HOLY GILLES LATOUR! Victims List of Alleged Fraud Includes His Mom Therese Latour FEB 10, 2015

Latour TWITTERCORNWALL Ontario – Former Team Cornwall President, Kilger Bagman, Liberal politico, former Max Keeping Foundation board member and Long Sault resident Gilles Latour had another round in court which revealed a few more victims including….his mother.

CFN spent $4 at the court house today in Cornwall getting a partial list of alleged victims that he has been charged over.

Therese Latour 


Marc Latour


Mitch Zappitelli


Douglas Lomberg


Jason Christoff 

$100,000 + $32,000

Stuart MacDonald


John Sproule

$150,000 + $18,000 +$97,946

Andre Pommier 


Mr. Latour was actually thanked at this year’s Team Cornwall AGM by current President Peter Gault, yet another reason to not support the group until it is itself investigated and cleaned up.

Mr. Latour has not been convicted of his multitude of charges and the CCPS are still investigating.  If you have information about Mr. Latour you can email info@cornwallfreenews.com or call Cornwall Police at 613 933 5000.

He’s being represented locally by top criminal attorney Peter Chisholm.

Photo: Twitter


  1. How low can you go? Defrauding family members?

  2. Wow! Grab your popcorn and take a seat folks.

  3. HOLY JUMPING JOSEPH! This man is nuts to the hilt and must be jailed on the spot. This is completely and totally unthinkable and when he does it to his own mother he will sell anyone down the creek in an instant. DO NOT EVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS CREATURE OR HE WILL SELL EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. IF HE WERE AN UNDERTAKER HE WOULD PUT YOU IN A PAPER BAG AND BURY YOU THE WAY YOU ARE.

  4. I feel the most pain for his own mother who lost the most, only a psychopath could take her savings without any remorse

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  6. Was Latour not in court June 25th? Was his new lawyer there? Anything?

  7. I recognized a few names on the list and anybody who puts money in other people’s hands especially the fraudulent well known rich people of Cornwall deserve what they get. I wouldn’t be surprised if HOLY JUMPING JOSEPH GILLES LATOUR gets off or partially off the hook because of his connections to BOB and all the crappy clique of Cornwall. You only see the little guy who goes to prison except for Willie Wise where the entire clique should be behind bars a long time ago.

  8. And how, pray tell, do you determine who is best ti invest with? IMHO Gilles Latour’s “career” as a financial adviser is finished whether he is found guilty or not guilty.

  9. Looks like 42 Second Street East is going on the block… as in going to be seized by one of Latour’s creditors, and sold for a pittance compared to the phoney valuation it was given for purposes of collateral.

  10. Author

    That would be odd considering the club upstairs…..

  11. HOLY JUMPING JOSEPH! Cornwall has no justice at all if this article that Lassie posted has any truth to it. I said it before that Cornwall is mighty strange but this article takes the cake if there is any truth to it – I said something previous that Holy Gilles Latour will get off partially with his connections to BOB and most llikely to others like him. Holy Gilles Latour should be in prison with a striped uniform looking more like a skunk in a hole. Anybody who has any dealings of any kind deserves to lose everything and that they will.

  12. Jules…..getting off? He hasn’t even gone to trial yet. Let’s not put the cart before the horse just yet.

    And if the building is seized by a creditor there isn’t much a “club” upstairs can do.

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