Is the Freeholder Getting a Bump up In Ads from City Hall? Hugo Rodrigues Limp Closed Door Meeting OP ED

JamieGilcigTCCORNWALL Ontario –  It’s been interesting since Hugo Rodrigues was brought into Cornwall to lead the Freeholder.  It really has.  He’s no dummy, but his Machiavellian gobbleyspin might fool some; but not those that have followed politics.

Hugo still has yet to ask the Kilger council the money question regarding the Chem Tanks.

Now he’s trying to take the high ground on In Camera meetings, but the reality is that he and the Freeholder historically have given council massive free passes on in camera and other issues.

In the last four years it was CFN that blew the doors wide open on scandal after scandal.

The Freeholder might have beat us to the punch in filing the complaint with Mr. Fournier regarding the last mayhem over the Water Front committee meeting, but Mr. Rodrigues never fully explained what happened to his readers, and that’s not reporting news.  That’s withholding the truth from the public.

Mayor Kilger in the last debate scoffed at video.  Video tells the truth (as long as it’s not been edited to not do so) and at that meeting it was clear that there was a lot of game playing going on that led to that in camera meeting.

Hugo is a very sensitive soul; maybe too sensitive.  When challenged he’s quick to retort about not being told how to run his newsroom; but the bottom  line is that Journalists have an obligation to tell the truth.  The more and stronger those truths; the higher our integrity, although it may lead to less ad sales.

We’ll be paying attention to these things as we have in the past. While we don’t want to see a closed-meeting investigator in Cornwall, we’ll be keeping that contact information close by.

The biggest question is what the Freeholder was doing all that time before?  Surely if the Freeholder had joined CFN in reporting some of the mayhem that the Kilger council had done during the last four years there might have been less of it occurring?

CFN has no staff at the moment.  A few occasional helpers, usually on a voluntary basis.  The Freeholder is part of a National chain and has a full newsroom.  Why did it miss so much over the last few years while taking their pound of flesh from ratepayers?

For what it’s worth I hope that Hugo means well and that the Freeholder does hold council accountable.  It may mean they lose ad dollars doing it; but if the truth could get rid of Bob Kilger and some of his scoundrels, more of the truth can finish the job of cleaning up City Hall.

What are your thoughts Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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