Mark MacDonald – Time to Admit Budget Problem – Letter to the Editor – FEB 27, 2015

Cornwall SPRING 2012Dear Editor:

With respect to the city budget and the huge financial problem that we are facing, we must stay focused on admitting that we (everyone that works for the city) have a problem and we need help.

Empirical data shows that the disproportionate rate of growth in our protective services budgets is having a negative impact on our social, cultural and infrastructure budgets, and at this rate we will not survive.

We must control the budget and we must not let the budget control us.  

We are not bound by municipal procedures and by-laws that put us in this financial situation.  We can change or eliminate municipal regulations, providing we comply with all applicable provincial standards.

There are some that think we are powerless but, we are not powerless.  We have the power to chart our own course and map out our own future.  The future of our city and the well being of our residents must not be dictated to us by others.

We have the right Council, in the right place, at the right time.  Now is our time to come together for the common good and social benefit of the city.   We need a strong financial plan now, in order to survive the next decade.

Mark A. MacDonald
Councillor, City of Cornwall


  1. I agree with Mark “We must control the budget and we must not let the budget control us.” For far too long cities have let the budget control the cities instead of the cities controlling the budget. Hard decisions must be made and soon.

  2. No disagreement here. Just need more action less talk. The sand is close to running out. Time to grow up, graduate and take control of the future. Council should be dealing with Cornwall’s position concerning the end of our access to cheap Hydro Quebec power after December 31st, 2019. The increase to costs of electricity to this community after that date will turn us into ghost town. This have not province will not recover anytime soon and Cornwall needs to maintain its unique advantage which leadership of this community seems unable to grasp or promote.

  3. If people do not come forward then nothing will be done. Ontario Hydro is very expensive and way out of tune for most people. If you don’t act now it will be too late.

  4. David Oldham has highlighted a major concern that each of us need plan for. Our hydro rates are likely to double or more after Dec. 31, 2019, once our current contract with Quebec hydro is concluded. Mark McDonald is quite right as well when he says ‘The future of our city and the well being of our residents must not be dictated to us by others’. When outsiders like those of us propose or bring forward thoughts we surely regard and understand his thinking. No one I know of would undermine our good council. I believe on the other hand that some of us can offer ‘seeds of interest’ which we would be happy to share and allow council to make their valued added decisions. All citizens have the right to offer up their voice. With out prejudice and with high regard for the process as it has been voted in. Regards.

  5. Mr. Dave Windsor go on Ottawa Sun Newspaper and read about what Ottawa is going through with the smart meters and the tricks that they pull on the people. Read what people are posting. Also read about the hospitals in small towns (the berthing units) are closing in small town Ontario where patients will have to travel far to have a baby. I want people to read and not think that I am giving them fiction I want people to learn how to do their own research and I am not looking into some strange crystal ball and I sure with that I had one for my own purposes. Hydro is very expensive and I will never forget when I rented a few places here in Ottawa that had us pay hydro and that was many years ago. Today many people cannot handle the payments at all and many houses and apartments sit idle because it takes big money to pay for everything.

  6. It just isn’t Ottawa with “smart meters” issues. This is a province wide issue. The program was poorly thought out and even more poorly implemented. As the AG said in her report the taxpayers of Ontario are vastly overpaying for hydro and the “smart meters” program is a boondoggle.

    As for birthing units yes some are closing, but others are opening up. Check out Winchester District Hospital.

  7. The smart meter program has been a disaster in British Columbia as well.

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