City Hall in Cornwall Ontario Shuts Down Worm Selling Kids – Threatens $240 per Day Fines! JULY 27, 2015 #cwlpoli

CORNWALL Ontario – As Robert Cadieux explains it, he was shocked to come home from taking the kids to La Ronde in Montreal to find a notice from the City of Cornwall threatening him with fines of $240 per day.

Cadieux NOTICE July 2015

The infraction?   His kids selling worms that they pluck out of their own and neighbors yards when it rains.


Kristopher (10) and Clayton (8) were the industrious tykes  who are saving up for a bike.    The Cadieux’s are trying to instill a good work ethic and teaching their children the value of money.   Kristina (7) was told that she can’t sell lemonade either by the grinch like by law officer.

worms cornwall july 27 2015

So far CFN is waiting to hear back from the City rep and council on this wormy issue.

Do you think the kids should be able to sell worms to raise money to buy a bike?   Is Cornwall becoming less family friendly?

River Kings JULY 24 2015After the incident with the Vincent family ice rink you’d think City Hall would be more sensitive to the needs of the children of our community?   That issue drew over 4,000 poll respondents and over 2,500 people from across Canada signed a petition after National attention was drawn to the idyllic ice rink on Monaco Crescent that the city forced to be taken down.

You can post your comments below and we’ll be updating our story as more details become available.


City Councilor Justin Towndale issued a statement on the subject:

“Earlier today I was made aware of an issue in which a By-Law notice was served to a local family advising that their three children could no longer sell worms from their property. I’ve since met with the family, have reached out to our By-Law supervisor, and contacted my Council colleagues. I’ve been advised that in the past, this same By-Law provision has been used to shut down lemonade stands that were also run by children. My goal is to remedy the current issue and fix it for all going forward. We should let kids be kids.



  1. There is a reason Cornwall has earned the nic name…the crotch of Canada. We are run by douche bags. I have lived in many cities…and I have never seen women and children so devalued as I have here. Personally I would like to sue this city for state of living. Crooked police. Crooked cas. I actually watched a woman in city hall look at my vote in the folder and discard it.

  2. I am sickened to hear this …What The Hell Are You Thinking Here ????? Were you not a kid at one point in your life …Selling Lemonade ,Cutting Grass,Raking someones yard Shoveling Snow,Taking someones Garbage Out doing what ever it was to make a few bucks to get something you wanted >>>>You Want People to stop doing things well come on here give me a break….The Government has it hand out for everything no-one can survive BUT THE RICH..Kids cant be kids Poor Cant Survive and give the things that kids want…Yet The problem with today”s society and the Government and City Hall don”t do nothing don”t have nothing and don”t survive is there motto… But There Idea is vote me in I work for the people and I give to the People we are here for you >>>BS::: to that you are not here for no one but yourself…I am ashamed to say I was born and raised here… I am a from here if this is the way you treat our children to not do anything and the way you treat people who are trying to make honest money then go ahead and give to your own family and government and don”t expect people to vote for you or anything else you are not deserving of it if you ask me just keep taking and taking and hold your head high be proud of who you are and what you have done pat yourself on the back for being a great person …And when Cornwall becomes More Black Eyes and The secrets chase new comers away from our…’ SO CALLED WONDERFUL CITY WE ARE SUPPOSE TO CALL HOME’ … LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND REALIZE YOU GUYS DID THIS TO YOURSELF AND OUR CITY ….SHAME ON YOU FOR PICKING ON CHILDREN WHO WERE DOING NOTHING WRONG ….NEXT YOU WILL SAY DON’T BREATHE YOUR GONNA START CHARGING FOR OUR AIR TOO ….YOU GUYS ARE OFF YOUR ROCKERS IF YOU ASK ME …..WHAT IS NEXT HURRY UP DISCOURAGE MORE CHILDREN AND FAMILIES CAUSE YOUR SO DAM GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO MAKING PEOPLE FEEL LIKE THEY CANT DO ANYTHING WITH OUT GETTING NAILED FOR SOMETHING AND TAKING AWAY FROM SOMEONE ELSE OMG LIKE REALLY I HOPE YOU SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT AND FOR LOOKING TO GET YOUR NAME IN THE PAPER …. GETTING ANY KIND OF PUBLICITY TO THESE STORIES GOOD OR BAD COMMENTS AND SUCH I HOPE YOU FEEL JUST WONDERFUL . GET A LIFE ..


