Royal Canadian Legion in Cornwall Ontario Gets a Tank! PHOTO OF THE DAY Jan 20, 2015

Tank at Legion in CornwallCORNWALL Ontario – Heavy rotator operator and assistant manager at Cornwall Towing Terry Cleroux submitted his photo of a tank being installed at the Royal Canadian Legion at Second Street and Cumberland in Cornwall earlier today.

Cornwall Towing donated their services earning them our Kudo of the Day too!


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  1. But what are they going to do with a tank?

  2. Author

    You never know hugger….. 🙂

  3. Maybe tit for tat with the RCAFA Wing on Water Street. They can have a plane, so we’ll get a tank.

  4. Seems just like the MP Steven Harper policy of home defense
    Send a obsolete tank to every Canadian City
    Just before Canada mission to “Save” Afghanistan– troopers had to track down old tanks for spare parts– so they could keep the tanks being sent overseas running.True Story!!

  5. On a serious note anything to attract more people to the Legion the better. Just listen on CBC Radio-to a recent Afghan War Veteran, who felt out of place at the Legion.

    Also I never want the young people in the community to forget the sacrifices made by all Canadian Veterans of EVERY war.

    At one time Korean War Vets felt left out and our “peace keeping forces” many times had to fight to stay alive.

    And when they came home try and block places like the Balkans and Rwanda from their minds.

  6. Maybe it’s to protect us from ISIL…..

  7. Me,s think, its to keep the native people in line.Listen to the whiteman or else.

  8. That’s one honkin’ big and expensive lawn ornament! Have to wonder how much it cost to procure, commission, maintain, decommission, and ship to Cornwall. And what’s the price for scrap steel these days?
    Jamie, it’s not a tank. It’s a mobile six-inch Howitzer field gun.

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