BUSES CANCELLED in the Cornwall Ontario Area for MONDAY FEBRUARY 2, 2015

SnoGo 300x250CORNWALL Ontario – School Buses are cancelled for Monday February 2, 2015 due to snow and freezing temperatures in the Cornwall area today.

Lows overnight hovered near  -25 with a wind chill making things feel like -35!  Blowing snow may drop as much as 10CM today.

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Temperatures will be warming up by Tuesday with the rest of the week being much kinder.

Highs between -5 to -10 expected until Friday.

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  1. Being seventh generation Canadian has its distinct advantages. I suppose having taught winter camping/survival hasn’t hurt either. Temperatures of -25c are to be expected and normal for this time of year, its winter time. I won’t comment on nice warm buses taking students to nice warm schools being cancelled on a normal winter day like this, it is after all to be expected as it speaks to our current society of pampered people. An observation I will share is that if people dressed for the season they would not appear so weak and foolish. In traveling around Cornwall count the number of individuals (all age groups represented) wearing running shoes, no gloves, no scarf, no hat and a jacket better suited for the fall or spring.

    In the early seventies I recall winter days in Ottawa of -40F (-42C) on relatively windless days. The school buses failed to run usually only when they failed to start. On those days we walked to school, no big deal. Skating on the open canal heading into Dows lake, now that was wind chill and it only made the hot chocolate more appreciated.

    The winter can be as enjoyable as any other season if you approach it with the same respect as any other time of the year.

    If winter is not your thing then maybe Syria, Egypt, Morocco or another middle east destination would be more to your liking. Pack and move or dress appropriately for the weather. Decisions, decisions.

    Going out for some fresh Canadian air, have a great day eh.

  2. David Oldham…we agree. I recall going to school in Ottawa in the 60’s and like you said the only time the school buses failed to run was when they didn’t start. Back then in Ottawa the school buses were operated by the OTC, now OC Transpo.

    We live in Canada, winter happens, deal with it.

    The winters that have been happening the last decade or so are nothing compared to what we received in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Time for Canadians to stop being wussies.

  3. Visibility is almost zero on the roads around my place, especially in open areas. Buses are cancelled for a good reason today. As a seventh or eighth generation Canadian myself, I declare that winter sucks in every way. Always has and always will! As for walking to school, it would be at least a six hour hike from my place.

  4. Hugger, last winter was the coldest and longest one in my memory. And I’m an old fart.

  5. Furtz…last winter was an anomaly. It was what we got on a regular basis in the 60’s and 70’s. Canadians have become so spoiled in their winter. It snows so they cancel the school buses. Really….. then walk to school. That’s what we did.

  6. Hugger, I agree that winters in general have been getting warmer, but last winter was a stinker. Did you walk ten miles to school? Bet it was uphill both ways too. They canceled the buses where I live this morning because the road conditions were treacherous and the visibility was almost zero because of blowing snow.

  7. No, actually I think it was about 2 miles. It was uphill going to school, and downhill on the way home.

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