  4. Well chalk one up for Cornwall’s insane law, by-laws , policies and what ever lame brain ideas they think of next , its my belief that selling ,worms ,lemonade , garlic or even yard sales is a service to the community, hell i don’t have time to pick worms to fish with or do i have time to pick garlic so here go the service yard sales help us to get things at a discount price where normally we could not buy at a retail store because of the cost , administration in Cornwall needs to focus on more important things , come on you damn bullies pick on someone your own size and leave these kids alone they are young entrepreneurs learning the value of money and r productive individuals , i would rather them doing that then throwing eggs at your house or sitting at home on a computer or videos games ,i can’t believe that the administration could slouch to an all time low .

  5. can you believe these idiots holy cow we need to teach our kids that bikes and things of that nature don’t come from trees do we not have other more pressing issues like killing rapist molesters thefts come one give the kids a break holy leave them try to earn money to by the bike or whatever its not drugs or booze

  6. Those who have commented that, “no one is above the law”, are not only going over the top on this one, but they’re spouting theory not reality.

    For while government and law enforcement are wont to throw the “letter” of the law to the wind when it suits, perhaps we common folk can ensure that the “spirit” of the law is not.

  7. Cornwall is a joke. Kids are showing a little initiative and some pinhead tries to feel all powerful by shutting down the kids. Come on,,it’s only for the summer.what about all the garage sales,and the traffic with that.. Mr mayor,,address this stupity,,your bylaw inforcement office needs to use his head if that is possible,which I doubt

  8. I can’t believe city has run out of adults to pick on…….Poor kids school bully’s, online bully’s ,and now city hall bully’s !

  9. I do agree so much with the people that say these children are being bullied by our city. Come on council do something productive for a change!!! I am disgusted with myself for voting some of these idiots in to serve what used to be the friendly city. If you could just get off your lazy asses and do what you were voted in to do. Help this city prosper and leave the children alone. Every councillor, the mayor and the bylaw office should be forced to publically apologize to these kids. My God…what do you think these hard working kids think of you all?

  10. What government not getting their pocket taxes from the Kids…I’m from Cornwall and it use to be a great place till it became the most corrupt government in Ontario….makes me glad I left…leave the kids alone and let them for work ethics…by letting kids be kids, they are learning that you have to work for what you want…the average person is not government…you just can’t take what you want like government workers do….it’s great for those parents that have raised and thought their children morals and standards…koodoo’s to you….

  11. I used to do that. I lived along the St. Lawrence Sea Way. Best couple bucks a kid could earn. There is not much work out that way for kids and not a tonne of money either. THEY ARE KIDS. Stop criminalizing childhood.

  12. OMG what utter nonsense, for years kids have been selling worms and lemonade to earn summer money…perhaps Cornwall will like it better when kids start stealing bikes because there is no way for them to earn money to buy one…and when they are older they’ll be able to apply for welfare to get what they need since it has never been able for them to learn how to earn money and to be able to provide for their own needs..what a crock this all is. People of Cornwall you need to unite and get something done about this crazy by law…if the kids need to buy a license to set up a stand, it should be made that the 1st part of their earnings need to go to pay for the license, but make it something that little ones can afford….Just sayin

  13. What wrong with the city Some jealous neighbours, probably call the city to make a complaint. But the city should leave the kids do something in life. What about the yard sell? etc… You guys are not complaining about that ???Leave the kids alone and take care of the rats in the West end THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT. Since they brought the bridge down residents have full of rats at there residents so wake up and smell the coffee. You guys are always after the people that are trying to do a living . I really think they should do a petition and I am sure they will win I will be the first to signed it. So just because some people have money they are the one complaining probably because of jealousy etc…. Like they say keep your nose home and leave other do what they want in life . Today society is people have to stick in everyone business. The City should be more educated then that geez Look like someone is jealous here

  14. This is ridiculous and unbelievable. Our youth is accused of being lazy and with no motivation here we have children selling worms and learning about work and managing money and the town of Cornwall shuts them down, come on now councillors too bad you don’t have more urgent matters to deal with, without picking on kids selling worms and lemon aid. This disgusting and so glad I don’t live in Cornwall

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  16. Wow what has this world come to when kids can’t even sell worms!!! This is absolutely absurd and the fact that Cornwall is the one causing this issue is even worst. This will literally push people and families out of where they lived their whole lives because of absolute nonsense. It’s wwoorrmmssss!!!!!! Get over it Cornwall and let the kids live a little!!

