Local Police Confirm Grizzly Cat Abuse Incident at Brookdale Arms in Cornwall Ontario – JAN 20, 2015

Local Police Confirm Grizzly Cat Abuse Incident at Brookdale Arms in Cornwall Ontario – JAN 20, 2015

OSPCA CAT Jan 20 2015CORNWALL Ontario – Some local residents were shocked and upset after finding a gruesome discovery in a garbage bin at the Brookdale Arms Apartment complex.

One was allegedly beaten to death and one cat is fighting for its life after being delivered to the local OSPCA which has not responded to queries as of press time.

Cornwall Community police confirmed to CFN that they visited 1451 Brookdale regarding a complaint of animal abuse and delivered  a cat to a local animal hospital.

Brad Dewar from the OSPCA said that he’d issue a statement as soon as he had detailed information to provide.

The cat is under veterinarian care. It was not expected to make it through the night, but has, and is under care.  The OSPCA is working with the CCPS and the ongoing investigation will continue.

If you have any information regarding this case or any other cases of animal abuse please email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com

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Heather, quite often discussions on this site go off on different tangents. That’s what makes it interesting and sometimes fun.


This is sad <3 heartless and I can't understand why everyone is turning against each other… When this has been done by only one person do we know who did this??? Male or female its terrible thank god for that husband who found the cat and called he ospca really most would have just kept walking reminds me of a song What if he's an angel sent here from heaven And he's making certain that you're doing your best To take the time to help one another Brother are you going to pass that test You can go on with… Read more »

David Oldham

Furtz my statement was a challenge to debate. No where did I suggest that man was superior I stated that only man had the ability to reason. The perception of kindness requires reasoning. If you perceive that your animals act kindly than they do.

David Oldham

Pastor Tom Newton recently an Ottawa radio announcer made known his feelings concerning his counterparts and other media sources use of the term “the prophet Mohammed”. He made the point that unless the media person was Muslim this phrase was in error and should be referred to as “a prophet”. The announcer reinforced this understanding by simply saying that since he was not a Muslim than Mohammed was not his prophet although he could acknowledge that he was “a” prophet. My point here Pastor Tom is that your “Truth” belongs to you and yours and is not necessarily the truth… Read more »


David – I have to ask. Did Muhammad forgive Charlie – “Je Suis Charlie”?


Admin – I guess the first response written to David was to much of the TRUTH. I accept that.