Dear Chief Dan Parkinson, Why Won’t the CCPS Take My Complaint Against Michael Bedard by Jamie Gilcig MAY 9, 2015 #CCPS

DparkinsonCORNWALL Ontario – So the question today is why won’t the Cornwall bedard & justin trudeauCommunity Police proceed with my complaint against Michael Bedard?

Mr. Bedard made clearly false claims in February 2014 that I’d made threatening phone calls to him which resulted in my eventually being charged by police.

The claim was that I made phone calls from my old phone number at certain times and for certain duration with Mr. Bedard claiming that I spoke to him uttering threats.

Bell telephone production orders showed that I never made those phone calls.

I was charged, finger printed, smeared in the police blotter, and then two crowns refused to drop the charges or investigate what really happened after the production order was issued.  Essentially I went through fourteen months that no  innocent person should go through.

In 2015 can people really make false claims with no punishment?    When Traci Trottier tried something similar not once, but twice, making false claims against me CCPS officers asked for me to not press a charge.  This was not the case.  In those instances I wasn’t arrested and smeared as I was in this instance.

After having my charges dropped I called the CCPS and spoke with a dispatcher who actually wanted the original arresting officer to contact me!   When I said that was not really practical in this situation she said she’d have to speak to someone.  Days later I called again and spoke with dispatch.  Nada.  And it’s an easy charge(s) to lay as it’s all in the police report and disclosure.  The evidence is all there.

Last week I spoke with one Diane Fortin who eventually gave me the name of an officer that was supposed to contact me.  That officer never did.

The day that Michael Bedard contacted CCPS I was phoned by Cst Casey MacGregor within hours.   That means that the complaint was investigated and processed almost immediately.

We don’t live in a perfect world, but justice is supposed to be blind and applied evenly.   In this instance Mr. Bedard’s charge if laid would not match what I experienced, but my complaint should be processed and he should be charged.

After all, anyone that would make a claim that someone spent 17 seconds on a call to say two words in the first place should have been questioned on the spot by police as that donkey simply doesn’t fly, but for the CCPS and two crowns it was worthy of publishing in the police blotter and arresting someone.

It’s time Chief Parkinson for the CCPS to do the right thing and fully investigate and hold those accountable for this debacle of injustice.  This should never happen in our city again.

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.


  1. I’d say if the CCPS won’t proceed with criminal charges then proceed on a civil level. Having to pay out of pocket may hurt Michael Bedard more.

  2. Author

    Hugger they are not mutually exclusive.

  3. Admin….you’ll have to explain your last statement, “Hugger they are not mutually exclusive”, as I have no idea what you’re referring to .

  4. Author

    Hugger criminal and civil actions are not exclusive. You can do both.

  5. Then I’d say until CCPS charges Michael Bedard proceed on a civil level. At least this way you have one course of action going.

  6. Jamie you are going to have to sue the Barney Fife PD as well as Michael Bedard and this is something that you will have to do or there will be no justice at all. In Cornwall it is only JUST US and I mean that fully. You would never ever catch me living in that town ever again. We even cancelled the day that we were going to go down for a couple of hours like usual and leave like burned rubber under us. I pity you and any good person who lives in such a place.

  7. I really do not like the cornwall police. I have unfortunately dealt with them and they are nothing but rude and do not want to help you at all. They are more concerned for petty traffic stops then anything else. I am sorry you have to deal with such a ignorant police force. I never see in the police blotter that they do anything honorable like saving someones life.And i find theres an overwhelming amount of rookies on the force that contribute to the ignorance.

  8. Brian: you’ll never see “honourable acts” in the police blotter. The police blotter by defintion is the daily written record of arrests in a police station.

  9. Jamie you will have no other alternative but to literally sue the pants off the Barney Fife PD as well as Michael Bedard and Frosty. Believe me dear man I know all too well about Cornwall and no matter how big Ottawa would grow I would never live in Cornwall. I would choose a small civilized town that is worth living in but never ever Cornwall I swear to you and all that I would never go back there to live at all whatsoever. The mentality of the people is something that I can never deal with as well as the Barney Fife PD. When my husband was going through racism by people in an apartment building in Cornwall the Barney Fife PD said that they had no law when all the time there sure are laws and they are implemented right here in Ottawa. You are living in a bad place Jamie and I mean that completely and honestly.

  10. Racism laws are fairly new. Racism has always existed. But having laws to deal with racism is a fairly new and evolving thing.

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