  17. ok so if that sign is not allowed to be used then the YARD SALE signs should not be allow too because they are advertising sell stuff at a certain address like the kids. I agree let the kids learn and live.

  18. uh. ok so Cornwall as a community is trying to attract families to live there yet they do stuff like this to innocent families. I’m sorry but I would never raise my family in a town like that for this reason, they are not family friendly. They treat families like they are unwelcome and that our kids can’t even do the things that are in fact, keeping them away from drugs and other misleading opportunities.

  19. This is a story that is not so much about commercial sales as it is about signage. Without a bylaw to address signage anyone can imagine that the city would look even worse than it already does as a result of over zealous city management.

    Cornwall is not alone in having its fair share of “illegal” operations in a residential neighborhood. Please note that many home occupational use is permitted providing your business is “by appointment only” and that there is no non conforming signage.

    In my opinion the city was both fair and correct and the family could simply learn to work within the current framework. Understanding the system gives you the capability to use the system to your advantage.

    Is there an app for closed worm pick up by appointment?

  20. Man I don’t want to live in a world without roadside lemonade stands

  21. …Not allowed to sell….what you do is ask for donations for the worms and donate some of the monies to a food bank etc. can’t shut that down.

  22. {MODERATED} Jules please keep your comments short, to the point, and non abusive.

  23. The “crap” will soon hit the fan ! CTV News is presently at the scene of the crime. No doubt, Max Keeping is making a come-back to cover the story ! lol Great leadership at City Hall ! The worms have more backbone than this crew ! lol

  24. Damn..we all sold worms lemonade or even pet rocks roadside as kids..leave them alone and go downtown and fine the teens with their pants hanging half off for indecency and leave these future opportunists alone. Idiots bothering the wrong people in society because the honest ones usually back down when the real problem groups raise a stink! Get with it councillors… Here and all over …this is crap

  25. I can only laugh, not for the kids but how shamed the city official that must be jealous of these kids selling worms and lemonade. These kids aren’t selling stolen cars/ cigarettes or drugs, They’re selling worms that they pick out of their own yard and neighbors yards in which permission is given. To the by law officer involved, I hope you slap yourself before bed at night, this is definitely self punishable!

    To the kids, I hope you can continue with your business venture as you’ve done nothing wrong but be a type of kid that rarely exists in this computer driven world. Be proud of yourselves for what you’ve accomplished no matter what these officials say. There are many people that will stand up for you. I for 1 will even if I ha e to drive from Toronto

    Good Luck!!

  26. You know, whenever I ear about Cornwall, it very seldom about something good and happy. Either smuggling of some sort or about closing private kids ice skating built on some city property because they do not have anything better to play with close by there homes.Or lately about forcing some kids little business of selling worms for fishermen.
    I think this city hall is too obsessed about laws and procedures and the risks of setting precedents and not enough about the pleasures of being a citizen.I think this city is a very sad unhappy city led by very frustrated, unhappy people with tunnel vision. The neighbor hood must also be very unhappy as well, constituted of people who keep busy being jealous of their neighbor instead of being helpful in some way.
    When we keep killing kid’s dreams and keep impeaching them from being kids, well they find way of having fun with the crowd who will pay attention to them, often in crimes. Then it cost the city more on the long run.

  27. Isn’t it time you people started acting like responsible adults and leave the kids alone, Guess city councils are much the same everywhere, looking after lining their own pockets. Perhaps they had everything handed to them while growing up ,that is the reason they pick on children from less fortunate families , they sound like a bunch of bullies to me.

  28. This is crazy talk. Let kids be kids. . What ethics are you trying to instill in them by taking away learning opportunities. Who hasn’t sold lemonade. . Be crafty like city hall. Can they have a yard sale everyday in which they are ” getting rid” of their worms at a discounted price???? Lemonade by donations? ?? I feel bad for kids.. they can’t really be kids!

  29. I”m not from Cornwall but close by…I used to visit Cornwall once or twice a week to shop….I boycotted the town every since the ice rink incodent happened. I must say I don”t regret my decission……..This sickens me.

  30. I’m started to be ashamed of my City of Cornwall, these kids are not drinking the money or using it for drugs and not breaking into your home, who ever reported them you should be ashamed of yourself mine your own business unless you got nothing else to do but ruining a summer jobs for kids…LEAVE THEM ALONE.

