Letter to the Editor – Chris Cameron RE Hugo Rodrigues Editorial in the Standard Freeholder – JAN 26, 2015

LTE UHugo Rodrigues
Editor of the Standard Freeholder

Yes Mr.Rodrigues, “Vive la Francophone” in Cornwall and area, but as well to all of those many other cultures.
Sir let me tell you the distaste I received upon this reading this article and many others feel the same way as I.

Firstly, I can appreciate ones ability to learn several languages and many of my friends and co-workers are indeed multilingual.

Mr.Rodrigues, you asked a question; “Why Across Canada, even in those areas where French is rarely heard, enrolment in French -language education programs is steady or growing while overall enrolment shrinks.”

I feel David McGuinty MP Ottawa South answers this query of yours by telling students at L’Heritage during his visit Thursday January 22, 2015 quoted from “Benefits of bilingualism” front page article in Standard Freeholder; “It’s a form of wealth” (“McGuinty emphasized to the students of French first language schools their opportunity to take a leading role in tomorrow.”), explains it very well considering the discriminatory hiring conditions of all government entities.

Secondly, you wrote, “Families recognize that, like McGuinty said languages are a form of wealth”,  but your quote did not indicate that he was referring to the French language ONLY.

I wish to inform you that the only bilingual Province is New Brunswick and Federally we have 2 “Official Languages”; Canada is not considered a bilingual Country .

Furthermore, you wrote, “We clearly have readers who cannot let go of a distaste for decisions made almost 2 generations ago and speak from a position of ignorance that being an Anglophone in this community allows them”.

May I say to you Mr.Rodrigues, many in our community have taken insult to being referred as” ignorant”. Language laws have had very negative effects across this country for generations. For example, in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario  the conditions of hire depends on ones ability to converse in language of certain ethnic background. Government opportunities where language takes precedence as “Mandatory Bilingual ” excludes a clear majority of applicants such as near 91% in Ontario.

In New Brunswick, laws and government officials segregate school children on separate buses in fear of French assimilating to English, the same is said of Alexandria ON, at an unaffordable cost to taxpayers as well as cultural acceptance . This is no longer about inclusiveness as the original intent of bilingualism, but has morphed to exclusiveness.

I wish not to even address Quebec’s Bill 101 which continues to violate the United Nations charter .

Language laws have discriminated even before the countries inception when Natives and Inuit were conditioned through legislative  acts with schooling to not speak their language as well as their oral history and were penalized for it .

At the American Border across from Cornwall we are welcomed with French, English and Mohawk languages. Whereas, our Cornwall border offers only French and English, yet the Americans have no official language.To them its about service, to us it’s about the institutionalization of language.

Lastly, I realize the business of readership is very competitive and space be it print or e-edition costs much money, but I could not help but notice the Franco Ontario Banner was as big as the article in the E-Edition. Was the article supported by those government sponsored groups? Or was this to garner favour with the local Liberal party?

Christopher Cameron

Language Fairness For All

Long Sault, ON

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  1. We would be doing a great service to Canada for present and future, to have an adult conversation on our needs, expectations and reasonable associated costs. Entire departments devoted to a non core government function should be reviewed every 5 years.

    Anyone from the SF bringing up their comments section, makes me laugh. Close down after a few comments, or close / reopen with no comments allowed happens often.

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