ALERT Border Delays at CORNWALL ON Port of Entry – WILL UPDATE May 8, 2015

Bridge HIGHThe Cornwall Port of entry is experiencing a disruption Service

This is the port of entry Currently experiencing a Service disruption and border users May encounter delays. Until further Top Form, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) encouraged you to Consider The Following alternate ports of entry to cross the border:

Regular travelers:


commercial traffic:


Please Note That not all ports of entry can Accommodate shopping traffic.

The CBSA Recognizes border disruptions affect Both travelers and industry and we are working to normal border operations at the port of entry restore this as Quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience, while we get operations back on track.

Follow the border wait times for this Port of entry on Twitter: CBSA CWL gold on the CBSA’s website .

Service interruption at the entry point of Cornwall

A service interruption affects now this entry point and travelers could experience delays. Until further notice, the Agency Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) invites you to consider the following alternative entry points to cross the border:



Business Sector



Please note that some entry points do not serve the commercial sector.

The CBSA recognizes that border disruptions affect not only travelers but also the industry. We endeavor to restore as quickly as normal border operations at the entry point. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve the situation.


Temporary closure of south channel bridge between Cornwall Island and Massena NY


May 8, 2015        Cornwall, Ontario             Canada Border Services Agency


The Canada Border Services Agency is advising travellers and commercial carriers that the south channel of the Seaway International Bridge is closed for repairs from Cornwall Island to Massena, NY for the next 48 hours.


As a result, the CBSA recommends travellers use the Prescott, ON/Ogdensburg, NY port of entry or the Dundee, QC/Fort Covington, NY port of entry to enter Canada from the United States until further notice. Commercial carriers are advised to use the use the Prescott, ON/Ogdensburg, NY port of entry.


The CBSA Cornwall port of entry remains open for travellers and commercial carriers coming from Cornwall Island using the north span of the Seaway International Bridge.


Travellers are advised to check the CBSA’s website or for updates on the Seaway International Bridge closure and wait times at the Prescott port of entry (@CBSA_PCT).


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