  31. The city should be encouraging these young entrepreneurs, not squashing them! We run the Maple Ridge Centre, a small business & community centre in Chesterville and we would be happy to set these boys up with a properly zoned commercial place for them to run their business for the summer at no cost – any and all signs are welcome! Children are our future in business and the community. We welcome the young enterprising spirit!

  32. Ashamed to say I grew up in Cornwall with such nonsense being posted in the freeholder. What are the kids hurting, at least they are not running the streets getting in trouble ?Leave the kids alone and do something worthwhile in Dandelion City. So glad I live out west and would never move back.

  33. Does Cornwall have a by law against lawn art? Maybe someone can donate a large sculpture of a worm – you know, something big cheerful and bright. You know something that’ll make the person who complained about the signs wish they were back. 😉

  34. I hate to be the naysayer, but what about the man who has paid to incorporate a company and pays to renew this company every year who has a few employees he also has to pay, whose business happens to be selling worms? So what if everyone’s kid in Cornwall decides to start selling worms and the guy whose business is to sell worms no longer has any customers? Then his business goes down, his employees no longer earn income, he’s no longer paying the Province for his business registration or the company he rents his building from, the utility companies, etc etc. Now consider various other items – drinks, vegetables, services. It sets a precedent for the future for other businesses.

  35. Author

    Karen that was a focus of the by law I wanted to present and work with Councilor Towndale. Sadly he has not accepted to work with me on it. I think a balanced and positive approach would be to have a Seasonal permit for vendors which would treat all fairly. The City sadly has missed out on a great PR win.

  36. Jamie Cornwall had many opportunities in the past for businesses and industries to settle there and believe me the mayor at the time (one was mayor Nick Kaneb) turned away General Motors of all things which went over to Massena NY instead. There are many businesses that were turned away and I remember the neighbors that we had talking about it and so much more. The town of Cornwall is dead and will never recouperate from the scandals that they have caused. The police chief and BOB going overboard to get a doctor’s son who is a criminal out of prison for “posing as a lawyer” LOL LOL. ROLF! You have to wonder what damage those poisons did to people’s minds. I mean this fully to all young people in Cornwall, as soon as you reach the age of 18 years old get yourselves out of Cornwall for good and go to university or college anywhere but Cornwall and never return. Cornwall is finished and this mayor and council is the wackiest on record. The two teachers who tried their best for their kids as well as their neighborhood kids to make an ice rink in their yard because the town was too damn cheep to make one for the kids in their neighborhood and those parents saw that their kids were at home and safe. The same holds true with Mr. & Mrs. Cadieux who are teaching their kids the good things in life and the town comes against them. Cornwall is mighty well known for a mighty long time as being wacky. I know first hand from the time I entered the federal government and the people knew I was from Cornwall they “literally roared with laughter and mockery of that town” and I swear on my Bibles that it is the truth and nothing but the truth. Cornwall is a mighty sick town and it is too bad for the good people who live there and are literally stuck there. We were lucky to get the hell out when we did.

  37. This mayor seems to contradict his own words,on one side he says that boys are allowed to sell their worms only inside the home with no signs, on the other side of mouth says that lawn sales can be allowed twice a year & of course signs are a given…….which is it, inside or outside

  38. Wow what gonna happen next? I think what Cornwall needs is to get some new blood on the committee. There’s kids out there getting into trouble with the law all the time. So the court house is full of them everyday. Yet here are some kids who are trying to learn how to earn an honest living and to learn the value of a dollar and the government is taking that away from them. What are you guys trying to do? Trying to get money of out the kids cause you feel like your not taking enough from the poor? Where’s Robin Hood when you need him? Cornwall would be doing a lot better if the old committee would of aloud other businesses come in in the past. Someone mentioned about the GM plant wanting to set up in Cornwall years ago but decided to go acroos to the states because the committee said no. What about the Toyota plant in Cambridge Ontario? They wanted to open up there business in Cornwall years ago but on the condition that they didn’t have to pay taxes for 5 years. The committee said no. Look how many jobs would of opened up and all the money they lost by not letting them in. They figured that Domtar would be there for years. Wake ip committee and smell the coffee. Get your shit together and leave the kids that are trying to do something positive and good alone. So glad that I moved oit of Cornwall

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