CFN has covered while some other media have not.

We ask twice per year for your support.   If 100 people subscribe we can hire another staffer which also helps create employment in our area in addition to the free lancers we use for various services.   Subscription also has benefits as we share out area merchant gift cards and event tickets to our subscribers during the year too!

Now is your chance to show your support.    

And please support our brave advertisers that have chosen CFN in spite of some of the abuse of the boycott people.

Help CFN build a better Cornwall.   Truly support local business which supports local business.

You can make the difference.

For those of you who don’t use paypal you can email to arrange a different form of donation.

Thanks for everyone at the CFN family!

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